Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Kemama”

Finally, the negative criticism of the new version of “Kemama” made him make some changes and today announce the final version of the song, as it will compete at Eurovision 2020.

Benny Cristo via social media had stated that he was taking the comments he received very seriously and that he and his team were examining what went wrong.

You can listen to the final version of Kemama below:

The Czech Republic: Benny Cristo is thinking of competing with the original version of Kemama and not with the revamp

Just yesterday (10/3) Benny Cristo, this year’s Czech representative at the contest, released the version he was going to compete in at Eurovision 2020. But the negative comments he received seemed to cast doubt on whether he should really compete with the revamp or keep the original version.

“I have to find out if it is really wrong or if the negative comments come from the adjustment an ear has to go through, which is used to the old version. to see if something went wrong”.

(Benny Cristo for the revamp of Kemam)

Listen to the older version:

Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Kemama” for Eurovision 2020

The final version of “Kemama”, the song by which Benny Cristo will represent the Czech Republic at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, was released recently.

Immediately following his victory in the country’s national final for Eurovision 2020, Benny Cristo had revealed he would revamp his participation. You can listen to it below: