Editorial: How likely is it to see Eleni Foureira at Eurovision 2021?

The fact that Eleni Foureira continues to be a Eurovision legend, two years after the second place and her impressive appearance with Fuego, is of course not news. It is not news that this year her name is involved with Eurovision. But what is a matter of discussion is the fact that for 2021 he […]

Eurovision 2021: Which scenario does EBU prefer?

With just nine months to go until the first semi-final of Eurovision 2021, the EBU and the Dutch organizers have unveiled the four plans they are working on in order for the contest to run smoothly. A Q&A article on the official website of Eurovision gives detailed explanations regarding the four plans that exist in […]

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Cyprus: RIK made a proposal to Eleni Foureira for Eurovision 2021!

According to what was mentioned in today’s morning show of STAR, RIK has made an official proposal to Eleni Foureira, in order to represent the country for the second time in the contest. In fact, this is the first official proposal that RIK addresses to an artist for Eurovision 2021 and it becomes known. It […]

Australia: Listen to Dami Im’s song for Australia Decides 2021 | “Paper Dragon” is out!

During this year’s Australia Decides, Dami Im, who appeared as a guest, revealed that in 2021 she would also participate as a contestant, claiming for the second time the representation of Australia in Eurovision. Dami Im’s plan was later overturned, as the cancellation of the competition and the decision of the country’s public broadcaster to […]

Eurovision 2021: New case record of COVID-19 in the Netherlands | Concern about the contest!

The number of daily Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands reached a new all-time high, with escalating incidents raising concerns about a second wave in Europe. As of Wednesday 16/9, the Dutch health authorities reported 1,542 recorded cases, the highest daily increase of all time and exceeding the levels in early April, when Covid-19 had swept […]

Cyprus: Details on the process of selecting the artist for Eurovision 2021!

On the Omega TV station and on the show Ela Na Deis, Alexandros Taramountas, gave more information about the process that RIK will follow in order to select its artist for Eurovision 2021. Stikoudi, Papadopoulou or someone else? The report of the show confirmed what was said this morning at Open TV, but shedding much […]

Cyprus: Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou are the favorites for Eurovision 2021!

Giannis Poulopoulos through the morning show in Open TV, revealed that the two names that are currently favorites to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, are Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou. According to what Giannis Poulopoulos mentioned in today’s show of Open, Eftychite, RIK among the list of artists who publicly expressed their interest in representing […]

Greece: Stefania’s team will submit four songs to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

The new ERT team that deals with the Eurovision project started with great appetite, under the supervision of the company’s corporate communication director, Dora Chiraki. According to our exclusive information, Stefania’s team will submit at least four songs to ERT, in order to make the final choice of our participation. In the recent first meeting […]

Sweden: Julia Alfrida is the first artist for Melodifestivalen 2021!

We now know the first candidate of Melodifestivalen 2021. This is Julia Alfrida, who was selected by the jury of “P4 Nästa 2020” which ended a while ago, to compete in the semifinals of Melodifestivalen next year. Every year, Swedish Public Broadcaster selects one of the finalists of the P4 Nästa radio competition, which involves […]

Eurovision: The celebrations of the commentators!

The celebrations of the commentators in the football matches may remain basically in the television history, but also in the Eurovision song contest there are many commentators who use intense reactions to the respective successes of their countries! Below you can watch the celebrations of various commentators in listening to their country’s qualification to the […]