Russia: These are the candidates for the national final!

After yesterday’s article about the really high probability of not seeing the Little Big compete in the national final of Russia, we will now bring you the first information we have about the three artists we will see claiming the Russian representation in Eurovision 2021. Read more

Russia: Little Big will NOT take part in the national final for Eurovision 2021! UPDATED

Unfortunately and according to our exclusive and secure information, Little Big, the band that would represent Russia in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will not be candindates in the national final on March 8, organized by the country’s public television, for artist and song selection for this year’s competition.

It is still unknown who the candidates will be, although given that this national final will last only 1 hour, it is easy to understand that there will be no more than five candidates.

The dancer who participates in the commercial trailer of the national final and also participated in the video clip of Little Big Uno, is not a member of the band, he just collaborated with them last year.

What we also know about Monday is the appearance of Natalia Gordienko who will perform “Sugar”, this year’s entry of Moldova. It is also known that both Phillip Kirkorov and Yulia Savicheva, Russia’s representative in 2004, will appear.

We remind you that Little Big was one of the big favorites in last year’s canceled contest, with the song Uno, which broke all records of views on the Eurovision YouTube channel.


Apparently the thriller will last until Monday, as newer information contradicts what we learned earlier. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at the moment nothing can be guaranteed with 100% certainty.

Little Big are thus added to the list of artists who would represent their country in last year’s contest, but do not return to Eurovision 2021!

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Moldova: Natalia Gordienko will present a medley with the successes of the Dream Team in the contest! (video)

Preparations for Natalia Gordienko continue, as on March 4 she will present from the Crave Theater in Moscow, in a glamorous event, her entry in the Eurovision 2021 Song Contest, Sugar. Read more

Ireland: With the creative director of Heroes in Eurovision 2021.

Ok, now her chances of reaching the final have increased. Ireland’s stage director this year is Benke Rydman.

In her interview on Wiwibloggs, the 2021 representative of Ireland, Lesley Roy, revealed that the creative director for her entry Maps on the stage of Rotterdam is going to be  Fredrik “Benke” Rydman, the man behind the staging of Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes in Vienna in 2015.


“I’m very excited about our Rotterdam performance. Our creative director this year is Fredrik Rydman — Benke — who did the staging and the creative directing for Mans Zelmerlow “Heroes”. So, we have a winner on our team. We’ve been working together on this concept since December. I really just hope we get to go there”


All the same, given the situation in Ireland and globally, Lesley is also ready for the possibility that she might not be able to travel to Rotterdam, the Netherlands in May.


“Anyone going through any version of life this year has to know if you’re getting into something you have to be very aware that it could just be gone the next day. So, I did get into it knowing that and that was another reason that I wanted to push really hard and make a very epic music video. And we’ll do our best with the backup tape. Obviously, I wish we had more time and more similarities to what Benke and I would like to do for Rotterdam. But at the same time what Alan Byrne the director is doing in RTÉ, as far as the backup tape and what we can do there, I think it will be what it is if it gets cancelled”


During this week, Lesley finished the recording of her Eurovision backup tape, which will be used should the Irish team don’t travel to Rotterdam.

Apart from Heroes (Sweden ESC2015), Fredrik “Benke” Rydman has directed the following Melodifestivalen entries:

ISA – I Will Wait (MF 2016)

Mohombi – Hello (MF 2019)

Danny – Dandi Dansa (MF 2021)


Eric Saade – Every Minute (MF 2021)

Source: Wiwibloggs

Moldova: The presentation of Sugar’s video clip on March 4 from the Crave Theater in Moscow!

From a historic place, the Crave Theater in Moscow  and with an impressive event, will be the first official presentation of the video clip of Sugar, Moldova’s entry in Eurovision 2021, next Thursday, March 4.

Recently, through her personal Instagram account, Natalia Gordienko revealed that we will see for the first time the video clip of her song in this year’s contest, Sugar, on Thursday, March 4th.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Gordienko Natalia (@natalitsa)

In fact, for Sugar’s debut, she organizes a brilliant event. Specifically at the Grand Theater in Moscow and with invited important and popular eurostars, such as Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina, the official presentation will take place. At the event, of course, we will watch the host Natalia Gordienko, interpreting all the participations of the Dream Team in the contest.

The event, as well as the red carpet that will precede, we will have the opportunity to watch it live through Natalia Gordienko’s YouTube channel. The streaming will start at 18.00 CET. Immediately after the presentation of the video at the Crave Theater, Sugar will be made available on YouTube through the official channel of the contest.

We remind you that the music of the song is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov, the lyrics by Sharon Vaughn, the director is Fokas Evangelinos, while the vocal teacher is Victoria Chalkiti. Project manager of the project is Elias Kokotos.

So be patient until Thursday, March 4, where we will see the video clip of Sugar, a song that will be discussed a lot and we believe it will stand out!

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Eurovision 2021: No COVID-19 infection was detected in the first mass event tests in the Netherlands!

Pilot mass tests in the Netherlands began a few weeks ago, of course under strict health protocols and safety measures. In this first test that involved a theatrical performance, with 500 spectators present, as announced today, there was no case of COVID-19 detected.

The news was happily published on social media by the executive producer of this year’s Eurovision song contest, Sietse Bakker. Of course, as he says, this means absolutely nothing, but it is a first optimistic step for the whole field of mass events and of course Eurovision 2021 itself.

The Dutch Ministry of Health, since last year, had announced the holding of a series of pilot mass events, in order to investigate whether there is a spread of coronavirus in these events, when they take place under specific safety measures of the attendees.

The first pilot test took place in a theatrical performance, which was attended by 500 spectators. Of course as you will see in the photos that follow, everyone wore masks etc.

Of course, as Sietse Bakker rightly states in his post, although the above is a very positive development, it is the first step for holding mass events during the pandemic, and of course this also concerns the Eurovision song contest.

The Dutch will continue the pilot events until mid-March and any conclusions will be used and evaluated, in the decision of the government and the organizers, in the presence or absence of the public in May, at the Ahoy Arena.

The Test Schedule:

February 28: football match (1500 spectators)
March 6: dance event at Ziggo Dome (1300 attendees)
March 7: concert at the Ziggo Dome (1300 spectators)
March 13: dance festival (1500 attendees)
March 14: pop festival (1500 attendees)

In early March, the EBU and the Dutch organizers will announce the scenario according to which the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be held. In other words, we will know if the artists will compete live on stage or through the recorded live on tape videos. Any decisions regarding the presence of the public will be taken later, specifically until April 15.

The course of the pandemic in the Netherlands, but also the latest news from these pilot trials at mass events, leave many smiles of optimism, for a contest, which at least in terms of artists, it will be with them competing and singing on stage and not through videos.

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Czech Republic: Listen to the 2021 entry!

The song which is going to be the 9th entry of the Czech Republic at Eurovision was released today. After the cancelation of the 2020 edition, the representation of the central European nation was tasked once again to Benny Cristo.

The title of the song is Omaga written in English including one line in the Czech language.

Below you can listen to the 2021 entry of Czechia!! Will they have a better chance for a high place this year? Let us know in the comments!!


Croatia: No final decision yet regarding the language of Tick Tock

After the national final of Dora through which Croatia chose its representative for the upcoming contest in Rotterdam, the winner Albina and her team made their first statements regarding their next steps.

One of those statements  had to do with the language of Tick Tock. In particular, it was mentioned that a final decision has yet to been made; whether Albina will perform in English or in Croatian. During the national final performance Albina sang a bilingual version of her entry.

Croatia is about to perform in the 2nd half of the 1st Semi Final, for a ticket that  leads to the Grand Final of May 22nd.

Source: Eurovoix 


Moldova: Natalia Gordienko will sing Sugar in Rotterdam!

Natalia Gordienko and the Dream Team, who are signing the Moldovan entry this year, are literally almost ready for Eurovision 2021. The song is in its final form, the video has already been shot, and rehearsals for the stage show have begun.

Today, the Moldavian singer, revealed the title of the song for Eurovision 2021, which is Sugar.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Gordienko Natalia (@natalitsa)

Initially, as we wrote in our previous articles, it is a song that has nothing to do with Prison, last year’s song of Natalia Gordienko in the contest. It is quite sexy and very special. It is loyal to the pop music scene that is currently breaking ground in Eastern Europe. Characteristic songs of the genre are many recent releases of Svetlana Loboda, Max Barkish, Zivret, Dima Bilan etc.

It is a sound like the one that Maruv first tried to bring to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, the Siren Song. The difference between them is that Gordienko’s song is more melodic, while its orchestration is more with western elements.

You have already read about the statements of both Gordienko and Kirkorovas well as others, which predict a very positive result in Eurovision 2021. In our opinion, the chances for the top 5 are high, as it is certain that it will do extremely well in televoting of Eastern Europe but also in Western European countries, where significant populations of the former Soviet states live, as it is a sound very familiar to them.

The title of the song has not been announced yet, but Natalia Gordienko promised us a sweet surprise. The music is written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov, the lyrics by Sharon Vaughn, the director is Fokas Evangelinos, while the vocal teacher is Victoria Chalkiti. Project manager of the project is Elias Kokotos.

The video clip of the song is expected to be announced by March 8.

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Italy: The five most suitable songs of Sanremo 2021 for Eurovision, according to local reports!

The reports of the journalists who had the opportunity to listen to Sanremo 2021 songs and evaluate them continue with new reportes. The largest Italian music website, All Music Italia, lists the five most suitable songs to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the journalists of All Music Italia, the five most suitable songs in order to be the Italian entry in the upcoming Eurovision song contest are:

1. Irama
2. Malika Ayane
3. Lo stato sociale
4. Måneskin
5. Ghemon

Under certain conditions could be the songs of: Willie Peyote, Ermal Meta, FedeFranci, Arisa, Noemi, Annalisa. The same article states that all other songs of the Festival are unsuitable for a contest such as Eurovision.

We remind you that according to the rules of the 71st Sanremo Festival, the winner, once has signed the relevant statement that he/she accepts to represent Italy in Eurovision, is automatically the representative of the country in Rotterdam. If the winner has not submitted the relevant declaration until the final festival on March 6, then RAI has the right to choose the country’s representative at Eurovision 2021, whichever of the artists have signed the relevant declaration, with their own criteria and without necessarily taking into account the general classification.

Who would you like to represent Italy in Eurovision 2021?

Source: All Music Italia