Cyprus: Candidate Songs Titles| The proposal to Ivi and Ian’s nomination

Following the announcement of essentially Cypriot representative at Eurovision 2020, Sandro Nicolas, via the exclusive EurovisionFun reportage last night, more information came to light shortly before through  the Omega TV show “Come To See”, which hosted extensive report, reffering,of course, to our website.

Three songs for Sandro Nicolas

According to what Alexander Taramountas revealed on the first inviting rates  Cypriot television show “Come To See”, RIK has ended up with three of the more than 100 songs it received for Eurovision 2020. In the following days, it will choose what Sandro Nicolas will perform on stage at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam in May. The show reported that the CyBC Board has already approved the representation of Sandro Nicolas at Eurovision 2020.

The titles of the three songs are as follows:

Mucho Calor (dance track)
-Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
-Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

All the songs based on what was said in the show are high standarts and can properly represent Cyprus in the contest. The two have been written by foreign artists, with one signed by a Greek composer. What is even more interesting is that Alexander Taramountas revealed that his favorite is Mucho Calor!

How was the proposal made to RIK?

The reportage of the show said that the proposal of RIK to Sandro Nicolas came from Elias Kokottos’s  Dream Team,the well-known project manager!

The broadcast panel was very positive about Sandro Nicolas’ selection, saying it was a very clever move by RIK for the next contest. Panik and Minos EMI are already in the process of taking over Sandro, and what has even been said is that, despite the fact that Michalis Marathyoutis has resigned, he will be the one to handle the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2020.

Ivi’s “no” and Ian’s nomination

The sensation was triggered by the revelation that RIK had been thinking of Ivy Adamou representing Cyprus for the second time at Eurovision (she has already participated with “La La love” in 2012), but she politely declined for family and personal reasons. She gave a birth recently and did not have the time needed for such a project.

Our report was also confirmed when we wrote a few months ago that two men and one woman were targeted by RIK on Eurovision 2020. Except for Ivy and of course Sandro Nicolas, Ian Stratis was the third name. But RIK, based on the songs it had in mind, came to Sandro believing that he would better support whichever of the third songs eventually be chosen.

Andorra: Government wants the country to return to Eurovision

Good news from Andorra, which this year marks 10 years of absence from the contest. Elnacional hosts statements by representatives of the tri-partite government of the state, expressing a desire to bring their country back to Eurovision.

Financial reasons, as well as the fact that its six entries failed to qualify for the Final, were the reasons that led Andorra’s public broadcaster to quit Eurovision 2010 and never come back since then. A spokesman for the ruling party, Blau told elnacional:

“Andorra’s public television will return to the Eurovision Song Contest after re-evaluating its costs”

Also, another representative of the Democratic Party, also one of the three ruling parties, went further, saying:

“Eurovision is a great television show that will allow us to put our country on the map”

It is not clear whether Andorra will return in 2020 (something very difficult after the list of countries already announced) or next year.

The only time Andorra came close to qualifying was in 2007 when Anonymous with “Salvem El Món” finished 12th, the toughest semifinal ever to be played with 28 countries!

Cyprus: RIK “steals” Germany’s favorite to represent it at Eurovision 2020!EXCLUSIVE

It’s November, a month that RIK traditionally completes the selection of the artist for the Eurovision contest, at least in recent years. EurovisionFun reports that RIK is very close to a great success. To literally “steal” at the last minute the favorite artist to represent Germany, homogenous singer Sandro Nicolas.

Who is Sandro Nicolas?

You have also read about Sandro Nicolas (Alessandro Ruetten) in our previous articles. He is 23 years old and quite popular in Germany, having participated in “The Voice of Germany “in 2018, even reaching the semifinals. In the summer he competed at the New Wave Festival, the largest music festival of the Eastern countries!

He grew up with Greek education, since his mother is Greek. He speaks fluent Greek, and often visits Greece, either for vacations or for business reasons, such as recently, recording in the studio of Dimitris Kontopoulos.

RIK’s “colpo grosso”!

Germany does not host a national final this year, but preferred a concept very close to what Switzerland did this year. Digame, a production company responsible for selecting the leading candidates, is in charge of the entire event. The selected artists participated in various songwriting camps in order to write new songs for the national final. After completing this process, Digame selected the finalists and matched them with the songs to be competed. Sandro would be in the final selection stage with more than two songs, indicative of how much Digame people believe in him. This closed national final is scheduled to take place in December and the final decision will be made by a panel of about 100 people (musicians and fans).

At this critical juncture, RIK intervened, proposing Nicolas to lift the responsibility of representing Cyprus at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam! Although some agreement has not yet been set, the discussions appear to be moving in a very positive direction. If RIK finally succeeds in booking this talented performer for the next Eurovision Song Contest, then we will be talking about a very big success for the people of Cypriot public broadcaster, proving once again that they are planning a very attentive and methodical entry for Cyprus, always aiming at the best possible representation.

Germany: Thoughts on internal selection after ten years?

For the first time in ten years, it looks like Germany will not air a national final in choosing its participation in the Eurovision Contest, but there will be an internal selection, reminiscent of the process Switzerland has carried out in this year’s contest.

While in previous years such a time there was information such as the date of the national final or even candidates, this year the information we have from Germany is scarce.

What is certain is that the final decision will be made by a panel of fans, as well as an international panel, but without the public verdict, as there will probably be no national television final but only one internal choice.

Already the two committees have heard different songs, performed by different artists and have come up with the best combinations. This year, the focus was on finding the right songs and then pairing them with the best performers. In this way, they avoided the various songwriting camps that took place in previous years.

If the choice is finally made internally this will be the first time since 2009 that Germany will choose to participate in Eurovision without a national television final.

The new approach came after disappointing results for another year in this year’s contest, where the S! Sters took 25th place in the Grand Final, receiving 0 points from the television audience!

Source: esc-kompakt

Australia: Two more candidates for “Eurovision: Australia Decides”

Australia’s public broadcaster, SBS, earlier announced two more nominees for Eurovision: Australia Decides, its national final for Eurovision 2020. These are Mitch Tambo and iOTA.

Ten candidates will compete at Gold Coast on February 8 to represent Australia at Eurovision 2020. Following this year’s success of Eurovision: Australia Decides, SBS has decided to launch the same concept for 2020.

After Casey Donovan and Vanessa Amorosi it’s time for two men:

Mitch Tambo

Mitch Tambo, 29, from Melbourne, is a representative for Gamilaraay, an indigenous Australian race, hence his strange outfit. His song as he states himself will have many elements of the traditional music of his tribe.

“I am excited to be part of Eurovision: Australia Decides and to be able to find myself on the biggest stage in the world. Eurovision songs often combine elements of traditional and contemporary sounds, something that I do with my own music. Most importantly it brings different cultures all under the banner of music, which is a beautiful thing”

Mitch Tambo’s participation did not surprise anyone because, through the “Australian’s Got Talent” that participated in the previous months, reaching the final, there were few who urged him to compete in the country’s national Eurovision final.


IOTA is a multi-talented artist, as he is both an actor, a singer and a composer! He has participated in many films and series, and has been nominated for various acting and music awards.

“I’m not the typical type of contestant, but I’m interested in the Eurovision Song Contest on color and motion, music and performance, light and shadow, creativity and self-expression, singing and performing in front of so many big audience”

Six more candidates for Eurovision: Australia Decides!

The other six candidates will be announced in the near future with Paul Clarke, executive producer Eurovision: Australia Decides promising us more surprises:

“We are thrilled to welcome Mitch and iOTA to this truly exciting line-up. Together with Casey Donovan and Vanessa Amorosi, these four artists are beginning to give fans an indication of the scale, diversity and raw creativity that will be at the heart of Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020. With six remaining contestants left, we are sure it will be an amazing show!”

This year’s Australian National Final will also be hosted by radio producer and presenter Myf Warhurst and comedian Joel Creasey, who will also be airing the contest in May 2020 on behalf of SBS.

This year, Eurovision: Australia Decides winner Kate Miller-Heidke represented Australia in Tel Aviv, finishing ninth with 285 points.

Junior Eurovision 2019: Here is the full running order

Earlier today, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest kicked off after the Opening Ceremony took place at the Theatre of Silesia in the Polish city of Katowice. All the 19 junior participants walked on the red carpet, introducing themselves and their countries alongside, of course, with hundreds of photos been taken.

After this inaugural show with 4Dreamers on stage, the draw for the country which will compete first, last as the running order of the hosting country,traditionally took place. Roksana Wegiel, last year’s winner, did the draw and the results are as follows:

-First to compete: Australia

-Last to compete:Serbia

-Hosting Country (Polland): 11th

Given these results of the draw, the producers of JESC determined the full running order of the Grand Final and after EBU’s approval, is as reported below:

1. Australia

2. France

3. Russia

4. North Macedonia

5. Spain

6. Georgia

7. Belarus

8. Malta

9. Wales

10. Kazakhstan

11. Poland

12. Ireland

13. Ukraine

14. The Netherlands

15. Armenia

16. Portugal

17. Italy

18. Albania

19. Serbia

You can watch once again the Opening Ceremony recorded below:

Italy: Francesco Gabbani back to Sanremo 2020

A few days ago, an interview that was discussed was given by Francesco Gabbani on fanpage, one of the largest artistic portals in the country. The Italian superstar has revealed that his new song could do well at the Sanremo Festival, and has also postponed its release for the beginning of next year after the 70th Sanremo Festival, which he said would not exclude his participation!

Who is Francesco Gabbani?

Surely most of you still remember Francesco Gabbani from his win at Sanremo three years ago and his subsequent participation in Eurovision 2017 in Kiev with “Occidentali’s Karma”. There, while he was one of the biggest betting favorites to have ever gone through the history of the contest, with odds ranging from 1 to 1.3, he was eventually limited to sixth place in the standings.

Nevertheless, he remains one of the most popular Italian singers, with countless sold out appearances, platinum records and millions of streams on Spotify and views on YouTube. He also holds the record with the most millions of views on YouTube for participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.More than 228 million at the time of writing this article.

With Duemeladiciannove at Sanremo 2020?

His new song is called “Duemeladiciannove” and he dedicates it to his fans, who have been supporting him for so many years. It has  social content like “Occidentai’s Karma” and Gabbani’s original intention was to release it in the days ahead.

But eventually, and apparently because of his desire to re-attend the Sanremo Festival, he moved his release date for the first months of 2020. He also admits that he would be very positive about such a possibility and that “Duemeladiciannove” could have a very good run at the Festival.

Of course, in order to see Francesco Gabbani among the Sanremo 2020 contestants, Amadeus has to choose him. This, of course, is not unlikely, since artists such as Francesco Gabbani will raise the interest of the public and the media. The 20 artists of the Campioni category will be announced in a special show by Amadeus on January 6th, so we’ll know if Francesco Gabbani is among them.

We remind you that the 70th Sanremo Festival will take place from 4 to 8 February 2020 at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo. The winner of the Festival will be given the opportunity to represent Italy at Eurovision 2020 next May in Rotterdam. You can refer to our previous article on the detailed rules and how the winner of the Sanremo 2020 will emerge.



Junior Eurovision 2019: The curtain opens in Katowice today

There is less than a week left for Junior Eurovision 2019 and the opening ceremony is taking place this afternoon. The 19 contestants will “parade” on the red carpet in Katowice and thus will be formally given the start of this year’s contest.

The opening ceremony takes place at the Theater of Silesia. Junior Eurovision’s Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand will also be present, as well as President of Polish Public Television Jacek Kurski, who is organizing the competition this year.

During the ceremony Roksana Wegiel,the winner of last year’s contest, and 4Dreamers, a popular boyband from Poland,will perform live on stage . Mateusz Szymkowiak will be presenting the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony will be the running order, as well as the contestants who will appear first and last. The rest of the show will be arranged by the organizers and the EBU in such a way as to make the songs more interesting.

The 19 candidates for Junior Eurovision 2019 are:








08.  ITALY


10.  MALTA




14.  RUSSIA 

15.  SERBIA 

16.  SPAIN



19.  WALES 

The opening ceremony starts at 16.00 CET time  and you can watch it live at the following link:

Sweden: Three more names for Melodifestivalen 2020

Aftonbladet continues to reveal the participants in Melodifestivalen 2020. Shortly before, it added three more artists to 15 added so far , raising the number to 18 confirmed contestants.

Renaida returns and celebrates

Renaida has every reason to celebrate after she had a serious health issue last year. She was diagnosed with cancer, but eventually managed to overcome it without even having to undergo chemotherapy. The 22-year-old singer also participated in Melodifestivalen 2018 with “All The Feels”. Through the second chance round she reached the final, finishing ninth there! The song she will be attending is expected to be in the style of her previous engagement.

Ellen Benediktson is back too but in duet

Another return was revealed by Aftonbladet, that of Ellen Benediktson. The 24-year-old singer also participated in Melodifestivalen 2014, in the same semifinal with Elena Paparizou. She had then qualified with “Songbird” in the final and finished ninth there. She participated in the following year, but this time without going to the next round. In Melodifestivalen 2020 is expected to duet with Simon Peyron.


Featuring rap at Melodifestivalen 2020

Given the ever-increasing dynamics of rap music, Melodifestivalen producers eagerly wanted its representatives in its next release. The band OVÖ which became known in 2018 performing a song dedicated to Zara Larsson has already secured a place in the Melodifestivalen 2020 semifinals.

The artists who have so far confirmed for Melodifestivalen 2020

Thirteen contestants have so far secured a place in the Melodifestivalen 2020 semifinals:

-Amanda Aasa (from the P4 radio competition)
-Victor Crone
-Hanna Ferm
-Jakob Karlberg
-The Mamas
-Albin Johnsén
-Suzi P.
-Linda Bengtzing
-Frida Öhrn
-Paul Rey
-Robin Bengtsson
-Anna Bergendahl
-Anis don Demina
-Thorsten Flinck
-Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron
-OVÖ (Finess & Ivory)

Two names have been targeted by SVT, but have not yet confirmed their involvement:

-Eric Saade

Recall that 14 of the 28 participants of the Melodifestivalen result from the open invitation of  SVT to creators, 13 are selected through an invitation of  SVT and 1 is from the P4 Nästa radio competition.

In detail the program of Melodifestivalen 2020 is as follows:

Linkoping – First Semifinal – 1 February
Gothenburg – Second Semifinal – 8 February
Lulea – Third Semifinal – February 15
Malmo – Fourth Semifinal – February 22
Eskilestone – Second Opportunity – February 29
Stockholm – Final – 7 March

David Sundin, Linnea Henriksson and Lina Hedlund will all be presenting the six nights of the show. Aftonbladet correctly predicted 26 of the 28 Melodifestivalen 2019 names.

Source: Aftonbladet

Georgia: Results of the first live show of Georgian Idol

Last night (16/11), the first live show of Georgian Idol, the talent show used by Georgia’s public broadcaster for the second consecutive year, to select the country’s representative at Eurovision 2020.

The ten contestants who managed to qualify for the Live Shows performed live for the first time in front of a television audience who voted via phonecalls and Facebook messenger.

The two lowest-ranked candidates were Merab Amzoevi and Nika Kalandadze, with Tamar Kakalashvili in first place with 16.53%. A total of 19,790 votes were counted.

At the first Live Show, the candidates were asked to perform well-known hits in English. Below you can see their performances:

Merab Amzoevi

Mariam Gogiberidze

Anri Guchmanidze

Tamar Kakalashvili

Nika Kalandadze

Davit Rusadze

Barbara Samkharadze

Mariam Shengelia

Liza Shengelia

Tornike Kipiani

The detailed results of the first Live Show as announced by Georgian Public broadcaster were:

Unlike this year when Georgian Idol selected both the artist and the song that represented Georgia at the Eurovision Contest, for 2020 only the artist will be selected through the popular talent show, since the song will be followed by internal selection.

We remind you that the four jury members who oversaw the three-episode phase of the auditions and will guide the ten finalists in their lives are:

Natia Todua, a singer who has made a significant career in Germany after her win at The Voice of Germany in 2016.
Tinatin Berdzenishvili, GPB’s Deputy General Manager and Head of Delegation of Georgia to the Eurovision Contest.
David Evgenidze, composer. He was the head of the jury for the country’s participation in Junior Eurovision 2019. He will oversee the selection of the song for Eurovision 2020.
David Aladashvili, pianist.

This year, Oto Nemsadze won the Georgian Idol and with “Keep on Going” represented Georgia in Tel Aviv, taking 14th place in the first semifinal. As he said, shortly after the end of the contest, his song had a political message and was directed against Russia and its politics in his country.

Source: GPB, Georgian Idol, Wiwibloggs