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Romania: TVR debates Eurovision participation!

The Romania/EBU saga continues! Romania is considering leaving the Eurovision Song Contest after the EBU replaced its jury votes together with other five countries.  The EBU questioned the validity of the Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino jury votes. In a public statement Mr. Dan Cristian Turturică, the president-general director of TVR said […]

Moldova: jurors explain why they did not give any points to WRS

Moldova and Romania are not only culturally similar but they also celebrate their brotherhood in Eurovision.  In fact, Moldova delivered a song with a message about Romania-Moldova unity for Eurovision 2022.  However, the Moldovan jury did not award a single point to Romania.  In contrast, Romania received 10 points from the Moldovan televote. The huge […]

Italian commentator apologizes after comparing Chanel with J.Lo during the Grand Final!

Cristiano Magliolo, one of the Italian commentators made some impolite comments about Spanish representative, Chanel.  During the Grand Final, Magliolo called Chanel “a cheap Jennifer Lopez”.  Not only that, the RAI commentator also added that the Slo Mo singer “was good to go to the beach in summer but there is only one Jennifer Lopez!”.  […]

Finland confirms participation for 2023 with UMK

Finland is set to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) continues as the national final for Finland.  In 2023 UMK will have its 12 edition as the national selection for the artist and song representing Finland at Eurovisin 2023. Finnish Head of delegation and producer Anssi Autio has stated: The […]

Germany: Malik Harris will represent the Big 5 country in Eurovision!

The German national selection for Eurovision 2022 took place in March 4.  German broadcaster ARD returned to a national selection for Eurovision after two years.  Six acts competed in Germany 12 points.  In the end it was Malik Harris who won the competition and will represent Germany in Turin. The national final started at 21.00 […]