Eurovision 2022: 41 countries joining the 66th contest in Turin!

Public broadcasters from 41 countries will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest when it returns to our screens next May.

Fans of the Contest will welcome back ARMTV from Armenia and RTCG from Montenegro, both taking to the stage for the first time since Tel Aviv in 2019.

It’s also a special year for Norwegian broadcaster NRK as they will be celebrating the selection of their 60th Eurovision entry during the Melodi Grand Prix grand final on Saturday 19 February.

We will also witness the 300th ‘Big Five’ performance – that’s a song from one of either France, Germany, Italy, Spain or United Kingdom.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, shared his thoughts on the line-up:

‘We are so excited that we once again have over 40 broadcasters competing to win the iconic Eurovision trophy in Turin next May.

The team from Rai are working hard on preparations to welcome all the delegations to a new Host City and ensuring the Eurovision Song Contest will provide the excitement and state-of-the-art spectacle expected by nearly 200 million viewers.’

On the announcement of the 41 participants, Simona Martorelli and Claudio Fasulo from Italian broadcaster Rai added:

‘After 31 years, Italy is proud to host the Eurovision Song Contest again! As Executive Producers, we are incredibly excited to set up this amazing event and welcome delegations from 41 nations to Turin next year.

Above all, we strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest will allow us to showcase and share the beauty of Italy with a global audience via the elements that unite us all: music and harmony.’

The Italian city of Turin won the race to become the Host City of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, setting Saturday 14 May as the date of the Grand Final, which will be held in PalaOlimpico along with two Semi-Finals on 10 and 12 May.


Eurovision 2022: More than 40 countries will compete in Turin!

Through the official account of the Eurovision Contest on Twitter, a few minutes ago we had an important piece of information. The countries that will take part in Eurovision 2022, will be more than 40!

A few days ago again through Twitter, the Eurovision account asked fans how many countries they think will take part in Turin.

About 62% answered more than 40 countries and today we learned that this answer was the right one!

The above practically means that apart from Montenegro, which has already announced its return to Eurovision 2022, but also Armenia, which, although it has not yet opened its papers, its participation in Junior Eurovision in December makes us almost sure that the Caucasian country will return. We may have other countries that will either return or make their debut in the contest that will take place next May in Turin.

Andorra, Monaco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Hungary do not seem willing to return. On the other hand, Turkey has so far kept a low profile. However, the EBU’s announcement this summer, for discussions with the country’s public broadcaster regarding the possibility of its return, leaves some hope.

Soon, however, we will find out the full list of countries that will compete in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest and all our questions will be answered!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to our favorite contest!

Montenegro: Purchase five new cars instead of participating in Eurovision 2020

Montenegro’s Public Television (RTCG) following the announcement of the list by the EBU of countries to take part in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest and the official withdrawal from the contest, which you first read at Eurovisionfun, explains the reasons for this decision.

According to the RTCG announcement, the reasons for the withdrawal are economic, but also because of Montenegro’s low qualification rates in the Eurovision Final.

“Participating in the Eurovision song contest costs about 130,000 euros a year. Our representatives have usually achieved moderate results, making it difficult to qualify for the Grand Final. So this year we decided to invest this money in refurbishing the RTCG fleet. The plan is to buy five new cars, which will greatly improve the safety of our staff, who do more than 1,000 kilometers a day”

(RTCG on the withdrawal of Montenegro from Eurovision 2020)

According to the announcement the withdrawal seems to be only for the next event and not general. This is the second time Montenegro has withdrawn from the competition. The first was the two-year 2010 – 2011, when again due to poor results and the financial crisis that had just made its appearance, they were absent for two years.

In Tel Aviv, Montenegro were represented by D Mol with “Heaven”, who finished 16th in the first semifinal.

Source: RTCG

Montenegro: The second withdrawal from Eurovision 2020|EXCLUSIVE

After Hungary, another country that participated in this year’s contest will be absent from Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. Montenegrin public broadcaster has just announced that it will not participate in the next event for financial reasons.

Eurovision 2020 without Montenegro

Montenegro has 11 entries, with two final qualifiers and four consecutive shutouts in recent years. Unfortunately,there will be no representative of the small Balkan country at Eurovision 2020.

This is the second time Montenegro has withdrawn from the event. The first was the years 2010 – 2011, when again due to poor results and the financial crisis that had just made its appearance, they were absent for two years.

41 countries in Rotterdam

After this withdrawment  the number of countries that will participate in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be the same as the previous year, 41.We have  two withdrawals  (Hungary, Montenegro) and two returns (Ukraine, Bulgaria).

In Tel Aviv, Montenegro was represented by D Mol with “Heaven”, who finished 16th in the first semifinal.