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Kalush Orchestra: “Save Mariupol, Save Ukraine and Help Azovstal”

With a statement about the salvation of Ukraine, Mariupol and those trapped in the Azovstal factory, the only point of Mariupol not controlled by the Russians, the Kalush Orchestra, the big favorite for the victory in the  Eurovision Song Contest, finished their performance. After performing their song Stefania, the Kalush Orchestra addressed the millions of […]

Eurovision 2022: The Semifinals will have different directors!

An interesting piece of information worth mentioning, especially after the problems identified in the rehearsals of the second semifinal. So according to our valid and completely cross-referenced information, it won’t be the same director in both semifinals. but different. RAI uses different directors in the two semifinals, something that has its value, since it seems […]

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project will present a classic modern rock show in Turin!

Intelligent Music Project revealed what they have prepared for their stage presentation on the stage of Eurovision 2022! Before leaving for Turin, Intelligent Music Project spoke to BNT about their expectations and plans for the contest. Slavin Slavchev, a band’s singer, said: The song has its advantages and mainly stands out from the rest. Most […]