Israel: KAN tomorrow morning makes announcements for Eurovision 2021!

A while ago, through its social media, the Israeli public television KAN, revealed that on the morning of Wednesday, December 2, it will make announcements for Eurovision 2021! Announcements from KAN The local press reported that at the beginning of December we would have the opportunity to listen to Eden’s 10 candidate songs for Eurovision […]

Italy: Diodato sent a song for Sanremo 2021!

Today is the last day of the deadline, for the artists who want to claim a place among the candidates of the big category of Sanremo 2021. According to the Italian media, Diodato, who was the winner of this year’s festival and the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2020, which was canceled due to the […]

EBU: “All the contestants sang live at Junior Eurovision 2020”!

There is no Eurovision Song Contest without drama, the same of course could not be the case at Junior Eurovision 2020. The 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest had France as the winner, but there were many who claimed that in Valentina’s live on tape video, she sang playback. The same accusations were leveled against the […]

Italy: More than 300 songs for Sanremo 2021 | None about COVID-19!

As revealed by the artistic director and presenter of Sanremo 2021 Amadeus, more than 300 songs have already been submitted to RAI for Sanremo 2021. In addition, Amadeus clarified that there are no songs about the coronavirus. The deadline for submitting songs for Sanremo 2021 expires on December 1, and more than 300 songs have […]

Cyprus: “El Diablo” will be revealed in March!

Elena Tsagrinou appeared on the ALPHA show, Happy Day, to talk about her participation with Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. Among what she said, she revealed that El Diablo will be made public in March! Once again, Elena Tsagrinou appeared excited about her participation in Eurovision with the colors of Cyprus. The song is super pop! […]

Cyprus: Send your questions for Elena Tsagrinou!

For a few minutes now, Elena Tsagrinou has been nominated as the representative of Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 with the song El Diablo and with a very strong team behind her. The announcement was made through the morning show of RIK1, while at noon Elena will give her first interview on the Omega TV station […]

Cyprus: With Elena Tsagrinou and “El Diablo” at Eurovision 2021 – CYBC’s announcement!

The Cyprus Radio Broadcaster (CYBC) made an official announcement today, for the country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, who is none other than Elena Tsagrinou! Pleased and excited to announce our 2021 Entry: Elena Tsagrinou Elena Tsagrinou is one of the most talented and… Δημοσιεύτηκε από CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus στις Τρίτη, 24 Νοεμβρίου 2020 […]

Cyprus: It is official, RIK announces its artist for Eurovision 2021 tomorrow!

Through his Twitter account, the chairman of the Board of Directors of RIK, Andreas Frangos, confirmed our exclusive report. Tomorrow, Wednesday through the show of RIK1 at 10 in the morning we will find out the representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2021! Έχουμε και #Eurovision παιδιά να μην ξεχνιόμαστε. Αποκλειστικά νέα για την Κυπριακή συμμετοχή […]

Cyprus: CYBC is ready to announce its artist for Eurovision 2021 | EXCLUSIVE!

In its favorite month in November, CYBC seems to be very close to the announcement of its representative in Eurovision 2021. A female singer in Eurovision 2021 After the confirmation in June that Sandro will not represent Cyprus in the next contest and that CYBC will look for a new artist, a lot was written, […]

Italy: These are the 20 reported contestants in Sanremo 2021!

RAI insists that Sanremo 2021 will take place from March 2 to March 6, as originally announced, although final announcements are expected in January. The website recensiamomusica, as every year, published a list of the most likely names of artists that we will see competing in the big category of the festival and which, according […]