Spain: Ruth Lorenzo gives a concert from her balcony, during the quarantine in Madrid

The Spanish government is taking stricter measures every day, even imposing a ban on the movement of citizens. Ruth Lorenzo, who represented Spain in 2014 with “Dancing In The Rain”, reaching tenth place in the final, gave a concert … from her balcony, wanting to have as much fun as her incarcerated neighbors. The scenes you see are touching and impressive and they really deserve congratulations.

Music makes people come together ❤️ps: @conchitawurst here is the purple rain that I owed you

Posted by Ruth Lorenzo on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Spain: With Blas Canto at Eurovision 2021

Announcement continuation for Eurovision 2021 Delegations!

“The changing conditions occurring both in the Netherlands and in the other 41 participating countries have made it impossible to ensure the protection of all persons involved in this celebration.

RTVE thanks our representative, Blas Cantó, for his commitment and for the work done to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 and invites him to become a Spanish candidate in 2021.

RTVE will, as always, return to the competition, the largest music television show that annually attracts 200 million viewers from around the world when the situation is resolved”.

Blas,however, responded to RTVE’s proposal, saying that he would gladly continue the cooperation by taking part in 2021.

“I’m so sorry for that. A great job behind an incredible team for many months of work, not only in my candidacy, but globally, but I think it’s right … There are countries that are now starting the epidemic and it is not known when it will be able to stop.

There is a commitment on my part to continue working for our candidacy in 2021 and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to do so next year. There are things we need to do. We are going to get Eurovision in style, it will be my flag and we have time to do it so that we have a good performance in 2021.

All I want is for people to be together and stay home so that the pandemic can stop as soon as possible. Health comes first. We need to give priority to us. Because without us there is no festival. Doing it without the public was not crazy, because Eurovision is the world. Without them there is nothing. It was important to do it right because Eurovision is worth giving it its importance.

Spain: Spain: Coronavirus puts PrePartyES20 in jeopardy

The Spanish government today announced emergency measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19 in the country, including a suspension of more than a thousand events in Madrid in a month.

This measure is likely to affect the PrePartyES20, which returns for a fourth year this year, as it will take place in Madrid on April 10 and 11, at Sala La Riviera, Madrid.

According to the site,, which is the host of PrePartyES20, is announced that it is trying to confirm the banned dates and take further action.

It also announced that their priority is to carry out the event as planned, but to guarantee the safety of the fans themselves, following the official instructions and recommendations coming from the Government of Spain, the Community of Madrid and the health authorities.

The organizers have announced that if PrePartyEs20 is postponed, they will return all tickets. In addition, EurovisionSpain’s board of directors has already announced last weekend to all delegations and invited artists that it is ready to take action at all levels, in addition to the decisions that the EBU can take.

Source: Eurofestivales

EBU: The Catalan broadcaster application to enter EBU was rejected

TV3’s request to become a member of EBU was rejected. The local broadcaster had applied for membership in order to be able to participate in the European Song Contest as an independent broadcaster.

In a letter from the CCMA (Catalonian Corporation of Visual Media) to EBU Vice President Núria Llorach i Boladeras, was declared:

“As you know, the Board of Directors of May 2018 (as decided by the EBU General Assembly in June 2018) concluded that the CCMA does not meet the requirements to become a member of the EBU, since it is not neither a member of the International Telecommunication Union nor a member of the Council of Europe as defined in Article 3.3 of the EBU. The CCMA is a local Spanish broadcaster, failing to comply with Article 3.4, in relation to the “national character and importance” of the EBU Statute “

In its request, the Catalan broadcaster cites several reasons to be taken into account, including references to other broadcasters, such as RTBF (the Belgian-speaking broadcaster) and S4C (the UK-based broadcaster), in which the EBU replied:

“When a country has two or more linguistic areas, the EBU Regulation on detailed eligibility criteria refers to each region separately. The ARD in Germany, the SRG SSR in Switzerland, the VRT and RTBF in Belgium and the S4C in Wales support the territorial characteristics of their respective countries and all comply with the principles stated by the EBU “

EBU also added a number of arguments for each of the members mentioned and provided additional information on the political structure of Spain. In essence, Spain’s administrative division, which is not structured as federations / confederations, blocks the entry of the CCMA into the EBU.


Spain: Positive to host Junior Eurovision 2020 if Melani wins

The Spanish delegation to Glivice is positive to host the next Junior Eurovision Contest if Melani wins.

The head of delegation told Bluper that all the Spanish delegates at this year’s competition want very much for their country to host Junior Eurovision 2020, since of course they win with Melani.

“This is something that the RTVE administration should decide. I can’t speak for them. As a mission we would love it very much and it is something that I believe will be appreciated. But I don’t want to think about it now. For the moment I prefer to have fun”

The statement comes as there are dozens of reports on the internet about the passion that Spanish fans are taking part in the online poll that opened yesterday afternoon, of course supporting their own country, but also Portugal and Wales, two countries that they consider not to will claim the victory.

The last time Spain hosted one of the Eurovision competitions was in the distant 1969, and since then they did not want to host the contest even in 2004 when they won the Junior Eurovision.

Below is the second Spanish rehearsal with Melani:

Spain: Blas Cantó to sing in Spanish at Eurovision 2020?

Blas Cantó is one of the first singers to be announced for the Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster, for the first time after 2015 selects its representative with direct assignment.

In an interview on the Europa Press website, the 28-year-old artist revealed some early information about the song he is about to perform in the Ahoy arena. Specifically, he stated:

“An attempt is made to interpret the song in English, as this will enable Europe to understand me. However, it is not necessary for people to understand what I am singing. The music is universal”

Still,he continues:

“I don’t want to sing a ballad but not to have a party on stage. On stage, I probably won’t be alone, but I’ll have someone with me. It all depends on the song we will choose”

Blas Cantó is 28 years old and has become known in Spain as a member of boyband Auryn. He is considered one of the most popular artists of his generation and his selection is certainly a pleasant surprise, as Spain has not accustomed us to select artists. It is not the first time it has been associated with the contest, having participated in the Spanish national final for Junior Eurovision in 2004, and in 2011 tried his luck at the national final for regular Eurovision with Auryn.

Source: Europa Press


Spain: EsPreParty Madrid is coming for the fourth year

According to the “Eurovision Spain” website, EsPreParty Madrid, one of the Eurovision’s biggest Pre-Party, will take place in La Riviera, Madrid on April 10 and 11, 2020.

Over 20 contestants will travel to Spain to celebrate Eurovision 2020 shortly before rehearsals. Of course, many old Eurostars will not be missing from the party.

Ticket information will be provided in the coming days. The two nights will be followed by two more parties with 2000 people.

In the 4 years of EsPreParty Madrid more than 100 artists have been in Madrid to celebrate the arrival of Eurovision and many more are expected this year.

Spain: Blas Cantó will represent the country at Eurovision 2020

Without waiting, Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE announced its representative for Eurovision 2020. This is Blas Cantó, who was selected by direct assignment to compete  in May in Rotterdam.

RTVE, after two years in which the Spanish representative emerged through the talent show “Operacion Triunfo”, decided to revise its strategy, hoping to break away from the last rankings.

Thus, for the first time after 2015, Spain chooses its representative in the contest by direct assignment. The announcement of Spanish public television really came out of nowhere, as no one expected it to happen so soon. The song with which it will participate will be announced at a later date.

Blas Cantó is 28 years old and has become known in Spain as a member of boyband Auryn. He is considered one of the most popular artists of his generation and his selection is certainly a pleasant surprise, as Spain has not accustomed us to select artists. It is not the first time it has been associated with the contest, having participated in the Spanish national final for Junior Eurovision in 2004, and in 2011 tried his luck at the national final for regular Eurovision with Auryn. A few days ago he released his new song which you can listen to below:

Spain: Will Cesar Sampson compose Famous’ song for Eurovision Gala?

Cesar Sampson the Austrian representative in the last Eurovision Song Contest, was asked from him fans, if he is interested in writing Famous’ song for the Eurovision Gala in Operacion Triunfo 2018 and as you will see in his answer did not rule it out … Read more