Spain: Lérica and Jorge González were the favorites of the internal RTVE jury!

Despite the fact that Nebulossa won Benidorm Fest 2024, the spanish national selection and will ultimately wave the country’s flag at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Zorra“, RTVE‘s internal jury rank other entries higher.

The aforementioned jury had the responsibility to choose the participants of this year’s Benidorm Fest through ranking them. As the spanish internet newspaper Publico reveals, after a request they sent towards the spanish broadcaster, the internal RTVE jury had placed Astronauta by Lérica first and Caliente του Jorge González second, while they ranked Zorra by Nebulossa fifth. Also, Benidorm Fest’s runner-up St. Pedro with Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda) was placed 14th by the internal jury.

The last place was a tie score-wise between Quique Niza and Yoly Saa. Yoly Saa’s song (No se me olvida) as well as Mantra’s entry (Me vas a ver) were originally named Llorar un mar and No eres para tanto respectively, but they switched their title before the Festival.

The names of the substitutes were also unveiled: Verónica Terrés, Ondina, Reyko, Ángela Carrasco, La Beba and Veintiuno came close to taking part at Benidorm Fest, especially Verónica Terrés, who had only a 2-point difference from Quique Niza and Yoly Saa. As for Ángela Carrasco, she is a renowed Dominican artist, who eventually appeared at Benidorm Fest, as a member of the jury.

Below, you can see the results and the points of the internal RTVE jury for the participants of Benidorm Fest 2024:
  1. Lérica – Astronauta: 186 
  2. Jorge González – Caliente: 161 
  3. Miss Caffeina – Bla Bla Bla: 141 
  4. Dellacruz – Beso en la mañana: 136 
  5. Nebulossa – Zorra : 120 
  6. María Pelae – Remitente: 106 
  7. Sofía Coll – Here to stay: 97
  8. Mantra – Me vas a ver: 97 
  9. Noan – Te echo de menos: 88 
  10. Roger Padrós – El temps: 88 
  11. Angy Fernández – Sé quien soy: 82 
  12. Marlena – Amor de verano: 79 
  13. Almácor – Brillos platino: 75 
  14. St. Pedro – Dos extraños: 74 
  15. Yoli Saa – No se me olvida: 67 
  16. Quique Niza – Prisionero: 67 
The substitutes:
  1. Verónica Terres – Fugaz: 65 
  2. Ondina – Me está mirando: 62 
  3. Reyko – Run with you: 60 
  4. Ángela Carrasco – Él y yo: 59 
  5. La Beba – No me fucking importa: 57 
  6. Veintiuno – Telenovela: 57 

Finally, Nebulossa will fly to Malmö for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where they will perform Zorra.

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Source: Publico

Spain: Two cities and a region are ready to host Junior Eurovision 2024!

About three months after France’s third victory in four years, it was announced that Spain would be hosting Junior Eurovision 2024. Thus, Spain’s public broadcaster, RTVE, began a search for the most suitable city to host the contest.

The Generalitat Valenciana, Barcelona, and Malaga authorities have expressed interest in hosting the event thus far.

In fact, in a post on X, Barcelona Mayor Jaume Collboni said that the city is ready to take over the event and will reveal additional information about its bid in the coming days.

The Generalitat Valenciana region has also expressed interest. Towns like Benidorm, Valencia, and Castellon de la Plana are all within its borders. At the same time, the Presidents of Ágora and Conecta España urged the Malaga authorities to put in a bid to host the event.

Which city would you like to host Junior Eurovision 2024?

Source: ESC PlusEurovision Spain

Junior Eurovision 2024: Spain will serve as the host country!

Some wonderful news are coming for Junior Eurovision. A few hours ago, it was announced that Spain will serve as the host country for the 22nd edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

RTVE, the Spanish broadcaster, accepted the invitation of EBU and for the first time in its history, will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Moreover, it will be the first time since 1969 that Spain will host a Eurovision related event.

How we got to Spain?

Last year’s winner was France with Zoé Clauzure and her song “Coeur”. According to the competition’s rules, the winning country of its edition has the right of the first refusal on hosting the next year’s competition. In France’s case, bearing in mind that it has hosted the event for two times in just three years and the financial burdens due to the hosting of the Olympic Games the summer of 2024, it was not sure whether the country would be able to host again.

Hence, France Télévisions decided to hand over the organisation of the 2024 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The next country in line was Spain that finished in second place with Sandra Valero and “Loviu”.

As a result, Spain will host the Junior Eurovision for the first time twenty years following its first and only win in the contest.

Martin Österdahl, the Junior Eurovision Executive Supervisor mentions:

Twenty years after their Junior Eurovision Song Contest win, we’re thrilled to finally bring the Contest to Spain. We’re grateful to RTVE for accepting to host the 22nd edition of the competition which gives young artists from across Europe an incredible platform to showcase their talent. We’re very much looking forward to the fiesta that awaits in Spain later this year!

The Host City and the dates for the 2024 contest will be announced in the following months.

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Spain: “Zorra” will not change for Eurovision|About two million viewers watched Benidorm Fest 2024 Final!

Last Saturday, we watched the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest, the national final of Spain, for Eurovision 2024, through which the country’s representative was chosen. Earlier today, the viewing figures of the festival were revealed! Read more

Spain: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2024 Entry “Zorra”!

This year’s edition of Benidorm Fest has ended after two semi-finals, emerging as winners, and therefore representatives of Spain in Malmö and Eurovision 2024, Nebulossa with “Zorra”!

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the live performance of the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Filippos, Apostolis and Spyros in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on Spain’s participation in Eurovision 2024!

Do you like Spain’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Tell us in the comments below!

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Spain: Nebulossa and Jorge González were separeted by two points in the Televote of Benidorm Fest! | Detailed Voting results of the Final!

RTVE, the public broadcaster of Spain, released the detailed voting results of the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest 2024, revealing an exciting and very close televoting result.

The Spanish broadcaster released a full point breakdown, of the voting of the Demoscopic Jury and the televote the national final for Eurovision 2024. The results show that two votes separated Nebulossa and Jorge González from the first place of the televote of the final, while on the same time the Demoscopic Jury results were also close, for the top two acts.

RTVE, received a grand total of 25,910 votes by the Spanish public. Below you can see the full results:

  • Nebulossa – 4,484 votes
  • Jorge González – 4,482 votes
  • Angy Fernández – 3,888 votes
  • Almácor – 3,779 votes
  • st. Pedro – 3,739 votes
  • Sofia Coll – 2,815 votes
  • María Peláe – 1,627 votes
  • Miss Caffeina – 1,096 votes

The top two acts, namely Jorge González and Angy Fernández were also separeted by just 22 points in the Demoscopic Jury voting:

  • Jorge González – 2,855 votes
  • Angy Fernández – 2,833 votes
  • Nebulossa – 2,463 votes
  • st. Pedro – 2,291 votes
  • María Peláe – 2,272 votes
  • Sofia Coll – 2,134 votes
  • Almácor – 2,058 votes
  • Miss Caffeina – 1,994 votes

Υou can see the results of Benidorm Fest 2024, in our article.

As part of the Big 5, Spain is competing directly in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024, while having the right to vote in the second semi-final. Spain selected Nebulossa to represent them with the song, “Zorra”:

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Spain: Nebulossa wins Benidorm Fest 2024 and will go to Malmö!

Tonight was the night of the Grand Final of the 2024 Benidorm Fest.  The festival serves as Spain’s national final for Eurovision for a third year. The Grand Final was broadcast live on RTVE.

A total of eight candidates made it to the Grand Final and competed to get the ticket to represent Spain on the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö

The show was hosted by  Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014), Marc Calderó and Rodrigo Vázquez.

The finalists

  1. María Peláe – “Remitente
  2. St. Pedro – “Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda)”
  3. Angy Fernández – “Sé quién soy
  4. Jorge González – “Caliente
  5. Nebulossa – “Zorra
  6. Sofia Coll – “Here to Stay
  7. Miss Caffeina – “Bla Bla Bla
  8. Almácor – “Brillos platino

The voting

50% of the result in all three shows (two semifinals and a final) comes from the jury, while the other 50% comes from the audience. The jury is divided into Spanish and international. In contrast, 50% of the audience is divided between the televoting and a sample of the Spanish population selected based on statistical and demographic data (the demographic jury). This criterion is used in the Sanremo Festival (Italy) and the Melodifestivalen (Sweden).

The Benidorm Fest jury, which determines 50% of the voting, consists of:

  • Beatriz Luengo (Spanish musician, composer, actress, and dancer)
  • Ángela Carrasco (Dominican singer)
  • Carlos Baute (Venezuelan singer-songwriter and television host)
  • Guille Milkyway (Spanish singer, composer, DJ and producer)
  • Lee Smithurst (Executive Producer, BBC Head of Show for Eurovision 2023)
  • David Tserunyan (Armenian Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest )
  • Nicoline Refsing (Artistic Director at Eurovision 2014)
  • Marta Piekarska. (Poland Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest)

The results

The split results of the Grand Final of Benidorm 2024 were as follows:

Juries (50%)

  1. St. Pedro 86 points
  2. Nebulossa 86 points
  3. Angy Fernández 63 points
  4. Almácor 51 points
  5. Jorge González 49 points
  6. María Peláe 41 points
  7. Sofia Coll 29 points
  8. Miss Caffeina 27 points

Demographic jury (25%)

  1. Jorge González 40 points
  2. Angy Fernández 35 points
  3. Nebulossa 30 points
  4. St. Pedro 28 points
  5. María Peláe 25 points
  6. Sofia Coll 22 points
  7. Almácor 20 points
  8. Miss Caffeina 16 points

Televoting (25%)

  1. Nebulossa 40 points
  2. Jorge González 35 points
  3. Angy Fernández 30 points
  4. Almácor 28 points
  5. St. Pedro 25 points
  6. Sofia Coll 22 points
  7. María Peláe 20 points
  8. Miss Caffeina 16 points

Overall ranking

  1. Nebulossa 156 points
  2. St. Pedro 139 points
  3. Angy Fernández 128 points
  4. Jorge González 124 points
  5.  Almácor 99 points
  6. María Peláe 86 points
  7. Sofia Coll 73 points
  8. Miss Caffeina 59 points

You can watch the winning performance of Nebulossa, live at the Benidorm Fest Final below:

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Eurovision 2024: National finals songs on the Spotify charts!

There are three semi-finals and four national finals happening tonight, making it the first Super Saturday of 2024. Let’s see whether any of the songs from these finalists made it onto the charts by looking at the Spotify charts of a few countries.


Teresa & Maria, a duet by Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil, is currently topping the Ukrainian Spotify list and is the betting favourite to win Vidbir 2024. This is a first for Ukraine and likely portends the song’s victory in the national final. YAKTAK and LaLaLa are positioned below, at position 33.


In Norway, however, things are rather different. According to local Spotify statistics, the odd’s favourite song, “Ulveham”, only peaked at 118th place. Other entries, such KEIINO at number 46 and Erika Norwich’s “My AI” at number 31, were ranked higher. This year’s climate differs from prior years when MGP favourites ranked in the top ten of the chart.


The Benidorm Fest 2024 final is happening tonight. St Pedro, the frontrunner according to the bookies, is no longer in the charts, whereas Nebulossa with Zorra is in 93rd place. Marlena, who did not qualify for the grand final, is ranked 182nd.


Lithuania’s Eurovision 2020 and 2021 representatives, the Roop, are ranked 31st. Shower, with “Impossible” from the third semi-final, is at number 29, while Silvester Belt, the winner of the first semi-final, is still at the top of the list with “Luktelk.”

Let’s take a look at the charts of a few more countries:


Impressively, for French standards, Slimane’s “Mon Amour” is currently at 79th place on the French Spotify list, where it has been charting for 54 days in a row.


For a record-breaking 57 days in a row, 5MIINUST and Puuluup remain at the top of the charts. As of yet, no other song has attained the same level of success, suggesting that their song (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (kull) midagi is the clear favourite to win. Vox Populi, a contender for the Finnish national final, comes in second. OLLIE is positioned 78th. Wunderbar is in 34th place, and Oblivion, which did not make it to the final, is in 197th.


After making its debut at number one, Tali’s Fighter is currently at number 33 on the chart.


Every song participating in the competition is listed on the chart, with the odds-on favourite, Paskana by Sara Siipola, coming in at number nine. Mania is in 25th place, and Vox Populi is in 19th place. Number 81 is Sini Sabotage, number 90 is Cyan Kicks, position 113 is No Rules!, and position 135 is Glow.

This year, there is a lot of interest in Eurovision, with many countries attempting to choose songs that would resonate with their national audiences!

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Spain: Tonight the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest 2024!

As the 68th Eurovision Song Contest draws near, all eyes turn to Spain as the Benidorm Fest takes center stage. The festival which is being completed tonight, will determine Spain‘s representative for Eurovision 2024, marking the third consecutive year it serves as the platform for selecting the country’s entry.

Benidorm Fest Format

The Benidorm Fest 2024 unfolds through a carefully crafted format, featuring two semifinals, each hosting eight songs. From each semifinal, four artists will advance to the grand final.

The finalists as well as the winner of Benidorm Fest 2024 and, consequently, Spain‘s Eurovision 2024 representative, will emerge through a combination of evaluations:

  • 50% from a professional jury, consisting of eight members, which consists of:
    1. Beatriz Luengo (Actress, dancer, singer, composer, renowned for her roles in the iconic series “Un Paso Adelante” and her musical achievements, including two Latin Grammy awards – Head of the Jury Panel)
    2. Guille Milkway (Producer, DJ, singer of La Casa Azul)
    3. Ángela Carrasco (Singer, actress)
    4. Carlos Baute (Spanish singer, composer, actor, and presenter)
    5. Lee Smithurst (Head of the United Kingdom’s Eurovision delegation)
    6. Nicoline Refsing (Artistic Director at Eurovision 2014)
    7. David Tserunyan (Head of the Armenian delegation)
    8. Marta Piekarska (Head of the Polish delegation)
  • 25% from a public vote, conducted through telephonic calls and SMS.
  • 25% from a poll committee.

Benidorm Fest 2024 Schedule:

  • First Semifinal: January 30
  • Second Semifinal: February 1
  • Grand Final: February 3


Eight artists have qualified from the semi-finals of 30 January and 1 February and will compete tonight with the aim of winning and securing a ticket to Eurovision 2024 which will take place in May in Malmö. The artists participating in the final of Benidorm Fest 2024 are:

  1. María Peláe – Remitente
  2. St. Pedro – Dos Extraños
  3. Angy Fernández – Se Quien Soy
  4. Jorge González – Caliente
  5. Nebulossa – Zorra
  6. Sofia Coll – Here To Stay
  7. Miss Caffeina – Bla Bla Bla
  8. Almácor – Brillos Platino

The vibrant festival takes place at the Palacio de Deportes L’Illa in Alicante, with the experienced duo of Ruth Lorenzo, Spain’s Eurovision 2014 representative, and Marc Calderó serving as hosts. Ana Prada will take charge in the Green Room.

Catch all the excitement of Spain’s musical celebration by tuning in to the Benidorm Fest 2024. The grand final will be broadcast at 22:00 CET and you can watch it by clicking HERE.

Last year’s Benidorm Fest winner, Blanca Paloma, represented Spain in Liverpool with the song “Eaea,” securing the 17th position in the final scoreboard.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for the latest updates on Spain’s journey to Eurovision 2024! The captivating selection process is set to unfold, and the Eurovision stage awaits Spain’s next musical ambassador. Don’t miss a beat of this thrilling musical journey!

Spain: The viewing figures of the Second Semi-Final of Benidorm Fest 2024!

Yesterday, the second semi-final of the third edition of Benidorm Fest, the national final of Spain for Eurovision 2024, took place. A few minutes ago, the viewing figures of the festival were revealed!

In detail, the semi-final of the contest, hosted by Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Caldero and Ana Prada, reached 10.5% of the viewership, with 3.278.000  individual viewers.

In the above second post, we can see the detailed viewing numbers of Benidorm Fest, per age group and community of Spain:

The respective age groups are:

  • 4-12: 10.9%
  • 13-24: 18,3%
  • 25-44: 19,3%
  • 44-64: 10,2%
  • >64: 6,2%

The viewership in the individual communities of Spain is:

  • Andalusia: 8%
  • Catalonia: 6,7%
  • Basque Country: 6,9%
  • Galicia: 5.7%
  • Madrid: 16,6%
  • Valencia: 15,8%
  • Castile-La Mancha: 9,5%
  • Canary Islands: 6%
  • Aragon: 11,7%
  • Asturias: 10%
  • Balearic Islands: 7.1%
  • Murcia: 17,1%
  • Castile and León: 15,3%
  • Other regions: 7,8%

Yesterday, four artists won the ticket to the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest in Saturday. You can watch the detailed results in our article.

The Running Order of the big Final:

  1. María Peláe – Remitente
  2. St. Pedro – Dos Extraños
  3. Angy Fernández – Se Quien Soy
  4. Jorge González – Caliente
  5. Nebulossa – Zorra
  6. Sofia Coll – Here To Stay
  7. Miss Caffeina – Bla Bla Bla
  8. Almácor – Brillos Platino

Benidorm Fest continues this Saturday, when we will know the next representative of Spain in Εurovision 2024!

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