Bulgaria: With Victoria at Eurovision 2021

Rumors of the previous days have finally been confirmed. Bulgaria will be represented by Victoria Georgieva at Eurovision 2021! In a series of tweets on Twitter, the Bulgarian delegation has referred extensively to the issue of the cancellation of this year’s contest, the potential financial difficulties that may arise from this crisis and its forthcoming representation at Eurovision!

The announcement

In particular, some of the tweets mentioned features:

“As one of the countries that have implemented the strongest measures against the spread of 2019-nCOV, we fully understand the reasons for the decision to cancel the Eurovision Song Contest. In a situation like this health should be the top priority.

We would like to thank the contest team for their passion and professionalism. We sincerely hope that everyone will have the opportunity to see the result of their hard work next year.

Unfortunately, this situation will put additional pressure on many public service broadcasters and their partners, especially in Eastern Europe. To date, these consequences cannot be properly assessed.

In any event, it is necessary to devise a strategy for the commercialization of competition in the light of a possible economic crisis in the world and the impact it would have on the budgets of the various stakeholders.

Prior to its cancellation, Eurovision was an excellent tool for promoting international cooperation. Of course always through music and art. We believe that this will continue to be the case in the future.

In 2020 Bulgaria returned after a year’s absence for economic reasons. We would like to thank all our sponsors who helped us in this regard. And of course a huge thank you to Victoria, Symphonix and Marvin Dietmann!

Bulgaria’s return to Eurovision was not intended to be a one-time effort. We believe that this competition is extremely beneficial to Bulgarian artists and the local television industry not only by providing us with a great exposure but also opportunities to expand our knowledge.

Having analyzed all the circumstances and with the belief that now Eurovision needs the unconditional support of all its members and the community, we would like to announce that Bulgaria will participate in Eurovision 2021!”

The artist’s announcement and Victoria’s reaction:

And the announcement goes on, stating:

“Once again our representative will be Victoria! As she has already stated, and despite the decision made yesterday, we believe that the right move is to give artists and participating broadcasters the right to decide how to proceed according to their particular circumstances”

The reaction of Bulgaria’s 22-year-old representative via social media was immediate:

“I am very proud to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021! I am grateful for the Bulgarian delegation that gives me the opportunity for the second time.

I would also like to congratulate Blas, Efendi, Gjon, Jeangu, Stefania, Hooverphonic, Go_A and Tornike who are also going to represent their countries at Eurovision 2021! I also hope that the other 2020 artists will be selected by their respective broadcasters to represent their country and time.

The decision not to perform this year’s songs makes me very sad! “Tears Getting Sober” is the 1st project in which they have been so actively involved. Many people have invested countless hours”

So, Bulgaria is yet another country to be represented by the same artist at Eurovision 2021!



Bulgaria: With Victoria in Rotterdam in 2021?

Bulgaria also will probably be represented at Eurovision 2021 by the same artist! Victoria, the first betting favorite so far this year, is likely to regularly represent her country in May 2021 in Rotterdam!

In her tweet, Bulgaria’s 22-year-old representative quoted:

“Tears Getting Sober” is a project that means everything to me as an artist and to the wonderful team behind it. I fully understand and respect this necessary decision. But I believe that Eurovision 2020 artists should be allowed to interpret our songs in 2021!”

In an initial tweet, the official account of the Bulgarian expedition initially stated that their view is that countries should be represented in 2021 by the selected artists and songs. Later, however, the tweet that the deal with the sponsors of the Bulgarian participation was completed ten days after Victoria’s online concert! This leaves open all possibilities. We are therefore awaiting other developments regarding Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2021!

Eurovision 2020: Bulgaria remains 1st- Boundary differences in top positions

With the  puzzle of the 41 Eurovision 2020 songs wrapped up yesterday, we can have a clearer picture of online betting odds. So far, it looks like we are heading into a race of 5 horses that will fight for the coveted victory in Rotterdam. Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland, Switzerland and Russia will cross their swords to win the contest!

The favorites

Bulgaria remains in 1st place, with one of the most beautiful ballads in this year’s competition. Victoria aims for her tears to be tears of joy rather than regret and to bring victory to our neighbors! One year after its absence from Tel Aviv, Bulgaria is in a “pole position” in the event of a victory. Just behind it is Lithuania. The participation that won the hearts of Europeans from the first moment they won the national final. The Roop are back in 2nd place, surpassing Iceland, which has been 3rd since the 1st in a week! But it does not cease to be a winning track.

On the upside we see Switzerland in 4th place, which in some betting companies is in the first place. A breath away from the three pioneers, it will not be surprising to soon be the new Top 3. Gjon’s Tears will attempt to give their country their first win since 1988 and Celine Dion! In fifth place is Russia, the day after the release of “Uno”. Despite being slightly behind other countries, Bear is 1st in at least 1 betting company.

The fact that in a total of 17 companies, all of the above countries occupy at least one of them, is a prime example of how dubious this year’s Eurovision is. This is perhaps an unprecedented statistic in the history of the institution. Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland, Switzerland and Russia to claim the victory in the Netherlands on equal terms!

The Top 10

In 6th place you can find Romania. Roxen is on the rise and may soon be in the Top 5! “Alcohol You” is one of the most atmospheric ballads of this year’s Eurovision. However, it will be required to go beyond the barriers of Bulgaria and Switzerland of the same species. Italy remain in 7th place, with Azerbaijan and Malta completing the top ten.

Samira Efendi will bring Oriental perfume to Ahoy Rotterdam’s stage and as another Cleopatra wants to surprise the crowds! The 17-year-old Destiny, Malta’s representative, may well give the Islanders their first appearances in the top 10. Top 10 closes with Germany and Benjamin Dolic!

Much can change in the next two months. The returns, as it stands, will go through several ups and downs. Party appearances, stage presence information and of course the appearances at Ahoy in Rotterdam can be brought up on the boards of betting companies. Nothing will be judged until the night of May 16 and the big Eurovision final!


Eurovision 2020: Bulgaria in 1st place

We’ve had a number of tweaks to the betting table in the last few days, shortly before all entries were announced. Bulgaria is in the first place right now, with Victoria having gained impressions after announcing her participation! Iceland is in second place and Lithuania closes the top 3!

Bulgaria has so far confirmed the momentum of the last few days, aiming for its first victory in the Eurovision contest. Iceland is firmly in the top two places in betting, being one of the most serious contenders for a win in Rotterdam. Lithuania finally “lost ground” down 2 places compared to Friday.

The top five finishes with Switzerland, which wins 1 position, and Russia awaiting the release of its entry. Greece remains 18th with bookers not responding positively to Greek participation for the time being. Finally, Cyprus is in 37th place. The island of Aphrodite is 10 places below what it was last Friday. Of course, the release of Sandro’s song has not been mediated, which does not seem to have gained the confidence of the freelance betting until now.

Much can change in the next two months. The returns, as it stands, will go through several ups and downs. Party appearances, stage presence information and of course the appearances at Ahoy in Rotterdam can be brought up on the boards of betting companies. Nothing will be judged until the night of May 16 and the big Eurovision final!