Albania: The reason Elsa Lila did not win Festivali i Këngës 62!

The two FiK winners spoke with Alban Dudushi in the “3D” studio at RTSH yesterday, giving their thoughts regarding this year’s musical festival.

The 62nd edition’s winners were Besa Kokëdhima, who will represent Albania in Eurovision 2024 as the public vote winner, and Mal Retkoceri, who received the FIK 62 trophy from the jury.

Besa Kokëdhima revealed that she hasn’t performed in Albania for a long time, but with the song Zemrën N’dorë, she displayed a different side of her artistic personality.

It was several years since I did music in Albania. I’ve discovered a love that I never would have expected to feel. It goes without saying that people are yearning for both the artistic viewpoint I offer to the music industry and for what I’ve contributed to Albanian music. Consider it perhaps as an excess of nostalgia. The festival makes up for a void in my life. Bessa is who I am and always will be. However, the song also had developments and surprises, even though I didn’t want to start a trend because I’ve done this before. This song needed to be Bessa, it needed to be a new Bessa, and it needed to be something the crowd could relate to.

Mal Retkoceri, on the other hand, addressed the problem of showing his tongue while singing and acknowledged that he had only recently made the decision to begin recording music.

I spent zero euros on my performance. When no one was home, I attempted to record. Leaving them with a surprise was my intention, especially for my mother. It is a piece I wrote for my mum. I interpreted it as though it were her perspective. My sister gave me the mattress, which is a red blanket. My mother asked me, “Who wrote the lyrics?” right away. She was amazed when she found out that I had created it on my own. I told her that the song was written specifically for her after three or four days.

– Why not ? – I don’t know . We have the tongue, we can take it out and put it in. We have that ability as humans”, Mal replied with a laugh.

Along with the two winners, Zana Shuteriqi, a member of the jury, was also present and gave her thoughts regarding the events of the FIK 62 final.

Specifically, Zana Shuteriqi noted that the song’s professional aspects were the first thing the Festival judges considered

Expert panels shouldn’t make aesthetic judgments, instead they should address the prodessional aspects of the songs, which comprise many of its components. People are passionate about what they do, thus the judging panel needs to be objective in its interpretations.

Zana Shuteriqi also gave her thoughts on Elsa Lila’s song, stating that it bore similarities to the one from the previous year.

Despite all of her artistic achievements, Elsa Lila composed a song that was strikingly similar to the winning composition from the previous year. But compared to last year, it was even less successful. There’s not much of a difference between these songs, and Mars wasn’t as good as Evita. Thus, we made an effort to be as unbiased and professional as we could.

She concluded by discussing the assaults that she has been the target of.

Given that not everyone is fond of Mal Retkoceri, I accept criticism directed towards him. The jury was able to discern the festival’s essence, and it is the particular individuals chosen to do this. What more classic choices would you like us to make?

I want to praise Bojken Lako for his spirit, his attitude, and his intent of helping the organizers take one more step—or possibly many steps—after the first night was done. It’s not an issue of honor, the event as a whole introduced a highly empowering perspective.

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Source: RTSH

Albania: Another performer drops out of Festivali i Këngës 62!

Following Kejsi Tola and Samanta, one more performer withdrew from Festivali i Këngës 62.

More specifically, Sardi Strugaj, whose song “Boshatisur” was chosen to be performed at this year’s Festivali i Këngës, announced earlier today that he was pulling out of the popular Albanian competition. Presently, the singer is taking part in the Albanian version of “Dancing With The Stars,” wherein his withdrawal was announced.

Two emerging artists took the position of Kejsi Tola and Samanta. It is still unclear, though, if Sardi Strugaj will be replaced by a different performer.

Festivali i Këngës 62 is set to take place from 19 to 22 December. The country’s Eurovision representative will be chosen by the TV audience, and the festival winner will be chosen by the jury.

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Albania: The song selection procedure for FiK 62 has changed!

Bojken Lako, the creative director of the upcoming Festivali i Kenges, disclosed that the process for choosing the songs that will participate in the festival has changed.

It was revealed a few days after the 31 contender songs for FiK 62 were revealed that, for the first time in FiK’s history, the jury chose this year’s entries without being aware of the singers’ identities.

After conferring with the members of the selection committee, they listened to the songs, allowing the jurors to make their own decisions based on numbers rather than vocalist names. An other novelty was the inclusion of two poets on the committee to evaluate the lyrics. Our goal is to improve the musical quality.

Bojken Lako appeared satisfied with the high quality of the songs on FiK 62:

We have a lot of room for new bands, musicians, and musical trends. We also have a gorgeous array of Albanian music, which preserves heritage while introducing fresh sounds and elevating the scene.

The 31 entries of FiK 62 are the following:

  • Besa Krasniqi – “Esenciale”
  • Eldis Arnjeti – “Një kujtim”
  • Elsa Lila – “Mars”
  • Erina & The Elementals – “Jetën n’Skaj”
  • Jasmina Hako – “Ti”
  • Jehona Ponari – “Evol”
  • Olimpia Smajlaj – “Asaj”
  • Sergio Hajdini – “Uragan”
  • Shpat Deda – “S’mund të fitoj pa ty”
  • Tri Gjoci – “Në ëndërr”
  • Martina Serreqi – “Vetëm ty”
  • Big Basta & Vesa Luma – “Mbinatyrale”
  • Festina Mejzini – “Melos”
  • Mal Retkoceri – “Çmendur”
  • Michela Paluca – “Për veten”
  • Santino De Bartolo – “Dua të rri me ty”
  • Stivi Ushe – “Askush si ty”
  • Kleansa Susaj – “Pikturë”
  • Kejsi Tola – “Vallëzoj me Dritën”
  • Kastro Zizo – “2073”
  • Andi Tanko – “Herë pas here”
  • Anduel Kovaci – “Nane’”
  • Arsi Bako – “Zgjohu”
  • Besa Kokëdhima – “Zemrën n’dorë
  • Bledi Kaso – “Çdo gjë mbaroi”
  • Melodajn Mancaku – “Nuk jemi ne”
  • Olsi Ballta – “Unë”
  • Troy Band – “Horizonti i ëndrrave”
  • Samanta Karavello – “N’majë”
  • Luan Durmishi – “Përsëritja”
  • Sardi Struga – “Boshatisur”

One of the contenders is Elsa Lila, the FiK winner from the previous year, who did not represent Albania in the Eurovision contest because the country’s representative was selected solely by televoting.

This year, the winner will be the one who will represent Albania in Malmö, utilizing a novel mixed system consisting of 50% jury and 50% televote.

FiK 62 will be held at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana from December 19 to December 22. The songs will be heard for the first time when they are performed—a technique that was also used in the Sanremo Festival—on the stage of FiK 62.

Albania was represented this year by Albina & Familja Kelmendi, who finished in the 22nd place in the final with 76 points.

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Source: RTSH 

Albania: The potential dates of Festivali i Këngës 62!

The submission window for the 62nd edition of Festivali i Këngës, the popular Albanian festival, which has also been used as the country’s national selection for Eurovision, closed on October 10.

According to an announcement made by RTSH, more than 80 songs have been submitted, signed by composers not only of Albanian origin, but also from countries such as Kosovo, North Macedonia, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United States.

When will Festivali i Këngës 62 take place?

According to the OGAE Albania, FiK 62 will be held in four nights, at the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana, from Tuesday, December 19, until Friday, December 22, 2023, when we will find out who will represent Albania in Malmö.


Artists selection

The festival will include 27 artists, 14 in the “big” category and 13 newcomers. In fact, we may see the return of a FiK star, Elsa Lila. Elsa Lila has won FiK three times, in 1996, 1997 and 2022 and according to Vip Magazine, she’s planning a return after her success with “Evita” last year.

Changes in voting

Festivali i Këngës will see another change in its voting format in 2023. In last year’s edition, Festivali i Këngës had two separate winners. The winner of the jury voting was crowned as the winner of the festival and the winner of the public vote was the chosen one for the Albanian representation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Indicatively,

  • Elsa Lila with her song “Evita” won the jury voting and was crowned as the winner of Festivali i Këngës 61
  • Albina & Familja Kelmendi with “Duje” won the public vote, being the jury runner-up and won the ticket to Liverpool

This year and according to Bojken Lako, the artistic director of Festivali i Këngës 62, the winner and consecutively the Eurovision 2024 Albanian representative will be chosen accordingly through a combination of jury and public vote. Hence, a Eurovision-style 50/50 format will be used in order to select the next Albanian act.

Festivali i Këngës has now started to implement the public opinion more, especially when it comes to Eurovision. For many years it was accused of corruption and the country’s inability to respond to the modern-day Eurovision standards.

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