Georgia: With Tornike Kipiani at Eurovision 2021

In a frank and straightforward announcement on Facebook, Georgia confirmed that Tornike Kipiani will represent the country at Eurovision 2021. The announcement of the Georgian broadcaster followed those of other countries that will compete next year with the same artist on the competition stage.

Tornike Kipiani was the winner of Georgian Idol and Georgia’s representative at Eurovision 2020.

Georgia: Listen to Tornike Kipiani’s “Take me as I am” for Eurovision 2020

As we all know, this year’s Eurovision Georgia representative came up through Georgian Idol and is about Tornike Kipiani,and a few days before the country’s national broadcaster had officially announced that the song it will travel to Rotterdam was entitled “Take me as I am” giving at the same time more information about it.

It’s a mix of classic rock, electronic and dubstep music.

Along with Tornike, there will be three people in vocals, Mariko Lezhava, Mariam Shengelia and Aleko Berdzenishvili. Emilia Sandquist, who has also worked with Melodifestivalen and is a member of the Jean Baptiste Group, will be the director of the performance.

Unlike the previous year where Georgian Idol selected both the artist and the song that represented Georgia at the Eurovision 2020 contest only the artist was selected through the popular talent show, since the song has come up with an internal selection.