Sweden: Julia Alfrida is the first artist for Melodifestivalen 2021!

We now know the first candidate of Melodifestivalen 2021. This is Julia Alfrida, who was selected by the jury of “P4 Nästa 2020” which ended a while ago, to compete in the semifinals of Melodifestivalen next year.

Every year, Swedish Public Broadcaster selects one of the finalists of the P4 Nästa radio competition, which involves young artists and creators. The one selected for the Melodifestivalen is not necessarily the winner of the competition. This happened again this year, after the “P4 Nästa 2020” was won by Hilde & Erik.

Julia Alfrida will compete in Melodifestivalen 2021 with a different song than she did in P4 Nästa 2020. So far no candidate from P4 Nästa has qualified for the Melodifestivalen final, not even in the second round.

Below you can listen to the winning song of P4 Nästa 2020:

Sweden: Submissions for Melodifestivalen 2021 have been opened!

Sweden’s public broadcaster, SVT, has started accepting entries for Melodifestivalen 2021. The country’s national final through which Sweden’s representative and participation for Eurovision 2021 will emerge.

The interested creators have until September 16 to submit their entries electronically, to claim one of the 14 places in the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2021. Another 13 participants result from the invitations sent by the producers of the show, to various well-known artists. creators and one candidate comes from the radio competition “P4 Nästa 2020”.

The contestants of Melodifestivalen 2021 are expected to be announced as every year, within November, with the semifinals, the second chance round and the final taking place from the beginning of February until the middle of March.

Non-Swedish citizens can also participate. To submit your song, click HERE.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sweden this year would be represented by the Mamas with the song Move:


Sweden: “P4 Nästa 2020” finalists were revealed | One of them will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021!

The eight finalists of “P4 Nästa 2020” have been announced. One of the finalists of the radio competition will be selected by the producers of Melodifestivalen in order to compete in the semifinals of the country’s national final for Eurovision 2021.

The finalists were selected from the 25 local winners of Swedish Radio P4. The final of the P4 Nästa will take place on September 12, much later than usual.

The eight finalists and their songs are:

  1. Alicia Jern – Friendzone
  2. Sanna ft. Re:Bond – Aldrig det
  3. Amskøld – Standby
  4. Nina Bring – Nära
  5. Northlight – Equally different
  6. Hilde & Erik – Som det är
  7. Julia Alfrida – Dark doom
  8. Agnes Rehn – Goodbye

The final of the P4 Nästa 2020 will take place on September 12 from the Väster Concert Hall, where Josefin Johansson and Titti Schultz will be in charge of presenting the gala, which will be broadcast live on Swedish radio station P4.

From today until a few minutes before the final, tele voting will remain open to the public, who can vote for their favorite candidates via SMS to 72250.

It is worth noting that so far no artist who participated in the Melodifestivalen through P4 Nästa, even managed to qualify for the second chance round. It is not necessary to select the winner of the P4 Nästa for Melodifestivalen, since the producers of the Swedish national final, choose according to their own criteria.

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen to be held normally in 2021

Brainstorm on developments…. By tweeting on its official Twitter account, Melodifestivalen announced that it would run smoothly in 2021. This means that the choice of Swedish participation for 2021 will once again be based on this format. Thus, The Mamas will not be able to represent their country at the Rotterdam competition. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that they will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021 claiming their sects!

As Christer Björkman, Head of the Swedish Delegation, said in his statements:

“It is a very unfortunate situation for all artists. I feel really bad for all the artists and especially for the Mamas, who will not be given the opportunity to sing on the Eurovision stage. It is also very unfortunate that a 64-year-old tradition will break”

So the winner of Melodifestivalen 2021 is expected to represent Sweden at next year’s Eurovision contest!

Below you can remember the song “Move” with which The Mamas were to compete in Rotterdam in May!

Sweden: The Mamas statement after Eurovision 2020 cancellation

The Mamas, who will represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision contest, are among the first bidders to make a formal statement announcing the official cancellation of the competition.

In a post they stated the following:

“Of course, we respect the decision made, and during the current emergency we are all in, the problem is greater than the fact that we cannot go to Rotterdam. Of course, we’re incredibly sad on a personal level that we and our song can’t compete in the biggest music competition in the world after our win at Melodifestivalen. We were looking forward to representing Sweden with “Move”. We hope that people will continue to listen to our song with the message that we can move the mountains together, which is even more important today when everyone has to take responsibility and do the right thing. If we help each other in this difficult time, we will be led to something good in the end. Our thoughts also go to the ESC organizer who worked hard in an uphill race. Take care of your self!”

We remind you that all this comes after the official announcement of the cancellation of this year’s event by the EBU, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sweden: Anna Bergendahl the Melodifestivalen winner if Eurovision voting system was in place?

A very interesting article was published on the official website of Melodifestivalen. The question for the columnist is whether Anna Bergendahl would have been the winner of the Swedish national final if they had applied the Eurovision voting system.

To answer this question we need to keep in mind the differences in the way in which Melodifestivalen and Eurovision vote. At Melodifestivalen, public voting is done via a mobile app and not overall, but by age (plus those who vote by phone). Also at Melodifestivalen every voter has five votes that he can share as he wants, while in Eurovision the practice has proved that the overwhelming majority of the public only votes for his favorite song.

But let’s see now, according to the SVT article, why it is likely that the outcome of the Melodifestivalen final would have been different if the voting system in Eurovision had been applied.

Initially, as we saw in Anna Bergendahl’s “Kingdom Come”, was first in the three age groups of older people (over 45) and in voting by telephone. On the contrary, it was 11th (!) in the two younger age groups (under 15 years), while in the other two middle age groups (16 to 29 and 30 to 44) it was 6th and 3rd respectively.

Failure to participate in in-app voting would make the number of young people voting much smaller, as these ages usually do not vote by telephone, where there is a charge. This would automatically raise the balance in favor of older people, as their turnout would be significantly higher. Of course nothing is given and only estimates can be made, as it is possible that some of the young people who voted through the application, if this was not possible, would vote by phone.

Another important element that reinforces the theory that Anna Bergendahl would be the winner of the Melodifestivalen if the voting system were the same as Eurovision is that what matters in the second is to be first in voter preference rather than just having a general acceptance.

“Kingdom Come” received almost all of its votes from the three major age groups and those who voted by phone. If we take into account the above, then it is very likely that there was no in-app voting, but only by telephone and based on the extensive support received by Anna Bergendahl from the people who are most involved in phone voting. the winner of the public vote.

All of the above is not our analysis, but an article published on SVT’s official website for Melodifestivalen. What we would like to add is how striking the differences in voting between the different ages are and how they look in the new way of voting at Melodifestivalen, which has been used for the last two years.

A song that audiences under the age of 15 rank 11th in 12 competing songs, is 1st in all ages over 44!

However, the Mamas  were the winners of the Melodifestivalen 2020, with voting system that was known to everyone from the beginning.

Let’s enjoy Kingdom Come once again and wish Anna a try again, with an equally beautiful song:

Source: SVT

Sweden: The detailed results of Melodifestivalen 2020

Sweden’s representatives at Eurovision 2020 after winning with just one point in the Melodifestivalen are the Mamas with the song “Move”. Not long ago, Swedish public television announced the analytical results of the Melodifestivalen, both in the semi-finals and in the final, which was awaited by many.

Before we look at the results, it is good to remind you of this year’s voting system so you can better understand the results of the public.

The televoting was divided into ages groups

It was not possible to vote via sms this year, as the producers of Melodifestivalen emphasized that sms votes were scarce. The only way to vote was by phone or special application.

Voting through the app required you to state your age. Viewers were divided into seven categories as follows:

-Green: 3 to 9 years old
-Turquoise: 10 to 15 years
-Blue: 16 to 29 years old
-Purple: 30 to 44 years old
-Pink: 45 to 59 years old
-Red: 60 to 74 years old
-Orange: 75 and above

Changes to the vote

The eighth category was voting by telephone, where age cannot be ascertained. Each category had 43 points in the semifinals (12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1) and 58 in the final (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). In the second chance round he scored 1 point in the song that he preferred in each duel, and in the case of a tie (4-4), he was the one who received the most votes. Another change was that the international jury in the final was reduced from eleven to eight, so that their numbers were the same as the age groups, and they also had 58 points, just like the public groups. Each user of the app could give up to five hearts (votes) per song.

The results of Melodifestivalen 2020

First let’s say that all the nights were counted 44 million votes, a decrease of 12.5% ​​compared to the previous year, as Melodifestivalen 2019 counted 50 million votes.

In the final, the Mamas garnered the most votes, 1,610,446, with Dotter receiving 1,489,636. If the rules that were in force until 2018 had been used in the Melodifestivalen 2020 final, the first two places would not have changed. The Mamas would have earned 122 points and Dotter 118.

Another important point is that those who voted by phone agreed with the ratings of the app voters, with the only exception being the third semifinal they voted for Drängarna and the final that they voted for Anna Bergendahl.

Let’s now look at the 12s in the final category:

3-9: Hanna Ferm

10-15: The Mamas

16-29: The Mamas

30-44: Dotter

45-59: Anna Bergendahl

60-74: Anna Bergendahl

75 and above: Anna Bergendahl

Phones: Anna Bergendahl

Dotter, despite receiving a 12th, was in the top three in all age categories. The Mamas received some high scores and some middle scores. Anna Bergendahl though she received four 12s, received two 0s from the two younger age categories.

Winners of every night and category:

Winner of Melodifestivalen: The Mamas.
Winner of the vote: The Mamas.
Jury winner: Dotter.
First Semifinal Winner: The Mamas.
Second Semifinal Winner: Anna Bergendahl.
Third Semifinal Winner: Mariette.
Fourth Semifinal Winner: Hanna Ferm.
Second Chance Winner: Anis Don Demina

Below are the results in the final:

Source: SVT

Sweden: Watch all the live performances of the artists at MelFest After Party (Video)

Wiwibloggs has uploaded live performances by artists featured on MelFest After Party. That is, the party that takes place immediately after the end of the Melodifestivalen.

The first three of the Melodifestivalen sang, namely Mamas, Dotter and Anna, as well as representatives of Norway, Iceland and Latvia were invited to the event.

Watch the videos below:


Sweden: “I don’t know if I wanted to go to Eurovision”, Dotter says

The big favorite of yesterday’s Melodifestivalen final was Dotter, who for one point only failed to beat the Mamas. In her statements shortly after the end of the night, she said how happy she was about the love she received herself as well as her song, but also about her uncertainty about whether she was ready for the Eurovision contest. Similar statements were made by Anna Bergendahl, who finished third.

Neither the public nor the committees could decide yesterday which of the two should represent Sweden at Eurovision 2020. The jury scored 65 points for Dotter and Mamas and the public gave them 71 and 72 points respectively.

For the story, it is worth noting that Dotter would win even in the tie, since she had received ten more than the Mamas in the committee (12 were equal).

“I got some minor points from international committees. I was relieved that I didn’t win. I don’t know if I wanted to go to Eurovision. The Mamas deserved it and wanted it more”.


Anna Bergendahl‘s statements that took third place at this year’s Melodifestivalen also moved at a similar wavelength.

“It’s hard to describe my feelings right now. I’m so grateful for third place. I won so many this year. I’m so happy for the Mamas. As a listener, I would vote for their song. It’s a great song”.

Anna Bergendahl

The bets, however, did not welcome the Mamas ‘victory very warmly, as Sweden, after many years, is  in the eighth position of winning the contest, the day before the leaders’ meeting at the end of the national finals season.

Source: Aftonbladet

Sweden: The Mamas got the ticket to Rotterdam

After four semifinals and a Second Chance round,  Melodifestivalen 2020 final has completed and the moment we would fin out the next representative of the country has reached . Lina Hedlund, Linnea Henriksson and David Sundin had once again taken on the role of presentation.

Final entries:

  1. Victor Crone – “Troubled Waters”
  2. Paul Rey – “Talking in My Sleep”
  3. The Mamas – Move”
  4. Mohombi – “Winners”
  5. Hanna Ferm – “Brave”
  6. Mendez ft. Alvaro Estrella – “Vamos amigos”
  7. Dotter – “Bulletproof”
  8. Robin Bengtsson – “Take a Chance”
  9. Mariette – “Shout It Out”
  10. Felix Sandman – “Boys With Emotions”
  11. Anna Bergendahl – “Kingdom Come”
  12. Anis Dos Demina – “Vem e som oss”

The winner has emerged, as has been the case in recent years, from the public vote (50%) and 8 international committees (50%).

After the vote of the international committees the result was as follows:

After the public vote, the winners of the Melodifestivalen 2020 are The Mamas, garnering the largest percentage of votes from the public.