Estonia: The winner of Eesti Laul 2021 at Eurovision 2021

Estonia will normally host Eesti Laul next year and will not send Uku Suviste to the contest, as other countries have already announced.

Croatia, Spain, Latvia and the Netherlands have already announced that they will be represented by the artists themselves next year. Estonia is following in Sweden’s footsteps and will host Eesti Laul next year as well. Indeed, public broadcaster in the country invites Uku Suviste to take part in the year.

It seems that public television broadcasters  do not follow a common line on the artist who will represent them at Eurovision 2021, as some countries wish and have already announced that they will be represented by the same artist, while others, mainly those organizing national finals, will perform normally their festival and simply this year’s representatives will lose their right to compete in Eurovision.

We remind you that Uku Suviste would represent Estonia at Eurovision 2020, after his victory at Eesti Laul, with the song by Dimitris Kontopoulos, “What Love Is”.

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