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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Court orders sale of BHRT real estate to repay debts to EBU

A Sarajevo court orders Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Television (BHRT) to sell its real estate to pay off a debt to the EBU. The divestment of BHRT’s large real estate is ordered by a court decision in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BHRT owes the EBU just over 8 million Euros. Because of this debt, the country’s […]

Eden Golan plays secret gig in London

Her controversial performance at Eurovision in Malmo earlier this year prompted enormous protests and mean-spirited boos and jeers. But last week spectators in London had nothing but applause for Israeli Eurovision star Eden Golan, 20, as she was joined on stage in a private performance in London by scores of celebrities including Countdown’s Rachel Riley MBE, Fauda’s Rona-Lee Shimon and Emmerdale’s Louisa Clein. […]

EXCLUSIVE: With a powerful song for Eurovision 2025, the Songwriting Camp in Elounda was completed!

The first Eurovision Songwriting Camp ever held in Greece ended yesterday, Friday, July 5, in Elounda, Crete. According to our exclusive information, the composers who participated in the camp are delighted with the result, since they consider that they have a very strong song for Eurovision 2025 in their hands. All week long, the four […]

The 92nd General Assembly of the EBU in Limassol

Limassol hosts an important event in the field of broadcasting, the 92nd General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The major event takes place on July 4 and 5, and public broadcasters from 56 countries participate. Official members representing both active and associate members of the EBU have been invited to attend the convention […]

Martin Österdahl: Those who needed an outlet from their frustrations and disapproved of me, it was ok!

In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, Martin Österdahl, executive supervisor of Eurovision, answers about the changes announced by the EBU, the limitation of his duties, the difficult situations due to the political developments in the Middle East that had an impact on the contest in  Malmö, but also for the boos he received […]

The core production team for Eurovision 2025 has been announced

The core production team for the 69th Eurovision Song Contest in Switzerland in 2025 was announced a little earlier. Swiss public broadcaster SSG SSR has announced several key players who will serve as the main production team behind next year’s competition. These include the positions of Head of Show, Head of Contest, Head of Production […]

EBU: The new updated rules do not change anything with the participation of Israel

Jean Philip De Tender, Deputy Director General of the EBU, spoke on Swedish Public Radio about all the changes to the Eurovision Song Contest and the conclusion of the independent investigation carried out by the EBU after the end of this year’s Eurovision and everything that happened in Malmö. De Tender made it clear that […]