Sweden: Insight into the Melodifestivalen 2024 5th heat songs! | SVT Pre-Listening Event

Melodifestivalen 2024 second show is on the forthcoming Saturday, March the 2nd, which will take place at Löfbergs Arena, in Karlstad.

The Pre-listening Process

This year, we are invited to the pre-listening event that SVT holds every Tuesday at 10am CET, before each of the five heats of Melodifestivalen 2024, or as it is called “Förhandslyssningen“. Approximately 50 people, carefully selected by SVT are invited to listen the entire songs of each heat in the pre-listening events. So, we had the chance to listen to the entire running order of this week’s heat twice.

But how do the songs of this heat sound like?

Unforgettable” – Marcus & Martinus
It is darker and rougher than “Air“! This is an absolute banger! Great build-up and the lead synth is fire, the Deb duo did it again! They said it is a motivational song and it actually does work! My winner up to now!

Controlla” – Chelsea Muco
Second afropop/afrobeat of the year, after C-Joe. Interesting structure. Sax intro is so pleasing. I love it, I wanna dance, the crowd will feel that too. Hope she performs well live. I could see her remaining at the competition

Back To My Roots” – Jay Smith
Rock song with a country vibe. Jay has an amazing voice and will pull this off live, I think. Typical sound of Smith. & Thell, retro production/vibe. Have to listen to more of the songs, up to now I think he will not qualify.

Banne maj – Elecktra
“Oh la la, comme ci, comme ci, comme ça” addictive lyrics. This is not a comme ci, comme ça song, it is a typical pop drag performance song, as expected by Elecktra. Don’t know how she will do, will have to listen to the last two songs.

Light” – Annika Wickihalder
I didn’t expect I would love a debutant song so much. I absolutely love it! A really powerful ballad with gospel vibes, that, if it is performed well it could be the surprise of the week and remain in the competition.

Que Sera” – Medina
Closing act of the year, we have the party vibe mixing Swedish, French and Spanish. This is so much better than “In i dimman” in my opinion! The entire arena will go nuts! DTF? YES! Winner? Not sure. I could see it at the top 3. Oh, there comes the key change! Ear candy!

Our thoughts

  • I have the feeling we will have an impressive stage show by our favourite superstar twins, Marcus & Martinus. Definitely DTF and most probable winner.
  • The colour of Chelsea‘s voice reminds me of Toni Braxton a bit. She could either remain in the competition or disqualify.
  • Jay Smith‘s song could be a Dawson’s Creek theme song. For those who don’t know, this is a series that aired back in late ’90s early 00’s. This is the vibe of the song. Don’t think this will qualify.
  • Those who loved Drag Race Sverige, would definitely vote for Elecktra. I already know Swedish people that are anticipating Elecktra‘s song more than Marcus & Martinus or Medina. I wouldn’t be surprised if she remained in the competition. I could see this song getting performed by Verka Serduchka btw. This is the vibe I am getting. Also we got a key change, which I didn’t notice in the first listen.
  • Annika Wickihalder is giving me Faith Kakembo vibes and partly The Mamas vibes. It will certainly slide into my daily playlist after its release this Saturday.
  • If Sweden decides to get represented by a song in Swedish, Medina‘s MUST be it! Would be an amazing host entry! Definitely final closing act, if SVT doesn’t put them last in order, I would be surprised!

What I think will happen:

DTF: Marcus & Martinus, Medina
Final qualifiers: Elecktra, Jay Smith

What I want to happen:

DTF: Marcus & Martinus, Medina
Final qualifiers: Annika Wickihalder, Chelsea Muco

The show

Carina Berg is the host of all the shows of the tour this year! With the next show of the contest on Saturday March the 2nd, Melodifestivalen will take place in Karlstad and then the final show in Stockholm on the 9th of March.

The schedule for the six shows of the Melodifestivalen 2024 tour

  • Heat 1: Saturday 3 February 2024, Malmö Arena, Malmö
  • Heat 2: Saturday 10 February 2024, Scandinavium, Göteborg
  • Heat 3: Saturday 17 February 2024, Vida Arena, Växjö
  • Heat 4: Saturday 24 February 2024, Stiga Sports Arena, Eskilstuna
  • Heat 5: Saturday 2 March 2024, Löfbergs Arena, Karlstad
  • Final: Saturday 9 March 2024, Friends Arena, Stockholm – Solna

Which two of the above artists do you think will be the direct qualifiers to the finals? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun, for all the latest developments regarding Melodifestivalen 2024 and the Swedish entry for Eurovision 2024!

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