Estonia: Uku Suviste records his Eurovision entry The first information about the song!

Uku Suviste started recording his song for Eurovision 2021. This year’s winner of Eesti Laul. has already secured his place in the semifinals of the Estonian selection, where he will participate again with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn. Eurovision Fun presents you exclusively, the first information about the song!

First of all, let’s say that Uku Suviste was scheduled to come to Athens to record the song, but travel restrictions prevented him due to the pandemic.

With the help of technology and with Uku in Tallinn and Dimitris Kontopoulos in Athens, the recording of the song started yesterday (21/9). It is worth mentioning that Victoria Chalkiti is the vocal coach, as she will be a vocal coach with Natalia Gordienko too.

The first information about the song

We are glad to have heard the song and we convey to you exclusively the first information. This is something completely different from What Love Is, the song with which Uku won Eesti Laul 2020. It is not a ballad, but a mid tempo, a completely radiofriendly track, while its lyrics are about a social problem of our ages. If, of course, Uku Suviste wins the Eesti Laul 2021 and represents Estonia again in the contest, Fokas Evangelinos will take over his stage appearance in Rotterdam, as would happen this year as well.

We remind you that the deposit of entries in Estonia lasts until November 6. The announcement of the songs that will compete in the two semifinals of Eesti Laul will be announced on December 5, while the final will take place on March 6. The semifinals will of course precede, which are scheduled for February 18th and 20th.


Kalomira: “I am in negotiations with Cyprus; this year I am open to go to Eurovision”!

In the morning show of Open TV,  journalist Giannis Poulopoulos revealed two more names of artists who are in talks with RIK, in order to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. They are Kalomira and Elias Koza, both former representatives of Greece in the competitio. .

Kalomira is thinking about it

According to what was reported, RIK is in negotiations with Kalomira to represent the country in Rotterdam. In an interview given by Kalomira to a German media and broadcasted on the show, Kalomira seems quite positive in taking this step, compared to previous years.

This year, Stefania, whom I adore, will represent Greece; Cyprus is something I am looking at, who knows, i may represent Cyprus. It’s something I’m talking about, but it may not happen. This time I am open, I want to leave the house, I am closed for two years. There is a possibility that you will see me at Eurovision 2021.


Nikos Georgiadis, who is on the show’s panel and is a friend of Kalomira, explained that the difference this year for Kalomira compared to previous years, is that schools in the US are done remotely and so she can move with her family for the needs of the contest. This will be Kalomira’s second participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, if the discussions finally succeed, after the third place she won in 2008, with My Secret Combination.

Elias Kozas as a solo artist

Another artist who is in contact with RIK is Elias Kozas, who is discussing returning to the competition as a solo artist and without his band, Koza Mostra. Elias together with his band and Agathonas in 2013 brought Greece for the last time in the top 10 of the final score, with the song of Alcohol Is Free.

We remind you that this week we are expecting Alex Papaconstantinou’s meeting with Eleni Foureira, in order to clarify the landscape regarding the possibility of her returning to the competition. As we have written in our previous articles, RIK has many valuable options and shows that it is not in a hurry to end up.

Helena Paparizou: “I would return to Eurovision”

Helena Paparizou was invited today at Kalo Mesimeraki, a greek tv show, and revealed to the host of the show, Nikos Moutsinas, that she would like to return on the Eurovision stage. The only condition for her is the existence of a suitable song.

This statement, from the sole yet winner for Greece, adds fuel to the fire of those who claim every year that she’s returning to the contest. It is worth mentioning that such a statement comes only two days after she was declared the winner of Eurovision 2005 at the Eurovision Again Event on Twitter.

More specifically the exact words of hers were:

Had I had the right song, I would be taking part again. Just like the way it happened back in 2005 with My Number One. I remember myself home, sitting at the family table and half of my people were saying not to go to Eurovision, since I was at the beginning of my solo career. I slammed my arms on the table and I said “I’m already there, I’m going!”. I didn’t know, of course with which song. Mentally I was ready to take part to the competition.

It remains to be seen whether Helena’s statements will herald developments for her long-awaited return to Eurovision.

Until then you can enjoy her new song which was released a few hours ago.


Albania: Arilena Ara performed “Fall From The Sky” as she would present it at Eurovision 2020!

In the popular Albanian TV show, E diela shqiptare, Arilena Ara appeared and sang Fall From The Sky, the song with which she would represent her country at Eurovision 2020, as she would present it on the stage of the contest.

Arilena’s outfit remains impressive, while as you will see in the video, she appears in a giant cage, which is flying!

Arilena did not reveal whether she will participate again in FiK to claim the Albanian representation in Eurovision 2021.

You can see the appearance of Arilena Ara in the video below, after 5:57:00

Iceland:”Think About Things” becomes theme song in the Italian Big Brother!

The success of Think About Things, with Daði og Gagnamagnið far exceeded the small Icelandic border and is by far the most commercial song from this year’s contest. Now Think About Things is also known in Italy, since it is used as a theme song in Big Brother!

There are many who argue that Iceland for many reasons would be this year’s winner of Eurovision. Before the contest was canceled, Think About Things was the biggest favorite to win, and its success became even bigger after that!

To his surprise, Daði himself found that his song is used as one of the main soundtracks of the Italian Big Brother:

So far, Icelandic public broadcaster has not announced whether Daði will represent the country again at Eurovision 2021 or whether the national final Söngvakeppnin will take place. Although the head of delegation had stated that we would be aware of their final decisions in early September, however there was no official announcement yet.

Cyprus: Alex Papaconstantinou will be the composer of the Eurovision 2021 entry | The meeting with Eleni Foureira which will be crucial for her final answer!

According to what TVNEA reports in today’s article, Alex Papaconstantinou will be the composer of the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2021. Next week he will be in Athens, where he will have a meeting with PANIK and Eleni Foureira to discuss the official RIK proposal to the popular singer. Everything suggests that this meeting will be the catalyst for the final answer of Eleni Foureira on the Cypriot public broadcaster.

Based on what Maria Pratsi reports to TVNEA, we are extracting two new important information. First, the rumors of the previous days are confirmed that Alex Papaconstantinou will be the creator of the Cypriot song (for the fourth time). Secondly, Alex will travel to Athens next week to meet with the people of PANIK, but also Eleni Foureira herself, to discuss the song he has to suggest to them. This trip will also judge Eleni Foureira’s response to RIK.

As we mentioned in our previous article, the flawless collaboration that Eleni Foureira had with both RIK and Alex Papaconstantinou, is one of the main weapons that the people of the Cypriot public broadcaster have, in order to “convince” the former, to say the big yes.

If of course all the above is true, then we will soon know the answer of Eleni Foureira and we will know if we will see her again in 2021 on the Eurovision stage!

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all the developments regarding the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2021!

Source: TVNEA

Eurovision 2021: Which scenario does EBU prefer?

With just nine months to go until the first semi-final of Eurovision 2021, the EBU and the Dutch organizers have unveiled the four plans they are working on in order for the contest to run smoothly.

A Q&A article on the official website of Eurovision gives detailed explanations regarding the four plans that exist in the design of the organizing committee.

In particular, the desirable scenario is that of the normal conduct of Eurovision 2021, based on pre-coronavirus data. The Dutch really want to host one of the most impressive contests in the history of the event. The implementation of Plan A will largely depend on the course of Covid-19 in the coming months. Their intention in any case is to conduct an unforgettable show, in whatever form it takes.

The desirable scenario may be the first, but the EBU considers Plan B to be the most likely. If the second plan is implemented, fewer delegation members, fewer accredited people, fewer journalists and fewer fans will attend Ahoy Rotterdam.

The final decision will be made in the first months of 2021. The EBU, NPO / NOS / AVROTROS and the Rotterdam City Authority will co-decide, taking responsibility for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

In any case, Eurovision 2021 will take place, regardless of which of the four scenarios will be chosen. Details of the fortnightly shows, events and activities will be announced within the next six months.


Cyprus: RIK made a proposal to Eleni Foureira for Eurovision 2021!

According to what was mentioned in today’s morning show of STAR, RIK has made an official proposal to Eleni Foureira, in order to represent the country for the second time in the contest.

In fact, this is the first official proposal that RIK addresses to an artist for Eurovision 2021 and it becomes known. It was reported on the show that Eleni Foureira has not yet responded and is in discussions with her record label.

From our side, what we officially know from PANIK, the record label to which Eleni Foureira also belongs, is that their intention is to propose only artists of Cypriot origin, since, as they characteristically told us, there is no big name from its potential that interested in participating in the upcoming contest.

Certainly a positive answer from Eleni Foureira would change any existing data, since it would be a priority for RIK, but also for PANIK.

Australia: Listen to Dami Im’s song for Australia Decides 2021 | “Paper Dragon” is out!

During this year’s Australia Decides, Dami Im, who appeared as a guest, revealed that in 2021 she would also participate as a contestant, claiming for the second time the representation of Australia in Eurovision.

Dami Im’s plan was later overturned, as the cancellation of the competition and the decision of the country’s public broadcaster to give Montaigne, the winner of Australia Decides 2020, another chance, resulted in the non-realization of the national final for Australia in 2021. So, if Dami Im really wants to return to Eurovision she will have to wait until 2022.

Dami Im, who signed with a new record label, ABC Music, has revealed that her new single, Paper Dragon, which has been officially released on all digital platforms, is the song with which she would participate in Australia Decides 2021 .

Below you can listen the song:

Could Dami Im with this song achieve a better result than the second place of 2016, with Sound of Silence?

Eurovision 2021: New case record of COVID-19 in the Netherlands | Concern about the contest!

The number of daily Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands reached a new all-time high, with escalating incidents raising concerns about a second wave in Europe. As of Wednesday 16/9, the Dutch health authorities reported 1,542 recorded cases, the highest daily increase of all time and exceeding the levels in early April, when Covid-19 had swept the countries of Europe, leading to lockdown measures.

Wednesday’s cases surpassed the previous record of 1,379 cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Netherlands to 86,320.

In this context, there is strong concern about the Eurovision Song Contest, which is scheduled to take place on May 18, 20 and 22. Although the organizers and the EBU say in all directions that the event will return in 2021 stronger than ever, nothing should be taken for granted, especially if the pandemic data worsens.

Given the current reality due to the dispersal of Covid-19, the Polish organizers of Junior Eurovision 2020, which will take place on November 29, decided to hold the show in a different way this year. Its presentation and Interval Acts will take place in a studio in the Polish capital, while all participants will present their songs in a studio located in each country. A scenario rejected by both the EBU and the Dutch organizers for the senior Eurovision.