Eurovision 2024: Denmark’s first rehearsal!

The first rehearsal for Saba, the Danish candidate for Eurovision 2024, has just concluded on the stage of Malmö Arena. In an attempt to win one of the 10 tickets to the grand final, the artist will perform the song “Sand” in the second semi-final on May 9.

Who is Saba?

SABA is proud to be the first brown, queer woman to sing for Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. At home she is a strong role model for minorities and the LGBTQ+ community and is open about her own struggles with mental vulnerability and being bipolar, making her an inspiring symbol of hope and perseverance, which she hopes many can relate to.

For several years, SABA worked as a model and photographer, but it was in 2023 that she seized the opportunity to focus on music, by taking over the lead role in the musical HAIR from her twin sister, Andrea.

She wants to play an important role in making Malmö 2024 an inclusive celebration where she can represent many different people, and Denmark, in her own unique way.

The Rehearsal 

This power ballad builds from the soft, low-key start to the huge crescendo finish, and the staging does the same – using lighting and glittery graphics to add layer upon layer until Saba’s vocals fill the whole arena.

It’s very similar to the staging we saw at Denmark’s national final, Melodi Grand Prix, just on a bigger and more epic Malmö scale. Saba is wearing a white pant suit – if it’s not the same she wore at MGP, it’s very similar. The pockets are filled with sand, and she scatters it as part of really beautiful armography routine that mirrors a projected version of Saba on the LED wall behind her. Really simple, but all the more impactful for it.

Lots of floor smoke in the final run-through, which gives the whole performance even more drama.

Denmark first rehearsal at Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU



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The official Eurovision account on TikTok shared a short clip of Denmark’s rehearsal, which you can watch below:

@eurovision @SABA got to have her first run-through of SAND at Malmö Arena, and it was an epic display #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound – Eurovision

On Thursday, May 2, Denmark will have its second rehearsal. This is when we will get a better look at Saba’s performance on the Eurovision stage, as the official TV snippet will be released.

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