Luxembourg: Vicky Leandros as a guest in Luxembourg Song Contest 2024!

One of the most prominent Greek singers, Vicky Leandros, is going to make a guest appearance at Luxembourg Song Contest 2024, the national final show of the country for Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, Sweden.

It was revealed by the very same Vicky Leandros in an exclusive interview on, but it was confirmed a few minutes ago, by RTL, the public broadcaster of the country.

Vicky Leandros is the first Greek singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972 representing Luxembourg with the song “Après toi” receiving 128 points in total.

She went also to comment on the return of the Duchy to the contest:

“I think it’s great that Luxembourg is back. I think joining will do a lot more for you as a country than sending your cat.”

Vicky Leandros is of course also a very big star in Germany. In 2006, she also took part in the German national process for the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, while she did not avoid to comment on the country’s failed attempts at the Contest.

“Germany just needs better songs. That’s where it all starts. This should not be so difficult, because Germany has many talented songwriters. The Eurovision Song Contest was very important to me. You should not see participation as some kind of risk. If you’re good and have the right personality, you can’t lose. People get to know you and you’re building a career”

Luxembourg Song Contest 2024

The eight artist that are going to take part for the ticket in Malmö are as per below:

  1. Joel Marques – “Believer”
  2. EDSUN – “Finally Alive”
  3. Naomi Ayé – “Paumée sur terre”
  4. Angy & Rafa Ela – “Drop”
  5. One Last Time – “Devil in the Detail”
  6. Krick – “Drowning in the rain”
  7. CHAiLD – “Hold On”
  8. TALI – “Fighter”

We remind you that the national final of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is scheduled to take place on January 27th and will allow the people of Luxembourg to choose the song and artist that will represent them at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Malmö. The winner will be determined by the combined vote of a jury and the public (50%/50%).

Below you can watch the most successful entries of Luxmebourg at the Eurovision Song Contest

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