Eurovision 2022: Problem with the on-stage sun!

The Italian news sites report a last minute problem, a few hours after the start of the rehearsals of Eurovision 2022.

According to the two leading Italian newspapers, La Stampa and La Repubblica, there has been a problem with the sun, which would adorn the PalaOlimpico stage.

As it is typically reported in Italian publications, the arches that would compose the rotating sun could not make the entire rotational motion.

As there is a problem in the mechanism of the sun, its movement can be limited and up to a point.

With the time margins narrowing dangerously, the organizers decided to allow the use of the sun, even under limited movement.

This development has provoked the reaction of some delegations, who spent about 30,000 euros for the use of a special LED wall that would be based on the construction of the sun.

We are waiting with great interest, whether the stage presence of the participations based on this construction will be affected and whether it will have an impact on the final result that will appear on the stage of PalaOlimpico.

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