Austria: Listen to “Who the hell is Edgar?”, the country’s entry for Eurovision 2023!

Austria’s public broadcaster ORF revealed in January that Teya & Salina will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

Through the show Wecker am Freitag of the radio station Hitradio Ö3, the participation of Teya & Salina for Eurovision 2023 was presented!

The song is titled “Who the hell is Edgar?” and it is in english.

Listen to “Who the Hell is Edgar?” below:

Who are Teya & Salina?

Teya may not be known as a singer yet, but she has been working successfully as a songwriter for some time now. She has participated in several singing camps in Unified Songs, as well as Eurovision.

TEYA’s newest single, “EX ME” is available on all platforms and is released through Unified Records.

24-year-old Salina comes from a big musical family. He lived in Berlin and Cologne due to her extensive recordings and television appearances on The Voice of Germany.

She moved to Vienna in 2019. In addition, she participated in several preliminary rounds for the national Eurovision selection.

In addition to collaborating with professional songwriters/producers from around the world, she participated in Austria’s show “Starmania” 2021. Her debut single is titled “Pretty Imperfection”.


Austria will be competing on the 2nd Semi-Final on the 11th  of May. After the allocation draw we know that Austria will be on the second half of the show!

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Austria: Watch the teaser from “Who the hell is Edgar?” by Teya & Salena!

The time has come for the reveal of the Austrian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. A while ago the public broadcaster ORF, announced that Teya & Salena will represent Austria at Eurovision with the song “Who the hell is Edgar?”.

The previous month, it became known that Teya & Salena traveled to Prague to prepare the filming of the music video clip for this year’s participation.

Down bellow you will find our article about Teya’s & Salena’s participation in Eurovision 2023:


With the song “Who the hell is Edgar?” the duet will compete in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest aiming for a place in the Grand Final in May. Down bellow you can find the teaser from the video clip of the song:

The song will premiere at 8th of March at 07:30 CET  in the morning show Ö3-Wecker. Afterwards, it will be released in all digital platforms.

We want to remind you that Austria will perform at the second half of the second semi final, at 11th of May 2023.

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