Bosnia-Herzegovina: Abstain from the Contest for another year

BHRT,Bosnia-Herzegovina‘s  national broadcaster confirmed on the website that the country will not return to the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

The reason for abstaining, as in previous years, is the large debt of BHRT to the EBU.

The country of the former Yugoslavia completes the list of countries, together with Slovakia and Andorra, who have already announced that they will not participate in Eurovision 2020.

The country participated for the last time in 2016 when it was for the first time blocked in its history. Between 2013 and 2015, the country abstained from Eurovision. Bosnia-Herzegovina competed in the Grand Final for last time in  2012. The country’s representative for that year was Maya Sar with the song “Korake Ti Znam (I know your steps)” and won the 18th place.

The country’s best place is reduced back to 2006 when Hari Mata Hari, with the emblematic “Lejla“, won the 3rd place.


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