Latvia: With Samanta Tina at Eurovision 2021

Just minutes after the official cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Latvian public television has already announced that Samanta Tina will also represent the country in 2021. The news of the cancellation of the competition may have gone down in the ears of the Eurofans everywhere, but the participating countries are not ending their plans for the next Eurovision. Thus, Latvia follows the Netherlands, Spain and Croatia, which will be represented by the same artists in the next Eurovision.

Samanta Tina tweeted on her official Twitter account confirmed that she will be competing in Eurovision 2021! Indeed, she joked about her surname turning it into “Karantina”. So giving in a way a sense of humor to the difficult days of the old continent!

Samanta Tina was due to represent the Baltic country in May with the song “Still Breathing”. She has only to “hold her breath” for another 14 months to get to the stage of our favorite contest!

Latvia: 28 songs remained for the national final of the country

Latvia’s public broadcaster, LTV, reported in a statement that 28 songs had qualified to the next phase of the national final of Supernova.

Of the 126 songs the public channel received, the jury comprised of country music experts limited them to 28 and went to the next phase.

The jury consisted of:

Agnese Cimuška – Executive Director of the Latvian Music Development Society
Aiga Leitholde – Music Judge
Liena Grīna – Executive Director of the Latvian Association of Performers and Producters
Sabīne Brice – Marketing Director of Universal Music Latvia
Ilze Jansone – Producer of Supernova
Inese Saulāja – Warner Music Latvia Personnel Management and Development Specialist
Kaspars Zaviļeiskis – Music journalist
Jānis Žilde – Musician and presenter
Kaspars Mauriņš – Social Media Manager of Latvijas Radio 2
Rūdolfs Švēde – Program Manager of Radio Tev
Emīls Kazakovs – Program Manager of Kurzemes Radio
Toms Grēviņš – DJ at
Artis Dvarionas – Radio SWH producer and singer
Aleksis Vilciņš – Presenter at
Edgars Bāliņš – Wiwibloggs columnist and social media manager at
Petri Mannonen – Head of Universal Music Finland and the Baltics
Martti Vuorinen – Universal Music A&R Artist
Pēteris Krievkalns – Creative Director of Supernova

The jury only listened to the songs without knowing the artists behind them. This week, they are expected to drop further, while the number of songs that will compete in the country’s national final remains unknown.

At the same time, the channel is keeping its cards closed, as it has not provided information on whether they will be semi-final, and what Supernova 2020 will look like. All we know so far is that the final will take place on February 8th.

The songs that will compete in the country’s national final will be released in January.

This year will be the 6th year that Supernova will take place with a generally moderate attendance at the competition. Aminata’s 2015 participation in Vienna (1st edition of Supernova) stands out, with the Baltic country taking the 6th place, making it the best country in the decade.

In 2019 Latvia was represented by the band Carousel with the song “That night” which failed to win the gold ticket for = the grand final, after taking the 15th place with 50 points in the semifinal.

Source/Image: escxtra/LTV

Latvia: Record of entries for Supernova 2020

Last Wednesday, the entries deadline for the Latvian National Final,Supernova 2020 had been expired, and Latvia’s public broadcaster LTV has revealed that it has received 126 entries. This is the highest number of entries ever made in Supernova’s history. This is a sharp increase, especially if you consider that last year 83 just expressed interest to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The LTV channel shared some information about the songs submitted, including the fact that more than half of the applications were filed on the last day. Supernova producer Ilze Jansone revealed that many artists have submitted two songs. He also noted that they have seen more variety this year, with many young artists and more songs in the Latvian language. LTV has received entries covering a variety of music genres, including traditional pop, schlager and metal music.

The broadcaster will now review all applications to ensure that the listings comply with Supernova 2020 rules. The 2020 rules allow foreign participants to be producers or members of a band. However, the singer of the song must be Latvian.

Supernova’s grand final has been confirmed for February 8, 2020, but the Latvian public channel has not revealed whether the process of choosing its next representative  to Rotterdam will also include semifinals. Just last month, Jansone said: “At the moment we cannot yet officially reveal how the finalists will be selected, but we know that the final of the competition will be broadcast live on February 8th”.

LTV has been running Supernova for the last five years, with a generally moderate appearance in the Contest. Aminata’s 2015 presence in Vienna (1st edition of Supernova) stands out, with the Baltic country taking 6th place, achieving its best place in the current decade. In 2019, in Tel Aviv, Latvia, was represented by Carousel with the song “That night”. For another year, however, Latvia failed to qualify for the final after finishing 15th with 50 points in the semifinal.


Latvia: Supernova 2020 Final on February 8

Latvia’s public broadcaster LTV has announced recently that the country’s representative in Eurovision 2020 will be emerged through the national final, Supernova, which will take place for the sixth consecutive year. The Supernova 2020 final will be held in Riga on February 8.

Interested creators must submit their proposals in order to compete for the Latvian representation in Rotterdam until the 20th of November.

Submission are being applied electronically, via the relevant website and this year unlike previous years, it is possible to involve foreign creators and interpreters as long as there is a Latvian in the group.

It is not yet known whether the semi-finals will be held or if there will be only one final night, as, according to Supernova producer Ilze Jansone, some details have not been set yet.

We did not know Supernova’s fate for a long time and by the end of August the interest in the competition and the application process was higher than in the previous five years, so we expect more qualitative entries. At the moment, we still have a lot to decide on the selection process, but we are confident that the final of the competition will be live on February 8th.

(Ilze Jansone, producer of Supernova)

In Tel Aviv, Latvia was represented by the band Carousel with the song “That Night”, but with 50 points in the second semifinal they failed to qualify for the final.