Eurovision 2024 Germany’s second rehearsal

Next up on the stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is Germany. ISAAK with his song “Always On The Run” is ready for his second rehearsal on the stage of Malmö Arena!

Who is ISAAK?

ISAAK embarked on his musical journey as a street musician at the age of 12.

Fueled by a deep passion for music, he honed his skills in playing the guitar, piano, ukulele, and drums. It was during this formative period that he not only cultivated his unmistakable voice, which resonated deeply with his audiences but also developed a captivating stage presence.

A devoted family man and husband, music has always been at the heart of ISAAK’s life. A big break for the singer arrived in 2021 when he won the talent show Show Your Talent.

His early experiences as a street performer have shaped his artistry today, instilling in him a deep connection to both his craft and his audience.

ISAAK won “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024”, Germany’s national selection for Eurovision 2024, and the ticket for Malmö!

The Rehearsal

It’s time for Germany’s ISAAK now, with his power ballad Always On The Run. Like lots of singer/songwriters, ISAAK honed his craft as a street musician – he put on an impromptu street performance before the Pre-Party in Madrid, so hopefully we’ll see him out and about on the streets of Malmö over the coming week too.

This staging has had a major overhaul since Das Deutsche Finale back in February – ISAAK is also in a room, but rather than a filthy gym it looks like a very stylish living room, made from a black metal framework that means he can still be seen from all sides. It also has an open fire – and from the first chorus, all three sides of the room burst into flames, like the house is burning down. Hard to capture the atmosphere in words, but it’s really impressive.

The set sits under the middle cube, which has descended from the heavens to create a ceiling, but during the middle eight the whole set is wheeled away and it’s just ISAAK in the middle of the stage, wearing a black suit and flanked by four backing singers.

Germany second rehearsal Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

Watching both on screen and on the stage, it’s a really impactful three minutes – ISAAK’s interaction with parts of the room, the flames, and the dynamic change of set halfway through really elevates what is already a powerhouse vocal.

We’ve see SO much great staging over the past week – still four more performances to go, but it’s shaping to be a VERY good year.

Germany second rehearsal Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

Later today, a video will be released with thirty seconds of clips from the TV footage of the performances of the Big 5 and host Sweden . This video will be published on the official Eurovision YouTube channel after today’s rehearsals are over.

More information about the appearance of Germany will be made public on Monday 6/5 , after the Dress Rehearsal of the countries of the 1st Semi-Final. 


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