Ukraine: Suspilne received 389 submissions for Vidbir 2024!

Suspilne, the public broadcaster of Ukraine, announced that they have received 389 submissions for their national final, from 288 artists, with 222 of the proposals being from solo singers.

The application period for the national final of Eurovision 2024 lasted from August 30 until October 22. The names of the artists who qualify to the next phase of the selection will be announced by November 9.

Vidbir 2024 music producer Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy) reports that among the proposals, he heard something new that could surprise the whole world:

“Ukrainians, thank you for each of the 389 applications! I can already say that among them there are at least four hundred percent hits, ten potential hits, several interesting comebacks and something new that, I hope, will surprise us and the whole world. I am grateful to all musicians, producers, arrangers and authors for their efforts and soul. I know how difficult it is psychologically to be creative now, but I am proud that artists do not give up in their work, but develop and move forward. 

The national selection, as always, will breathe new Ukrainian music, will give a feel of what those who walk on the edge of modern pop culture and are desperately looking for themselves in this turbulent world are living now. Of course, I can never have enough music, and I always want to hear even more ideas, melodies and thoughts, so I advise everyone who did not have time to apply this year, but dreams of being heard, to start preparing their tracks for the next selection right now. Because, quoting the classics, “time flies.” And you and I will very soon start choosing our star for Eurovision 2024 .”

Within the submission period, Suspilne received 337 songs, with nearly 15% of the artists submitting more than one track. The main language of the songs is Ukrainian, at a rate of 57.5%. Accordingly, 33% are in English, about 9% are bilingual, and 0.5% are in other languages.

This year the artists that will be selected will not exceed 20. Then, according to the rules, they will go through a live audition, and based on the result, this number will be reduced to ten. Finally, from the artists who did not advance to the final, one will be selected through online public voting to participate in the national final.

The national final will take place on February 25 in the form of a televised concert. As in previous years, the winner will be determined by public and jury voting. The composition of the jury will be decided by the Ukrainian public at a later time through online voting.

The previous winners of Vidbir and Ukraine’s representatives in Eurovision 2024, were Tvorchi with their song “Heart of Steel”, ending up in sixth place of the Grand Final:

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