Greece: Marina Satti’s first interview as the Greek representative | What to expect from her entry!

Marina Satti gave her first interview to “Studio 4” and ERT1 as Greece’s representative in Eurovision 2024. Marina discussed her initial preparations for the competition, the song she will perform in Malmö, as well as how she feels about this big challenge!

Marina Satti filmed the interview a few days earlier in the Acropolis for the needs of the introductory video that will be posted on the official Eurovision social media.

Marina Satti will probably sing in Greek

Marina Satti, who is thrilled to be entrusted to represent Greece in Eurovision 2024, described what we can expect from her participation in Eurovision in a few words but clearly:

I would like my project to be contemporary, to represents my generation and the “new” Greece, beyond the stereotypes that Europeans have about us, but also that it is relevant so that they can dance and identify with it.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the Greek verse is a favorite for her participation in the upcoming competition, where Greece will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the contest, as the English-language power pop song genre is somewhat far from the genre she belongs to.

Marina Satti’s favorite Eurovision entries

Marina Satti having Mahmood’s song from 2019, “Soldi”, as her favorite entry is somehow expected, but her favorite Greek entry was certainly unexpected.

Michalis Rakintzis‘ “SAGAPO”, the Greek entry in 2002, is her favorite Greek entry, and she did not hesitate to mention in front of the STUDIO 4 camera.

Preparations have already begun

Marina Satti mentions that she is very touched with the love and joy she received from everyone when ERT announced her as the country’s Eurovision representative. She also added that from now on she also shares a common goal with all those people supporting her.

The search for Marina Satti’s song continues, for those interested in submitting complete song proposals, until December 1st.

At the moment, I’m not stressed and I feel like I’m doing what I’m doing in my life anyway, rehearsing, making music and songs.

What did you think of what Marina Satti said? Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news!

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