Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra sell the Eurovision trophy for $900,000!

Kalush Orchestra announced through their Facebook profile that they sell their Eurovision trophy through auction for $900,000. The buyer of the trophy is the company WhiteBit, from which came the eventual winning bid.

The owners of the company are Vladimir Nosov and Oleg Kayin, from Estonia and Ukraine respectively. The company is specialised in the trade of cryptocurrency and their target is to expand the cryptocurrency community and create a safe way for blockchain trading to spread.

In the post, Kalush Orchestra share their appreciation for everyone who has taken part in the auction

In their Facebook post, Kalush Orchestra say:

Friends, you are incredible!

We are grateful to each and every one of you who has donated to this auction – especially to the WhiteBit Team who have bought the trophy for $900,000 and have since become the owners of the trophy. 🏆

Subscribe to them, they really deserve it 💪

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces 🇺🇦

The funded money will go to Serhiy Prytula, according to NEXTA. Serhiy Prytula is an Ukrainian army volunteer who also coordinated the auction of the Eurovision trophy. In his self-titled foundation, he raises funds to support the Ukrainian army wherever they need help.

NEXTA also reports that the funds will be used to purchase drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kalush Orchestra also sold copies of the pink fisherman’s hat Oleh Psiuk has been wearing during the contest. The hats were for sale at $5 each, but it isn’t know how many copies are sold yet.


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Ukraine: The non-political character has been ensured.

The war in Ukraine continues, with the state broadcaster still continuing preparations for Eurovision participation in Turin.

Τhe Head of the Managing Board of UA: PBC,  Mykola Chernotytskyi, said

We believe that Ukraine’s representation at Eurovision is an important part of the country’s participation in European life. It is also our representation. The band representing the country also has an important mission to promote Ukraine. That’s why I hope that they will win,”

The leader of Kalush Orchestra, Oleh Psiuk, revealed the details of the stage costumes of the band members at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The panama hat will be there for sure. Blue and yellow symbols will be there too. The costumes will differ by 50%.

Oleksii Zhembrovskyi, director of Ukraine’s performance at Eurovision 2022, explained how the non-political character was ensured.

In the dialogue with the EBU, we encountered this issue several times during the development phase of the performance, and have already reworked it several times, following all the requirements. Therefore, this issue has already been resolved and will visually look decent. For the director, first of all, it is important not only to visualize the song, but also to convey its energy. The best thing for us is the strength of our guys’ spirit and the power of our native land’s energy. Therefore, all the visual effects we use will be focused on this. The spotlight will, of course, be on the artist who transmits this energy, and the visual effects will paint the ornament of the Ukrainian soul,”

Ukraine is participating in the 1st Semifinal.


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Ukraine: Detailed results of Vidbir 2022!

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian broadcaster,  Suspilne, published the detailed results of Vidbir 2022, which was the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision 2022 in Turin!

We remind you that the voting results of the national final depend on the televoting (50%) and the jury (50%). Each member of the jury gives points ranging from 1 to 8, where 1 is the lowest score and 8 is the highest. The voting results of the viewers are formed as a percentage of the votes, which amounts to 100%, with the subsequent conversion of the votes to points from 1 to 8.

The detailed voting of the jury is as follows:

Tina Karol:

  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 1 point
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ”  – 2 points
  • Cloudless – “All be alright” – 3 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” (My love) – 4 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 5 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 6 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 7 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 8 points


  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  1 point
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 2 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 3 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 4 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 5 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 6 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 8 points

Yaroslav Lodigin:

  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  1 point
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 2 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 3 points
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 4 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 5 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 6 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 8 points

The overall score of the jury is the following:

  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  5 points– correspond to 1 point
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 7 points– correspond to 2 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 10 points– correspond to 3 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 14 points– correspond to 4 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 15 points– correspond to 5 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 16 points– correspond to 6 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 19 points– correspond to 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 22 points– correspond to 8 points

The total votes of the public:

  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 1,239 votes – 1 point
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 1,605 votes – 2 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 2,740 votes  – 3 points
  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  3,410 votes – 4 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 5,034 votes – 5 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 5,646 votes – 6 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 19,535 votes – 7 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 31,634 votes – 8 points

Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine in Turin with the song ”Stefania”. You can listen to their entry here:


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Ukraine: Here are the judges of Vidbir 2022!

The Ukrainian public radio and television announced the jury that will evaluate the candidates for the national final of the country, Vidbir 2022, in order to become the next representative of the country for Eurovision 2022!

The jury of Vidbir 2022 will be:

Tina Karol
Tina Karol with the song “Show me your love” represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 in Athens, where she placed 7th. In 2020 she was a member of the jury of the National Selection for Eurovision. For her 19-year music career, Tina has won over 20 music and television awards.

Yaroslav Lodygin

Yaroslav Lodygin is a member of the board of Public Linguist, responsible for the television platform. In 2019 he became a member of the European Film Academy for his work as a director and screenwriter (his most famous work is “Wild Field”). Yaroslav Lodygin is the producer and author of the documentary series UA: THE FIRST “Collapse: How the Ukrainians Destroyed the Evil Empire”. He is one of the founders of Internet Radio Aristocrats and the A-Prize Music Award.


In early 2011 she took part in the Ukrainian national selection to represent her country with the song ‘Smile’. The song was the audience’s favorite, but in the national final it reached 3rd place, among 19 entries. Jamala in its second attempt to represent Ukraine in the competition was crowned with absolute success. She managed to win ESC 2016 with her song ‘1944’ receiving 534 points. Jamala was also a member of the jury of the National Selection for Eurovision in the period from 2017 to 2019.

The candidates for the Ukrainian national final, Vidbir 2022 are:

We remind you that the national final of Ukraine for the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest will be held on February 12 at 18:00 CET,  live on the channel UA public TV (UA: First).

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Ukraine: These are the 8 artists to compete in Vidbir 2022!

A short while ago, Ukraine‘s public broadcaster, UA:PBC, announced the candidates for the country’s national final, Vidbir 2022, with the aim of selecting Ukraine’s next representative for Eurovision 2022!

A total of 284 songs had been submitted. Initially in the first phase, a panel of experts selected the 26 best songs. In the second phase, only eight artists went on to participate in the grand final.

The eight artists who will compete in Vidbir 2022 are:

  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutih predkiv
  • Cloudless – “All be Alright
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania
  • LAUD – “Head Under Water
  • Michael Soul – “Demons
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya Lyubov
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZΖZ
  • Wellboy – “Νozzy Bossy

As a reminder, Ukraine’s national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on 12 February at 18:00 CET, live on UA public TV (UA:First). Frends Pro TV LLC will produce the Final of the National Selection, and will also create a Live on Tape video of the winner in case it is needed in Turin.

Source: UA:PBC

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Ukraine: The 27 artists who entered the longlist of the National Selection announced!

A few minutes ago, the Ukrainian television channel announced the 27 artists who will compete to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in Turin.

The 27 artists are:

  1. Alina Pash
  3. Barleben
  4. DOdoBro
  5. Cloudless
  7. Gorim!
  8. IDXO
  9. Kalush Orchestra
  10. LAUD
  11. Laura Marti
  12. Michael Soul
  13. Our Atlantic
  14. Oyedamola
  16. Schor
  17. SHY
  18. Sofia Shanti
  19. SOWA
  20. The blue artic
  21. The Tape Machine
  22. Victoria NIRO
  24. АНЦЯ
  25. Віка Ягич
  26. Східзахід
  27. Юлія Тімочко

The list of the 8 finalists will be announced next week and there will be a draw for their turn in the final. The National Final of Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held on February 12, 19:00 EET, live on the channel UA public TV (UA: First).


Last year Ukraine was represented by  the G0_A  and the song Shum!

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