San Marino: Disagrees with cancellation of Eurovision 2020

In a press release sent a few minutes ago by the San Marino Public Television (SMRTV), the channel  expresses opposition to the EBU’s decision to cancel the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

The press release states:

“Quite rightly – obviously – the EBU’s decision to cancel Eurovision 2020 in mid-May, but as a broadcaster, and I’m sure we are not alone, it would be more logical not to cancel the event altogether, but as it did for the European Games , a postponement for autumn 2020 or directly for 2021 … would allow all public broadcasters to open the 2020-2021 season with Eurovision 2020, giving an important and strong message about the international language of music”.

San Marino: Senhit with “Freaky” in Rotterdam

After the internet voting that San Marino put on the two candidate songs for Eurovision 2020, the result came out at midnight on Sunday, March 8th! The song that will represent the country at the 65th European Song Contest in Rotterdam is “Freaky”!

San Marino has kept the tradition of selecting a former representative for the Eurovision song contest this year, after officially announcing – along with the song now – that Senhit, who represented the state in 2011, will find itself representing oldest active republic again in May in Rotterdam.

The 40-year-old singer, who lives in Bologna and comes from Italy and Eritrea, represented San Marino at Eurovision 2011 with the song “Stand By”, but then failed to qualify for the final, despite her beautiful appearance.

Senit is the third artist to be selected for at least the second time as the country’s representative in the competition. Valentina Monetta has participated four times and Serhat two!

Eurovision 2020: Greek choreographer – director for Switzerland and San Marino at Eurovision 2020?

According to what is written on a greek media website, Zappit, Greek choreographer Nikos Marianos has accepted a proposal to direct the participation of Switzerland and San Marino in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May in Rotterdam!

He has recorded his own unique path, both at the Eurovision Festival, as well as in music and theater, being one of the most successful choreographers and directors of recent years. Nikos Marianos, who is known for versatile and creative talent, having choreographed from demanding  musical such as “Evita”, “Hair” and “Grease”, up to high standard’s Mad Show, accepts another suggestion – a challenge that opens the European music scene to him.

Two countries are claiming the acclaimed Greek, seeking exclusive co-operation for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam in May 2020. Competition officials in Switzerland but also in San Marino have already contacted Nikos in order to take over  the choreographic performance of the songs that will be selected to represent these two countries in this year’s contest.

San Marino managed last year under his direction the best result  in Tel Aviv, while Nikos already has successful entries in both Greece and Malta. Remember, the director and choreographer has appeared on the Eurovision stage as a dancer in 2005 with Elena Paparizou on Eurovision’s 50-year show, but also in 2009 with Sakis Rouvas and “This is our night”.

Nikos Marianos has not yet given a definitive answer to the officials of the two countries. The NMDF Convention, which holds its fourth year in March 2020 and hosts the 19 most important choreographers around the world is in his high priority this period. However, it is certain that for another year Eurovision will be of particular interest to the Greeks.

Source: zappit

San Marino: Aly Ryan submitted 7 songs for Eurovision 2020

The candidate for the German national final in 2019, Aly Ryan, after announcing that she had sent a bid to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2020, also expressed her interest in another country.

Yesterday through her Twitter account, she revealed that she had sent 7 songs to San Marino public television, SMRTV. However, SMRTV has not yet responded to her emails.

The 23-year-old singer, who is ready to compete at Eurovision, has already submitted 5 songs to claim the Swiss representation in Rotterdam, while she, along with two others, has filed them on San Marino television.

Aly Ryan was a contender in the 2019 German national final Unser Lied für Israel, which, though one of the big favorites to represent the country, was limited to 4th place and missed the opportunity to represent her country in Israel.