Serbia: Hurricane confirmed for Eurovision 2021!

The manager of Hurricane, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Serbian public television entertainment program Olivera Kovačević, confirmed what the domestic media had been reporting since the summer. The popular women’s band will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2021, having one more chance to be on the stage of the contest, after the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision.

It was not specified how the song with which Hurricane will compete in Eurovision 2021, although Olivera Kovačević left open the possibility of a national final for it.

Hurricane will represent Serbia next year if Eurovision takes place as announced. The song with which they will participate will be selected separately. They will not compete with this year’s song, but we will specifically choose the song with which they will be presented in the Eurovision 2021 song contest.

Hurricane would participate in Eurovision 2020 with the song Hasta La Vista:

Hurricane are the 21st representatives of this year’s contest that are officially confirmed for Eurovision 2021!

Source: Ogae Serbia