Greece: Stefania’s team will submit four songs to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

The new ERT team that deals with the Eurovision project started with great appetite, under the supervision of the company’s corporate communication director, Dora Chiraki. According to our exclusive information, Stefania’s team will submit at least four songs to ERT, in order to make the final choice of our participation.

In the recent first meeting that took place at ERT, about which we informed you in our previous article, the first schedules were set, but also an initial planning that will be followed. Both in Stefania’s team and on the part of Greek public television, there is moderate optimism, it is no secret that both of them believe a lot in Stefania and that is why her choice was reaffirmed.

Four songs specially written for the competition will be proposed to ERT by Dream Team, in order to make the final selection. So far, of course, it has not been decided how to present the Greek entry, whether a closed selection will be made or whether some kind of television selection will be made with the participation of the public.

Anyway, in the first days of October, Stefania will come to Greece to record the songs prepared by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE, but also to make TV appearances and interviews.

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Dimitri Stassos, Nikos Sofis and one more composer-surprise, set aim for Eurovision 2021 | EXCLUSIVE

Two more Greek composers who joined forces this year in the national final of Moldova, will continue their collaboration, aiming to reach Eurovision 2021, having in their company this time another composer-surprise, with a long history in the contest!

Greek-Swedish Dimitris Stassos and Germany-based Nikos Sofis, after their successful attempt last year in the national final of Moldova, decided to try again together, in another country, since as it is known, Moldova will be represented again by Natalia Gordienko.

The Greek duo of creators will have the contribution of another well-known composer, with history and success in the contest. His/her name is not yet announced, but according to our exclusive information, they have already prepared their proposal for Eurovision 2021.

A few words about D. Stassos- N. Sofis

Dimitris Stassos lives permanently in Sweden with an important career there. He has twice competed as a composer at Eurovision. For the first time with Spain in 2009 and La Noche Es Para Mi by Soraya and in 2012 with Greece and Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou.

Nikos Sofis is a lyricist based in Germany and in recent years has participated in several national finals in various countries (Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Iceland, Switzerland, Romania, etc.). Six of his participations reached the final of Moldova, with his best position till now the second place in 2018!

Let’s remember their participation in this year’s Moldovan national final, Die For You with Catarina Sandu where she took fourth place:

Eurovision 2021: Dream Team is ready for new adventures!

Philipp Kirkorov, as we told you, is in Elounda for his summer vacation, but that does not stop Dream Team from making plans for the next Eurovision song contest.

Dream Team ready for Eurovision 2021

Philipp Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos are all together at Elounda Peninsula. In recent days, Natalia Gordienko, the representative of Moldova in Eurovision 2021, has been added to their company.

In a recent post, the Russian superstar states on behalf of the entire Dream Team, that the team is ready for new adventures in 2021:

Let us briefly present what adventures Philipp Kirkorov refers to:


What is a given is that the Dream Team will be behind the participation of Natalia Gordienko with Moldova in Eurovision 2021. Kirkorov and Kontopoulos will write the song, while Fokas Evangelinos will edit the stage appearance. Of course Elias Kokotos will be the project manager of the whole effort.


In Estonia we do not know if in 2021 the Dream Team will sign country’s participation. This year Uku Suviste, Ani Lorak’s contestant in The Voice, won the Eesti Laul with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos. The director of the participation in Rotterdam would be Fokas Evangelinos. According to our information, the song of Uku Suviste in the next Esti Laul will have Dimitris Kontopoulos as composer again. If it wins the representation again, then the Dream Team will represent in Eurovision 2021 and Estonia.


In the case of Stefania, we do not have the active presence of Philipp Kirkorov, but the whole team will be behind the Greek participation for the second year. It is the second sure country that the Dream Team will take over at Eurovision 2021.

Another surprise country

It is known that every year the Dream Team receives proposals from various countries, but also artists, to undertake their participation in the competition. Thus, it is possible to see the Dream Team in another country, either as a direct assignment, or participating in a national final.

The Dream Team in its full composition, has not been found since 2007, when it participated for the first time in the competition, never outside the top ten of the standings. Since then they have represented Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, presenting participations that almost always star!

Will they be able to win for the first time, at Eurovision 2021?

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Greece: Stefania confirms that she will represent the country at Eurovision 2021

In a post on Instagram, Stefania confirms that she will represent Greece country at Eurovision 2021, no doubt.

After yesterday’s press release of ERT, which says that the ERT administration would like to continue its collaboration with Stefania and next year, the 17-year-old singer, officially accepted the proposal and so we can confidently say that is Greece’s representative for Eurovision 2021.

“Although I am very saddened by the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, I fully support the decision, as health and safety are above all else. 💙 I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at ERT, not only for choosing me to represent our country at Eurovision 2020, but mainly because they want to do it again at Eurovision 2021 expressing their support in person to me twice means too much to me and i won’t disappoint you. So make an appointment in Rotterdam in 2021 … And as @marketinggreece says: When the time comes, we’ll be there for you. Until then be healthy 💙🇬🇷🤍”


In her appearance on Dutch television yesterday, Stefania said she would obviously like to be part of the next year’s contest with a different song, as “SUPERG! RL” by 2021 will sound “old”. Other artists made similar statements.


Greece: ERT’s Announcement for Cancellation of Eurovision 2020 | With Stefania in Eurovision 2021

The question that concerns all fans of the contest, and not only, is whether ERT will choose Stefania as its representative for Eurovision 2021 as well. Not long ago, Greek public broadcaster issued a press release announcing the cancellation of this year’s competition. In this announcement,ERT  thanks Stefania and her team for their excellent cooperation and it seems that they are giving an appointment in Rotterdam next year!

“A decision by the European Public Broadcasting Union (EBU) has canceled the Eurovision  Song Contest in Rotterdam because of the coronavirus pandemic. In its letter to EBU members, contest  executive Jon Ola Sand said – inter alia -: “Our dear partners and friends, We are at a disadvantage in announcing the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision in Rotterdam. In the last few weeks we have worked out a number of alternative projects aimed at holding this year’s competition, but the uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19 in Europe in conjunction with the security measures imposed by both the Dutch authorities and governments of the participating countries led the EBU to the difficult decision not to proceed with Eurovision 2020 as planned. The EBU, NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and the Rotterdam authorities are continuing discussions on the competition in 2021. We understand your frustration at this time, and as we elaborate on the developments resulting from this unprecedented decision, we ask you to your patience until we are younger in the days and weeks ahead. ” ERT has already assessed as very positive the way in which the Greek and European audiences have accepted this year’s selection of the talented Stephania Luberakakis, as well as the cooperation she has had with her. ERT intends to continue this cooperation over time, as the EBU’s final decisions become known”.

SUPERG! RL by Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Sharon Vaughn may not have been represented to us at Eurovision 2020, but it was loved by all Greeks bringing it high from the very first moment of its release on all charts. In the difficult days we all live in, let’s hold on to the optimism and power of this song, hoping that soon we will have beautiful moments again.

Greece: Stefania’s appearance on RTL Boulevard | What did she say about the 12th from Netherlands and the coronavirus

Shortly after the premiere of SUPERG! RL this afternoon on ERT and YouTube, Stefania appeared on RTL’s live show, “Boulevard”. The most popular magazino on Dutch television.

“I hope to get the 12th of Netherlands”
At first the presenters joked that she represents Greece and did not wait long to represent the Netherlands.

“Why not of time! Anyone can suggest it to me. They know where to find me!”

Stefania was then asked about the position she could reach.

“I don’t know, I’ll just enjoy it and do my best for Greece and the Netherlands.”

Of course Stefania could not leave the step she was given unused and once again stated that she wants the 12 points from Netherlands.

“Hope to get the 12 points from the Netherlands!”

Stefania for the coronavirus

One of the issues that concerns not only Greece, but also the entire world is the Coronavirus. Even a few days ago a leading Dutch virologist had stated that if the virus continues to spread at this rate, the contest may have to be canceled.

The journalist asked Stefania if she was scared by the virus.

“No, I’m not afraid of it at all. I think everything will go well.”

Watch the full interview HERE.