Eurovision 2023: £55m profit for Liverpool!

According to the official announcements of the city of Liverpool, during Eurovision 2023 the economy had a revenue of £55 million. Twice as much as they originally estimated.

473,000 people visited Liverpool during the week of Eurovision Song Contest, leaving at the local economy (in cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants, shops) approximately £55 million.

Both the visitors, as well as the financial gains for Liverpool, were more than the competent bodies were expecting from the beginning. Council chairman Liam Robinson said the figures speak for themselves, adding:

Jobs were created, local businesses were on the receiving end of a much-needed boost and hundreds of thousands of people came to the city, had a great time and are more than likely to return again!

The Mayor of Liverpool, Steve Rotheram, pointed out that the city had given fans, whether watching in person or on TV, “a Eurovision they will never forget” and that it was “a vital shot in the arm for our local economy”.

Culture Minister Stuart Andrew noted: “This research demonstrates the positive impact of hosting major events and I hope that we can continue to build on this success.”

Liverpool was the first city in the United Kingdom to host Eurovision Song Contest after 25 years, with the main shows being held at M&S Bank Arena.

After Loreen’s win, Sweden will host next year’s contest at Malmö!

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Source: BBC

Junior Eurovision 2023: Listen to the United Kingdom’s entry!

Eurovision nerds would definitely notice that Junior Eurovision 2023 marks the first edition in Junior Eurovision history that all BIG-FIVE countries will meet on stage.

The United Kingdom is not an exception. In fact, along with Spain, they were the first to represent the “BIG-FIVE” at the children’s contest, debuting in the inaugural contest, in 2003. After an absence of 17 years, the United Kingdom returned in 2022. The great success of Freya last year in Yerevan, who managed to win the online voting, finishing fifth overall, set the bars high for the nation.

Hence, today it was revealed during the “Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2, that STAND UNIQU3 will represent the United Kingdom in Nice with the song “Back To Life“.

The girls consisting  STAND UNIQU3 and their song were both selected internally by BBC Studios Entertainment and Music along with CBBC supporting.

You can listen to “Back To Life” by STAND UNIQU3, below:


The group consists of three girls, Hayla, Maisie and Yazmin, who were brought together by BBC because of their chemistry as a group.

12-year-old Hayla from Liverpool has an interesting family history when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest: her grandfather was a backing dancer for the 1987 UK entry.

Hayla herself is a big fan of Rihanna who she describes as being her biggest inspiration. As well as music, Hayla enjoys football and plays as a striker. Hayla’s ideal day would involve eating chocolate, watching movies and spending time with her brothers.

13-year-old Maisie from Essex loves to sing, dance and act on stage, as well as enjoying clay pigeon shooting with her grandad. She also loves to chill and she collects crystals.

12-year-old Yazmin from Newcastle is no stranger to performing in front of crowds, she enjoys Latin and Ballroom dancing. Yazmin loves cuddling up with her chihuahua Tinkerbell, writing stories, and shopping.

The 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Nice, France, on the 26th of November, following Lissandro’s win last year in Yerevan.

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United Kingdom: Rina Sawayama was approached by the BBC for Eurovision 2023!

Rina Sawayama was on the verge of accepting the invitation and represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Being guest on the podcast, The Euro Trip, Nick Levine claims that Rina Sawayama told him during an interview that she had been offered to fly the Union Jack flag herself last May.

Apparently, she thought a lot about the offer to perform at Eurovision, and she was about to accept the offer, however when she replied to the British delegation, she did not receive a response.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Rina Sawayama was one of the most discussed singers to represent the country and many thought that she would be the one, until the moment of the BBC’s announcement. The singer also responded to many fans on social media, creating a positive atmosphere regarding her representation.

@rinasawayamaofficial #duet with @Vanya #eurovision ♬ Frankenstein – Rina Sawayama

If all of the above is true, then it seems that the BBC and their partner, TaP Music, made a serious effort to have a big name for the Contest. Also, if an artist like Rina Sawayama was interested in participating, it seems that in the United Kingdom, there is no longer the reputation of previous years, that Eurovision is a risk for the big names of the music industry.

In the end, Mae Muller was the representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2023, with her song “I Wrote a Song”, ending up in 25th place of the Grand Final:

Source: The EuroTrip Podcast

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United Kingdom: The end of the collaboration between TaP and BBC!

The TaP Music record company will not collaborate with BBC for Eurovision 2024!

Through a post on the official account of TaP Music on X (former Twitter) it was announced that the record company will not be involved to the preparation of the British entry at the upcoming 2024 contest after a partnership with BBC the last two years.

The entries of the United Kingdom for the 2022 and 2023 contest respectively had emerged through the collaboration between TaP and BBC. In 2022 the UK managed to return shortly back to their glory days after Sam Ryder and his song Space Man finished in the 2nd place having scored 466 points. However the UK landed abruptly back to the bottom of the scoreboard as Mae Muller and her entry I Wrote a Song did not confirm the odds who wanted them in the first ten places. She ended up 25th with 24 points.

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Eurovision 2023: Watch video of the BIG 5 and Ukraine’s rehearsals!

The preparations on Liverpool for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest are on fire and it’s now a wrap for the seventh and last day of the technical rehearsals. After their first technical rehearsals, the representatives of the BIG 5 and Ukraine took the stage of the M&S Bank Arena for their second rehearsals.

The second rehearsals gave the opportunity to the delegations to fix any mistakes spotted on the first rehearsals and help the artists feel more safe and familiar with the Eurovision big stage.

Because accredited journalists are not allowed to watch both the first and second rehearsals this year, we have very little information about what this year’s artists have prepared for the Eurovision stage. EBU has just uploaded through the official Eurovision channel in YouTube a recap of today’s rehearsals. More specifically, we will have the chance to watch exclusive TV footage of today’s rehearsals.

The countries that had their second rehearsals today were the following:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Ukraine
  6. United Kingdom

You can watch the recap of today’s rehearsals below:

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Eurovision 2023: Full lineup of Eurovision Village announced!

Visit Liverpool has announced the full lineup of artists set to perform at this year’s Eurovision Village.

There are plenty of events planned at this year’s Eurovision Village, scheduled from 5 to 13 May, with live acts, dancers and many more every day.

The Eurovision Village at the Pier Head will have a capacity of 25,000 people who will be able to watch the contest live. Entering on all days will be ticket-free, with the exception of the final night, where there will be a £15 ticket.

The Eurovision Village will consist of the main stage, but also a special area called “Discover Ukraine”, which will be dedicated to Ukrainian creations.

The complete lineup of Eurovision Village is as follows:

  • May 5 – 17:00 – 23:00 – Welcome to Eurotopia

The Eurovision Village will open with a performance from last year’s  Eurovision winners, Kalush Orchestra.

  • May 6 – 10:30 -23:00 – A Royally Good Party

To mark the King’s Coronation, the Eurovision Village will offer live viewing of the event alongside a range of live performances from Eurovision acts.

  • May 7 – 12:00 till TBC – Firstival

The day will start with A children’s festival will occur with live performances and appearances from the BBC kid’s channels (CBBC and CBeebies) shows. Later local emerging artists presented by the LIMF academy will perform, including Ni Maxine and vocal harmony band Mic Lowry and the House Gospel Choir.

  • May 8 – 12:00 – 23:00 – This is Ukraine

Live performances with new music the BBC Introducing and a lineup of Ukrainian music from acts, including Antytila, Go_A, Alyona and Jerry Heil.

  • May 9 – 12:00 to 23:00 –  Night at the Opera and Semi-final 1

The day will start with the English National Oprea dose Eurovision, conducted by Stephen Bell and joined by former Eurovision contestants. This will be followed by a live screening of Semi-Final 1.

  • May 10 – 12:00 to 23:00 – United by Music

The National Lottery presents United by Music. Live performances from break-out stars and music icons, including Michael Aldag, The Lightening Seeds, Miles Kane and Girls Don’t Sync.

  • May 11 – 12:00 to 23:00 – Jamala presents QIRIM and Semi-final 2

2016 Eurovision winner Jamala will premiere her new album QIRIM, inspired by the folk songs of Jamala’s native Crimea.  The BBC Philharmonic will join the singer orchestra. A live showing of semi-final 2 will also take place.

  • May 12 – 12:00 to Midnight – EuroEve

The stage will be used for Tik Tok’s Eurovision Legends, while later in the day, an all-female lineup will feature live performances from acts such as Sophie Ellis and other pop stars. Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon will perform its very last show at this event.

  • May 13  – 14:00- 02:00 – Eurovision 2023 Final

The grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be shown live. The preshow will include acts such as Katrina (Katrina and the Waves) and The Vengaboys. This is the only ticketed event in the Eurovision Village.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team, reacting to the song representing the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2023:

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Source: BBC και Visit Liverpool

The Netherlands: All the performances of “Eurovision in Concert 2023”!

Eurovision in Concert 2023 took place in AFAS Live in Amsterdam, last night, with 29 of this year’s entrants performing live.

The concert was hosted by Cornald Maas and Hila Noorzai. Cornald has been the Dutch Eurovision commentator since 2006. Hila is a radio DJ and member of the committee that selected this year’s Dutch representatives (Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper). She also hosted the Eurovision 2021 press conference in Rotterdam.

The artists that performed last night were the following:

Albania – Albina & Kelmendi Familija

Balcan sounds and consistent vocals is what we got from Albina and the Kelmendi Family! Might be the suprise entry of this year.

Armenia – Brunette

Brunette singing about her Future Lover with ethereal vocals and the crowds singing along. Beautiful performance!

Australia – Voyager

Voyager give what they promise! Rock and electronic sounds, so 2025! What is concerning though, is that even though their song is supposed to be very uplifting, the crowd was too static. Also falsetto was not always on point.

Austria – Teya & Salena

That’s not a song where you can show off some unreal vocals, however it’s the song that will definitely make you dance! And Teya & Salena deliver, solid vocals and much much fun! One of my personal favourites and if you ask me, a finalist and highly likely a Top5 entry!

Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX

TuralTuranX “tell us more” about their entry this year, however I’m still not getting it. A song that I could listen to the radio without complaining, but wouldn’t catch my eye/ear at the contest.

Belgium – Gustaph

The queerest entry of the year! His vocals are as good as the studio version! He is a fun guy! This is the kind of entries that I would like to qualify, even though that’s not the style of songs that I normally listen to!

Czechia – Vesna

I can only comment on their vocals. They were okay. However, this entry started off as a potential winner, but I’m not getting that vibe, at least not yet. But hey! It’s just a party performance! Let’s wait for their contest rehearsals!

Denmark – Reiley

Danish heart-throb Reiley, had his best performance to date. Some minor vocal issues, but overall a nice performance!–QEIyag

Estonia – Alika

Nice song and great vocals! But for me, it’s no more than just that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Estonia got disqualified.

Finland – Käärijä

Normally, that’s a song that I can’t stand listening to for more than 10 seconds. Strangely, combined to his eccentric looks and his super nice personality, I could now handle listening to his entire Amsterdam performance! Personal opinion aside, I can totally see why this is a contender for the win.

France – La Zarra

Unfortunately, after a statement in her personal Twitter account, La Zarra announced that she has to cancel her appearance in Amsterdam, due to personal circumstances.

Germany – Lord of the Lost

I can’t be objective, I don’t like this style of music. I can only be objective about their vocal abilities, which are on point I must admit!

Iceland – Diljá

That’s a song that I would add to my daily playlist, however, this song lacks something that I still don’t know what it is! Diljá’s voice is great admitedly!

Ireland – Wild Youth

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” x “Ritmo De La Noche” x “We Are One” would be a great mashup! I low-key like this song and I loved their Amsterdam performance. But something tells me that they will struggle to qualify this year. Let’s see what happens!

Latvia – Sudden Lights

Another performance that sounds exactly like the recorded version of their song! I didn’t see the love from the AFAS Live crowd.

Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

Monika definitely sounds even better than the studio version of the song. She will try to claim a high placement in the rankings of the jury voting in this year’s contest! In the beginning I didn’t quite like “Stay“, I can now say that I love her vocals on this track!

Malta – The Busker

They were not bad, not at all sounding bad live, but were they as good as it needs to be to qualify to the final show of Eurovision Song Contest? Song-wise I think not.

Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

Despite the technical issues with his Madrid performance, Pasha, the Moldovan 2012 representative and returning artist of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, managed to pull off his performance. Great vocals and energy overall!

Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

It’s really sad to see my 2nd place to perform questionably in their own country’s party concert. Their vocals sound a bit off at times and as a duo their vocals don’t seem to connect on their live performance. I hope they fix it till their semi-final, I don’t want to see them become the shocking non-qualifier of the year.

Norway – Alessandra

Very much improved vocally, Alessandra, gets carried away by the strength of her song and her fans are absolutely loving it! The whistle note was so-so. She will improve, I am sure!

Romania – Theodor Andrei

Theodor has a nice voice, but this song is totally “Off and On” so one would either like it or not. I don’t.

San Marino – Piqued Jacks

Their are very very good vocally. Their lead vocalist sounds like Klaus Meine, frontman of Scorpions band. Their song is not at all bad after all.

Slovenia – Joker Out

I simply love this band and this song! One of my favourites! I love how they sound in each and every appearance they make before the contest. I hope they continue delivering up until the Eurovision finals!

Spain – Blanca Paloma

A blend of flamenco and modern sounds, bringing Spanish tradition to 2023. Her vocals are absolutely amazing. I just don’t get the hype around this entry, it is a great entry for Spain, but definitely not a top 3 entry as many fans are claiming over at social media!

Sweden – Loreen

Her vocals are out of this world! Another amazing performance of the former Eurovision 2012 winner and potential 2023 winner! And for those that claim that she sings with the assistance of an Auto-Tune device, I can assure you that even when she rehearsed in the corridors of Malmö Arena or Friends Arena during the Melodifestivalen season, she sounded exactly the same, or even better than the studio version! My winner for sure!

Switzerland – Remo Forrer

I absolutely love his Amsterdam (and every single one of his) live performance! I can’t wait to see this song complete and staged and Remo joined by his four dancers! I think he will qualify! But let’s wait and see!

Ukraine – TVORCHI

I love TVORCHI and their song and their Amsterdam performance. They sounded really really good, I am a fan of their style of music, but I don’t see this entry winning. Let’s see another country winning this year!

United Kingdom – Mae Muller

Come on, she doesn’t sound as atrocious as most of the Twitter people claim. And at least she enjoys it and the crowd loves her! I hope she will do much better in Liverpool!


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Photo: EurovisionInConcert

Netherlands: Eurovision in Concert 2023 takes place tonight in Amsterdam!

Eurovision in Concert 2023 takes place in The Netherlands tonight , with 29 of this year’s entrants performing live.

The concert will be hosted by Cornald Maas and Hila Noorzai. Cornald has been the Dutch Eurovision commentator since 2006. Hila is a radio DJ and member of the committee that selected this year’s Dutch representatives (Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper). She also hosted the Eurovision 2021 press conference in Rotterdam.

The full line-up is as follows:

  1. Albania – Albina & Kelmendi Familija
  2. Armenia – Brunette
  3. Australia – Voyager
  4. Austria – Teya & Salena
  5. Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX
  6. Belgium – Gustaph
  7. Czechia – Vesna
  8. Denmark – Reiley
  9. Estonia – Alika
  10. Finland – Käärijä
  11. France – La Zarra
  12. Germany – Lord of the Lost
  13. Iceland – Diljá
  14. Ireland – Wild Youth
  15. Latvia – Sudden Lights
  16. Lithuania – Monika Linkytė
  17. Malta – The Busker
  18. Moldova – Pasha Parfeni
  19. The Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper
  20. Norway – Alessandra
  21. Romania – Theodor Andrei
  22. San Marino – Piqued Jacks
  23. Slovenia – Joker Out
  24. Spain – Blanca Paloma
  25. Sweden – Loreen
  26. Switzerland – Remo Forrer
  27. Ukraine – TVORCHI
  28. United Kingdom – Mae Muller

In addition, Katrina Leskanich (Eurovision 1997, UK, winner, “Love Shine a Light“) will  appear as a special guest.

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Eurovision 2023: 10 cities in the UK will broadcast the Grand Final outdoors!

In more and more cities across the UK, it has been announced that the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final will be broadcast live in an open space. More than ten cities in the host country will hold a public screening on Saturday 13 May.

According to a BBC announcement, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Darlington, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield will broadcast the contest in outdoors.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη BBC Eurovision (@bbceurovision)

The nine cities announced by the BBC had either submitted a bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which will be held in Liverpool, or were considering submitting a bid. Plymouth has already announced its plans for public viewing of the Final.

Martin Green CBE, the BBC’s Managing Director for the Eurovision Song Contest, said:

“We’re thrilled to roll out Eurovision to more UK cities. So many people here are huge Eurovision fans and for those new to the Contest they will get to experience the joy of watching the Grand Final surrounded by thousands of others right there in their local city.”

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Source: BBC

Eurovision 2023: TikTok to partner with the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool!

TikTok has been selected as the Official Entertainment Partner for the Eurovision Song Contest for the second year running, joining the Contest in Liverpool to give fans a front-row seat.

Following on from TikTok’s immensely popular coverage of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, the social media platform will once again be offering unique insight into the 67th Contest in Liverpool.

As the Official Entertainment Partner, TikTok will become a go-to destination for all things Eurovision. From specially created livestreams and exclusive performances in the app, to music playlists and behind-the-scenes content, TikTok will bring its community of users into the heart of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Liverpool One, LiverpoolBBC / James Stack

As well as discovering unique content from Liverpool, the TikTok community will also be able to watch livestreams of both Semi-Finals on Tuesday 9 May and Thursday 13 May, as well as the Grand Final on Saturday 13 May, via the @Eurovision channel.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, says:

“Millions of new Eurovision Song Contest fans discovered the event through TikTok last year and we know millions more will be excited by this year’s extra special event in Liverpool. Both the Eurovision Song Contest and TikTok provide an international platform for discovering fresh new music and artists and we look forward to working together in creating more huge hits in 2023.”

TikTok comes to Liverpool

TikTok is partnering with Visit Liverpool so that fans can use TikTok as their official guide to the city. Creators can use ‘TikTok places’ in-app to discover some of the best local spots recommended by the TikTok community – from the iconic Cavern Club, to the must-visit vintage shops and the ultimate foodie destinations.

Liverpool is home to one of the most thriving busking communities in the UK, who have turned to TikTok as their global stage. In the weeks the contest takes over the city, TikTok will be supporting busking sites around Liverpool showing where stars get started – with local artists performing together for fans visiting from all over the world.

St George’s Hall, LiverpoolBBC / James Stark

For those visiting Liverpool during the contest, TikTok will be hosting an exclusive legends performance in the Eurovision Village – the official fanzone, on Friday 12 May at 19:30 CET. The Eurovision Legends will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Susan Finnegan, Destination Liverpool Commercial Director, says:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with TikTok, showcasing our iconic city on a global stage and telling the authentic story of Liverpool through the eyes of visitors – the content creators. Partnering with such an influential brand has the power to make Liverpool once again stand out from the crowd nationally and internationally.”

Watch this Space, Man

The Eurovision Song Contest had a great impact on TikTok throughout 2022. As well as the Contest’s own content, the participating artists thrived on the platform, like TikTok superstar Sam Ryder who represented the United Kingdom and came second to Ukraine with SPACE MANIn 2023, Sam Ryder will be TikTok’s official Eurovision ambassador throughout the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year’s Contest resulted in three billion views for the official hashtag #Eurovision2022 and over 5.8 million viewers tuned in across the three livestreams, broadcast from the official Eurovision Song Contest TikTok account.

Rich Waterworth, General Manager Operations Europe, TikTok, says: 

“Entertainment is at the heart of TikTok, and we’re excited to partner with the Eurovision Song Contest once again to bring the magic of the world’s largest live music event to our community. We’ve seen Eurovision legends start their journeys on TikTok and Eurovision songs thrive on the platform well beyond the contest itself. We can’t wait to see what Eurovision 2023 has in store.”

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