Romania: Today,Roxen song selection for Eurovision 2020

The heart of Romanian (and not only) Eurofans today is beating in Buzau as the country’s national final, “Selecția Națională”, takes place. This is not a national final in which the artist will be chosen, but a final one regarding the choice of the country’s participation in Rotterdam. After all, as has been known for a few weeks, Roxen will represent the Balkan country at 65th Eurovision.

This completes the timetable set by Romanian television from the outset, which provided:

-the artist’s announcement to travel to Rotterdam – February 11th
-the publication of the candidate tracks – 21 February
t-he conduct of the national final, Selecția Națională – 1 March

Roxen is part of the record label, Global Records, with whom TVR will work to select the song to represent the country in May in Rotterdam. Then, a camp was held in which the best Romanian artists and composers created songs for the 20-year-old singer.

From this camp, 5 songs were selected to compete in the national final. The songs were selected by experts from a variety of relevant professional backgrounds (composers, songwriters, musicologists, broadcasters). These experts took into account criteria such as sound, originality, style difference and the message of the song.

During the national final, the 5 songs will be performed by Roxen. The winning song will be decided by 50% of the judges and 50% of the viewers. In the event of a tie, the viewers’ votes will prevail.

The songs
The 5 most noteworthy songs Roxen will perform live during tonight’s finale are:

1. “Beautiful Disaster”

2. “Cherry Red”

3. “Colors”


4. “Alcohol You”

5. “Storm”


Tonight’s presenters will be Romanian hip-hop star Connect-R and Elena Gheorghe, who represented Romania in 2009 in the contest with the song “Balkan Girls”, taking 19th place.

Sandro, representing Cyprus at Eurovision 2020, will perform as a guest at the national final! However, it will not perform “Running”, since the video clip of the song will not be ready by then.

Loreen, the 2012 Eurovision winner in Baku, is also expected to make a guest appearance.

You can watch the Romanian national final by clicking HERE!


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