Norway: The running order of the Third Semi-Final of the Melodi Grand Prix 2024!

NRK has just revealed the running order of the Third Semi-Final of this year’s MGP!

Running Order

The six artists who will compete in the third semi-final of MGP 2024 will perform in the following order:

  1. Vidar Villa – “MER”
  2. MISTRA – “Waltz of Death”
  3. Thomas Jenssen – “Take Me To Heaven”
  4. Annprincess – “Save Me”
  5. MiiA – “Green Lights”
  6. KEiiNO – “Damdiggida”

Few words about the artists

Λίγα λόγια για τους καλλιτέχνες

Vidar Villa is popular to those who have been in touch with Norwegian music. It has been six years since the artist has competed at MGP. Since then, he has performed in more than 500 concerts! Vidar will perform his energetic bop “MER”, a song talking about life- both good and bad aspects.

The fresh duet MISTRA are a meeting of Norwegian music scene: a pop queen Benedicte Adrian and a metal upcoming star Anders Odden. Together they will perform the song “Waltz of Death”.

Thomas Jenseen is a singer and composer from Levanger. The last few years, he has been studying music at the University of Agder and now he is in the final year of Master studies at composing.

Annprincess is a singer and composer from Lier. The 32 years old singer loves to write songs which make other feel strong, seen and heard. Her MGP entry “Save Me” talks about the loneliness you feel when everyone talks about how different you are and how important is to accept and defend yourself.

MIIA has had many listeners from around the world with her song “Dynasty” in 2015. Her song was mentioned from Billboard and was in the list of New Music Friday Worldwide. Her real name is Mia Virik Kristensen from Kragerø.

It has been five years since KEiiNO made a mix of Norwegian melodies, joik and dance pop and won the televoting of Eurovision. Since then, the group has published 28 songs, hastopped the charts with huge radio succes and has won several awards.


As a reminder, this year’s Melodi Grand Prix will take place with the same format as last year, as there will be no duels or second chance roundsThree artists will qualify from each semi-final in which only the Norwegian TV audience will vote, while the final will for once again feature an international jury that will determine 40% of the result.

The songs will be published each Monday before the semi-final in which they are to compete. Melodi Grand Prix 2024 will take place at the Spectrum in Trondheim with Marion Ravn and Fredrik Solvang as hosts. The schedule is as follows:

  • First Semi-Final: January 13th
  • Second Semi-Final: January 20th
  • Third Semi-Final: January 27th
  • Grand Final: February 3rd

The previous MGP winner and Norway’s representative at Eurovision 2023 was Alessandra with her song “Queen of Kings” and finished 5th in the Grand Final, continuing the country’s qualification streak for the sixth year.

Which three candidates do you predict to qualify for the big final?


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