United Kingdom: The viewers of the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2024!

With the first semi-final already completed, the television ratings for the United Kingdom have been released to the public.

At BBC One, the first semi-final was watched by just under 2 million viewers. There was a slight drop of only 400,000 viewers compared to last year. This makes the 2024 semi-final the most watched for BBC One outside a hosting year.

Olly Alexander appeared in the first semi-final representing the United Kingdom, performing “Dizzy.” He will perform again in the Grand Final on Saturday, May 11th.

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Germany: The viewers of the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2024!

With the first semi-final already completed, the television ratings for Germany have been released to the public.

Overall, 680 thousand viewers watched the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest live yesterday evening on the German channel ARD One, with a total share of 3.6%. Television viewership in Germany continues to increase for another year, with an increase from the previous first semi-final, which was watched by 590 thousand people.

The viewership percentage for the 14-49 age group increased significantly to 7.7%, following last year’s percentage of 6.3% for the same group. The viewership rate in 2023 nearly doubled compared to 2022 when the contest received a total percentage of only 3.4% for the same age group.

ISAAK represents Germany at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Always on the Run” in the grand final on May 11th.

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Sweden: Over 2,7 Million Viewers for Melodifestivalen 2024 Heat Two!

On Saturday, the second qualifying round of this year’s Melodifestivalen took place, with two artists taking the ticket to the final and two remaining in the competition for a second chance.

For Sweden’s major music festival, a total of 2,754,000 viewers (76.71%) tuned in to watch the second heat of the country’s national final.

The second qualifier of the Swedish selection increased by 23,000 viewers compared to the corresponding semi-final in 2023 and marks the fourth worst ever night for a second semi-final after last year’s semi-final, 2006 and 2002!

The two entries that made it to the grand final are Maria Sur and LIAMOO, with Dear Sara and Fröken Snusk advancing to the second chance round of the 5th heat.

Melodifestivalen 2024 continues next Saturday with the Third Heat and six more contestants!

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Spain: The viewing figures of the Second Semi-Final of Benidorm Fest 2024!

Yesterday, the second semi-final of the third edition of Benidorm Fest, the national final of Spain for Eurovision 2024, took place. A few minutes ago, the viewing figures of the festival were revealed!

In detail, the semi-final of the contest, hosted by Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Caldero and Ana Prada, reached 10.5% of the viewership, with 3.278.000  individual viewers.

In the above second post, we can see the detailed viewing numbers of Benidorm Fest, per age group and community of Spain:

The respective age groups are:

  • 4-12: 10.9%
  • 13-24: 18,3%
  • 25-44: 19,3%
  • 44-64: 10,2%
  • >64: 6,2%

The viewership in the individual communities of Spain is:

  • Andalusia: 8%
  • Catalonia: 6,7%
  • Basque Country: 6,9%
  • Galicia: 5.7%
  • Madrid: 16,6%
  • Valencia: 15,8%
  • Castile-La Mancha: 9,5%
  • Canary Islands: 6%
  • Aragon: 11,7%
  • Asturias: 10%
  • Balearic Islands: 7.1%
  • Murcia: 17,1%
  • Castile and León: 15,3%
  • Other regions: 7,8%

Yesterday, four artists won the ticket to the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest in Saturday. You can watch the detailed results in our article.

The Running Order of the big Final:

  1. María Peláe – Remitente
  2. St. Pedro – Dos Extraños
  3. Angy Fernández – Se Quien Soy
  4. Jorge González – Caliente
  5. Nebulossa – Zorra
  6. Sofia Coll – Here To Stay
  7. Miss Caffeina – Bla Bla Bla
  8. Almácor – Brillos Platino

Benidorm Fest continues this Saturday, when we will know the next representative of Spain in Εurovision 2024!

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Eurovision 2023: 162 Million Viewers for this year’s contest!

162 million viewers in 38 countries tuned in to watch the 67th Eurovision Song Contest live from Liverpool, UK.

This year’s competition managed to surpass every record in some European countries in recent years. Overall, the competition in the final managed to record a 40.9% share, which is more than double the average of the normal stream of state channels. For another year, the competition was popular with young audiences (ages 15 to 24), recording a 53.5% share, four times the average for participating channels.

The total audience watching the competition increased by 1 million over last year’s statistics. As last year, in 13 of the 39 countries, more than 50% of the audience watched the Grand Final, including Armenia, Flemish Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Israel, Lithuania and Slovenia. United Kingdom, while recorded in the Nordic countries with Iceland taking first place once again with 98.7% of the audience, followed by Norway with 87.8%, Finland with 85.6% and Sweden with 82.3%.

The competition was also a success in Austria, after achieving the highest viewership since 2016, and explained in Slovenia since 2015.

Social Platforms

105 million profiles were registered on TikTok to visit the official Eurovision account on the platform, which saw 315 million views on the profile, of which 4.8 million views were from watching all three shows live. During the week of the live shows, 45 million unique viewers in 232 countries and territories watched from the official YouTube channel, an increase of 2.7 million viewers compared to last year.

Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl said:

“The Eurovision Song Contest has proved, once again, that public service media has the power to unite the world through music with a global reach we are hugely proud of. We’re thrilled to see that every year more and more people around the world discover this special event and that it is providing a huge launchpad for new music.”

Sweden emerged as the big winner of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, marking their seventh victory at the event with 583 points. You can watch their performance after Loreen’s win was announced below:

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Eurovision 2023: The viewership of the Grand Final in Spain and Ukraine!

The official ratings of the Contest as broadcasted in Spain and Ukraine have been published.

According to official figures, Saturday’s Grand Final was watched by over 4.8 million viewers in Spain via RTVE‘s frequency. Overall, this corresponds to 39.7% of the audience, 11.1% less than last year and 1,996,000 fewer viewers.

In Ukraine, on the other hand, over 1.3 million viewers watched Suspilne‘s coverage of the Grand Final on TV, YouTube and Facebook. With 584,000 of them watching the competition on TV noting an average percentage of 20%, which jumped to 40% during the voting. On YouTube, 473,000 viewers watched the final on the Eurovision Ukraine account, a further 147,000 viewers on the Suspilne website and 124,000 viewers on Facebook.

On the night of the Grand Final, Spain came 17th with 100 points, while Ukraine came 6th with 243!

Source: VerTele / Suspilne

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Greece: The viewership rate for the Second Semi-Final!

The viewership for the Second Semi-Final were increased compared to the First Semi-Final despite the disqualification of Greece in the contest, viewers chose to watch yestarday’s show.

More specifically, the measurement comapny Nielsen about the TV ratings announced that the Second Semi-Final had a 16.6% of audience share overall, with a maximum quarter of the results at 23.4%. The contest was mostly viewed by the young audience with a 20,6% share and at the last quarter of the show, when the results were announced, were at 26.9% viewer share.

The corresponding percentages last year were considerably lower, with the Greek participation and Amanda Tenfjord qualifying for the Grand Final. This happened because the Greek participation this year got a lot of publicity, along with critisism and negative comments.

As a result, the interest for the Greek viewers’ in the Eurovision Song Contest will wane as Victor Vernicos failed to qualify for the final.

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