The official announcement by EBU on voting irregularities during Semi-Final 2

Moments ago EBU released an official announcement on “irregular voting patterns” during the second Semi-Final 2022, naming for the fist time the juries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, San Marino. Below is the full announcement: This year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was an enormous success in bringing hundreds of millions of people across the […]


Timur Miroshnychenko talks on Ukraine’s victory and the 2023 contest

Eurovision 2017 and Junior Eurovision 2009 and 2013 host, Timur Miroshnychenko, spoke to The Euro Trip podcast on commentating for Ukrainian television from a bomb shelter, his feelings after Kalush Orchestra won and hosting the 2023 contest. Timur has been commentating Eurovision for Ukraine since 2007, with the exception of 2017 when he hosted the […]

Iceland: Daði Freyr wants an end to pre-recorded backing vocals at Eurovision!

Daði Freyr called for an end to the  pre-recorded vocals in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer who represented Iceland in Rotterdam , made a post on Twitter to express his feelings. In  the tweet , which you can see below, Daði Freyr commented on the use of pre-recorded vocals. Mentioning  that it is less […]

Greece: Amanda is the Greek with the most monthly listeners on Spotify!

A few days after the Eurovision Song Contest, Amanda, the Greek representative, reached 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the Greek with the most monthly listeners on Spotify at the moment! Die Together also reaches the one milestone after another on Spotify, as it reached 4,000,000 streams, applying for one of the most popular Greek entries […]

Poland: Public broadcaster declares willingness to host Eurovision 2023!

After Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Sweden, Poland also declares its willingness to host or at least help Ukraine host Eurovision 2023! The President of Poland’s Public Television, Jacek Kurski, explained that he is willing to help Ukraine in the organization of Eurovision 2023, although that’s something he cannot entirely commit to before […]

Eurovision 2023: EBU-Ukraine talks begin on Friday!

Eurovision 2022 may have gone down in history a few days ago, but that does not mean that discussions about the upcoming competition have not already begun. With no time to lose and in such an uncertain environment as the one prevailing in Ukraine, the winners of the competition and the EBU start discussions on […]

Spain: The royal family congratulated Chanel!

Chanel managed to bring Spain to the top 3 of the Eurovision Song Contest standings after 27 whole years and the royal family of the country hurried to congratulate her for this important achievement! On Tuesday, Chanel received a letter from King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain about its success at Eurovision. La Casa […]

Eurovisionfun: Join The Team | Become a Eurovision blogger!

Do you want to be involved with the Eurovision Song Contest and its national selections? And do you want to work together with others who share your passion? It is not as difficult to get started as you might think. Eurovisionfun is a community of more than 15 contributors reporting on the Eurovision Song Contest […]

Poland: The announcement of TVP on the cancellation of their jury’s votes!

Telewizja Polska has published their first statements regarding the cancellation of their jury’s vote in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. reports that the Polish TV station has made its first comments on the jury vote in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The six countries whose jury votes were removed from the contest and replaced […]

Reactions continue over the cancellation of the voting of six juries!

On Saturday night, during the Grand Final, the EBU sent out a vague statement saying it had identified “voting irregularities” in six unnamed countries after the second rehearsals of the Second Semi-Final. Their jury votes were cancelled and replaced with a ” substitute aggregated result for each concerned country for both the Second Semi-Final and […]