Portugal: Tonight the second semi-final of Festival da Canção 2024!

The national finals of this year’s season are in their final stretch, with just two Saturdays left until the completion of all shows. Thus, another national selection process for determining a country’s representative in Eurovision 2024 continues today, with Festival da Canção 2024, which will determine the artist representing Portugal in Malmo.


Festival da Canção 2024 consists of three shows, two semi-finals, and the grand final on March 9th, from which Portugal’s representative in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will emerge.

According to the festival’s regulations, ten artists will participate in each of the two semi-finals, with six advancing to the final. This means that twelve artists will compete in the grand final of the Portuguese national selection on March 9th.

The six artists who will advance to the final of the Festival will be determined through two rounds of voting. In the first round, the Portuguese audience and the jury will jointly decide (50/50) on the five out of six artists who will receive the ticket to the final.

The sixth and final ticket from each semi-final will be determined through a second round of voting, with the decision being made exclusively by Portuguese viewers.

The jury of the semi-finals of Festival da Canção 2024 consists of:

  • Gisela João (singer)
  • Benjamim (musician)
  • Lia Pereira (journalist)
  • Miguel Esteves Cardoso (lyricist)
  • Lura (singer)
  • Pedro Oliveira (musician)
  • Mimicat (Portugal’s representative at Eurovision 2023)


The six artists who qualified for the grand final from last Saturday’s first semi-final are:

Second Semi-final

The ten artists competing tonight in the first semi-final of the Portuguese music celebration are:

  1. Buba Espinho – “O Farol” 
  2. Cristina Clara – “Primavera” 
  3. Léo Middea – “Doce Mistério”
  4. Filipa – “You Can’t Hide” 
  5. João Couto – “Quarto Para Um” 
  6. Huca – “Pé De Choro” 
  7. No Maka ft Ana Maria – “Aceitar” 
  8. Maria João – “Dia”
  9. Rita Onofre – “Criatura” 
  10. Silk Nobre – “Change” 

Inês Lopes Gonçalves will be the presenter in the green room, while Filomena Cautela & Vasco Palmeirim will be the main hosts of Festival da Canção 2024 in the Grand Final for the sixth year in a row.

The second semi-final of Festival da Canção 2024 starts at 22:05 CET and you can watch it through the website of the Portuguese public television by clicking HERE.

Last year’s winner of Festival da Canção and Portugal’s representative at Eurovision 2023 was Mimicat with the song “Ai coração,” which secured the 23rd place in the Grand Final, continuing the country’s streak of qualifications for the third consecutive year.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding Portugal’s participation in Eurovision 2024!

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