Hungary: This would have been the Hungarian entry in Liverpool! | It won the A Dal 2023!

Last Saturday took place the final of the A Dal show, the music competition through which Hungary used to pick up their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, until they withdrew from the contest in 2020.

The winners of the A Dal 2023 were the band TITAN, descended from the Transylvania region, with the song Éjféli járat.

The reasons behind the absence of Hungary from Eurovision are the high cost of participation, the anti-LGBT sentiment of the Hungarian government and the mentality of the public towards these aspects.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, another one is the big success of the A Dal show, which still goes on despite the absence of the country. Actually the A Dal rating were even higher than those of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Had this been the Hungarian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, what would have been its fate in this year’s contest? Let us know your opinion the comments below.

INFE Poll 2023: The results of Hungary

For the seventh consecutive year, the second biggest fan network of the Eurovision Song Contest, the INFE Network, in collaboration with the website EscToday, is conducting the INFE Poll .

Network members from the 21 local fan clubs have already voted for their favorite songs from Eurovision 2023 and are gradually announcing their results via ESCToday.

Here are the results from INFE Hungary:

  1. Moldova – 1 point
  2. Israel – 2 points
  3. Italy – 3 points
  4. Armenia – 4 points
  5. France – 5 points
  6. Austria – 6 points
  7. Czech Republic – 7 points
  8. Finland – 8 points
  9. Norway – 10 points
  10. Sweden – 12 points

The total results after adding the Hungarian votes stand as follows:

  1. Sweden – 55 points
  2. Finland – 48 points
  3. Norway – 48 points
  4. Italy – 37 points
  5. France – 30 points
  6. Czech Republic – 28 points
  7. Israel – 26 points
  8. Austria – 25 points
  9. Spain – 22 points
  10. Moldova – 16 points
  11. United Kingdom – 14 points
  12. Georgia – 9 points
  13. Serbia – 8 points
  14. Greece – 8 points
  15. Croatia – 6 points
  16. Slovenia – 5 points
  17. Romania – 4 points
  18. Albania – 4 points
  19. Armenia – 4 points
  20. Latvia – 3 points
  21. Netherlands – 2 points
  22. Australia – 2 points
  23. San Marino – 1 points
  24. Portugal – 1 point

Source: ESC Today

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Hungary:MTVA does not intend to broadcast Eurovision 2023!

The Hungarian national broadcaster is not going to broadcast this year’s song contest as it can be evidently seen in their programming schedule.

The Central-European country withdrew from Eurovision in 2020 and has not returned ever since.Their last participation to date remains their 2019 entry “Az en apam” by Joci Papai which failed to qualify for the Grand Final.The country’s best resulting entry to date is their debut one,Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?,sang by Friderika,which reached a respectable 4th place.Ever since their debut,Hungary has reached the top 10 five times,including two top 5 placements (1994,2014).

Hungary had a really impressive qualification streak from 2011 to 2018 and has only failed to qualify for the Grand Final 3 times.

You can listen to Hungary’s best resulting entry here:

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OGAE Poll 2023: The results of Denmark and Hungary!

The announcement of the results of the OGAE fan clubs continues. The next club to announce their results are that of Denmark and Hungary.

The two aforementioned clubs voted as follows:

12 points: Sweden
10 points: Finland
8 points: France
7 points: Norway
6 points: Italy
5 points: United Kingdom
4 points: Austria
3 points: Serbia
2 points: Germany
1 point: Portugal

12 points: Sweden
10 points: Norway
8 points: Finland
7 points: Austria
6 points: France
5 points: Czechia
4 points: Italy
3 points: Moldova
2 points: Israel
1 point: United Kingdom

The overall ranking after the votes of 13 clubs is as per below:

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Source: OGAE International

The most successful Eurovision countries in the 20s!

Eurovision is heading to the third decade of the 21st century and it has clearly changed not only in comparison with the past, but also with the recent years. In this article we investigate how countries scored during the first 2 years of the 20s, as well as their average score.

As you can see below, we cannot identify a group of 5-6 performing performing always well, as it used to happen the last years. Only a few countries are consistently doing well, despite the fact that the scores studied are only of the last 2 years. Tougher competition, the success of the contest on social media (TikTok had a business partnership with the contest this year featuring exclusive clips of the first rehearsals on the platform), as well as the high interest by record labels are only some of the reasons why it is harder to perform consistently well, since entries are of higher lever than the past.

Lets see in detail the average score of the countries during this decade:

Country        2022   2021    Average

  1. Ukraine           1          5             3
  2. Italy                 6          1            3,5
  3. Greece             8         10            9
  4. Sweden           4         14             9
  5. Russia             –           9             9
  6. Switzerland    17        3             10
  7. Moldova          7        13            10
  8. Serbia              5         15            10
  9. Portugal          9         12           10.5
  10. Lithuania       14         8             11
  11. France            24         2             13
  12. Spain               3         24           13.5
  13. Iceland          23          4            13.5
  14. Finland          21          6            13.5
  15. United Kingdom 2     26           14
  16. Norway           10         18            14
  17. The Netherlands 11     23          17
  18. Azerbaijan     16          20            18
  19. Belgium          19         19             19
  20. Armenia         20          –              20
  21. Malta               35          7             21
  22. Estonia           13         31             22
  23. Poland            12         33            22.5
  24. Cyprus            29         16            22.5
  25. Romania        18          28            23
  26. Israel              30          17           23.5
  27. Albania          28          21           24.5
  28. Australia        15          34           24.5
  29. Bulgaria         38          11           24.5
  30. Germany        25          25            25
  31. Croatia           26          27           26.5
  32. St. Marino     33          22           27.5
  33. Czech Republic 22     36             29
  34. Denmark        31         29             30
  35. North Macedonia 27 35             31
  36. Austria           36         30             33
  37. Ireland           34         37            35.5
  38. Latvia             32         39            35.5
  39. Slovenia         40        32              36
  40. Montenegro   37         –                37
  41. Georgia           39       38             38.5

As you can see in the table above, there are very few countries where the average of their positions in these two years is below 10. This proves how difficult it has become to be in the top ten. It is even more difficult to have continuous results within top 10, since only three countries have achieved this, Ukraine, Italy and Greece!

It is evident that Italy and Ukraine are the two powerhouses of the competition for this decade (so far). Sweden remains high on the list, but far from the first place it was in the last decade. Greece is recovering dynamically since it is in third place, when in the previous decade it was out of the 20s. Cyprus gets lower scores year by year, unfortunately making us believe that 2018 was just a coincidence and is currently in 24th place!

Regardless of personal taste and opinions, the numbers speak themselves and is clear that Ukraine, Italy and Greece are doing great during this decade. The new strategy of the management of ERT to chose the artist and the song internally, is proven to be successful, after years of bad results and 2 NQ (2016,2018).

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Hungary: MTVA will not broadcast Eurovision 2022!

The Hungarian public broadcaster MTVA will not broadcast this year’s Contest. Hungary has not participated in Eurovision since 2019 and did not choose to broadcast 2021 contest either. When the country did not participate in 2010 due to financial difficulties, both semi-finals and the Grand Final were broadcast on Duna TV.

Hungary withdrew from the Contest before 2020 competition. In November 2019, EBU revealed a list of participating countries on which Hungary was not in. MTVA has not made a statement as to why it chose to withdraw from the competition.

Hungary’s last participation was in 2019 with Joci Pápai and the song “Az én apám” however it did not manage to qualify to the big Final, getting 12th place with  97 points.

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Source: eurovoix

OGAE Poll 2022: The results from OGAE Estonia,Hungary and Belgium!

The results for the OGAE Poll 2022 continue today, with OGAE Estonia ,OGAE Hungary and OGAE Belgium being the next fan clubs to reveal the results of their members.

The results are as follows:

  • 1 point goes to the United Kingdom
  • 2 points go to Poland
  • 3 points go to Spain
  • 4 points go to Greece
  • 5 points go to France
  • 6 points go to Czech Republic
  • 7 points go to Italy
  • 8 points go to the Netherlands
  • 10 points go to Ukraine and…
  • 12 points go to Sweden

First 12 points for today go to Sweden and Hold me Closer,as Ukraine and the Netherlands follow.

  • 1 point goes to the United Kingdom
  • 2 points  go to Ukraine
  • 3 points go to Poland
  • 4 points go to the Netherlands
  • 5 points go to Italy
  • 6 points go to Albania
  • 7 points go to Austria
  • 8 points go to Sweden
  • 10 points go to France and..
  • 12 points go to Spain

Spain gets the second 12 points for today from Hungary that it’s not participating in this year’s contest.

  • 1 point goes to Austria
  • 2 points go to Estonia
  • 3 points go to Norway
  • 4 points go to France
  • 5 points go to Spain
  • 6 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 7 points go to Poland
  • 8 points go to Sweden
  • 10 points go to Italy and…
  • 12 points go to the Netherlands 

S10 receives the last 12 points of today’s results from their neighbors.

The total scoreboard after the results of 34 of 43 fan clubs is as follows:

Italy is leading for only one point against Sweden with only nine clubs remaining to vote.

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Soure: OGAE International

Eurovision 2022: The Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule has been released!

The Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest has been released. As we have mentioned in a previous article, rehearsals will commence on April 30 at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.

The first rehearsal of the Greek delegation will take place on Sunday, May 1 at 13.40 CET, with the press conference following at 15.40 CET of the same day. Amanda’s second rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 4 May at 16.50 CET, with the press conference taking place at 18.00 CET.

The first rehearsal of the Cypriot delegation will take place on Monday, May 2 at 16.40 CET, with the press conference taking place at 18.40 CET of the same day. The second rehearsal of Andromache is scheduled for Friday, May 6 at 10.25 CET, with the interview at 11.35 CET.

You can see the full rehearsal schedule below (All times CET):

Eurovision πρόβες


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At the same time, the rehearsals will be covered in our website, since our team will be in Turin for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest to inform you about everything in real time.

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INFE Poll 2022: The results from Hungary!

For the sixth consecutive year the second Network of Eurovision Song Contest fans ,the INFE Network, in cooperation with ESCToday, carries out the INFE Poll.

The members of the Network in the 22 local fan clubs, have already voted their favorite songs of Eurovision 2022 and with the help of ESCToday, announce their results.

Today, we have the results from INFE Hungary:

  • 1 point goes to Cyprus
  • 2 points go to Albania
  • 3 points go to Greece
  • 4 points go to Italy
  • 5 points go to Norway
  • 6 points go to Poland
  • 7 points go to Spain
  • 8 points go to The Netherlands
  • 10 points go to Austria
  • 12 points go to… Sweden

Sweden gets another 12 points and now leads the INFE Poll as Spain is second and Italy third.

The total scoreboard till today is as follows:

Sweden 76
Spain 75
Italy 68
The Netherlands 57
United Kingdom 42
Albania 37
Poland 37
Austria 30
Greece 28
Cyprus 22
Finland 22
Ukraine 22
Norway 18
Estonia 16
France 12
Australia 10
Portugal 10
Serbia 10
Azerbaijan 7
Czech Republic 7
San Marino 7
Malta 6
Romania 6
Belgium 5
Israel 3
Germany 2
Ireland 2
Croatia 1

Remember to vote in our poll for the Grand Final!

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Eurovision 2022: More than 40 countries will compete in Turin!

Through the official account of the Eurovision Contest on Twitter, a few minutes ago we had an important piece of information. The countries that will take part in Eurovision 2022, will be more than 40!

A few days ago again through Twitter, the Eurovision account asked fans how many countries they think will take part in Turin.

About 62% answered more than 40 countries and today we learned that this answer was the right one!

The above practically means that apart from Montenegro, which has already announced its return to Eurovision 2022, but also Armenia, which, although it has not yet opened its papers, its participation in Junior Eurovision in December makes us almost sure that the Caucasian country will return. We may have other countries that will either return or make their debut in the contest that will take place next May in Turin.

Andorra, Monaco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Hungary do not seem willing to return. On the other hand, Turkey has so far kept a low profile. However, the EBU’s announcement this summer, for discussions with the country’s public broadcaster regarding the possibility of its return, leaves some hope.

Soon, however, we will find out the full list of countries that will compete in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest and all our questions will be answered!

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