Australia: New candidates for Eurovision: Australia Decides

Australia’s public broadcaster, SBS has announced two more candidates for its national final, “Eurovision: Australia Decides”, to be held in Gold Coast on 8 February. These are two more candidates announced, Montaigne and Didirri.


At just 24 years old, Sydney-based Montaigne has become a major name in Australian indie music. In recent years, she has been recognized for her work with several songs on the charts, an ARIA Award and one more nomination for Best Female Artist on her Glorious Heights debut album. COMPLEX’s second album was released in August.

“I am excited about participating in Eurovision: Australia Decides for the opportunity to release myself which is dramatic and extreme. I will be able to do this without a massive international music event as a boost, but in Europe’s big stage in front of millions of viewers it will be all the results of the drama I have inside me. It is an honor to represent my country, of course! I didn’t do that well in football, so it would be cool to do it in music. It’s like the World Cup for pop”


Didirri’s debut “EP Measurements” has garnered more than 30 million views and led Didirri to perform at renowned festivals such as “The Great Escape” and “Latitude Festival” in the UK, “Splendor In The Grass” in Australia and the “Sound Primavera” in Barcelona. Within a few months, he had traveled twice to America and the United Kingdom and shared the stage with well-known artists.

“I’ve always been interested in creators. Although the world of Eurovision is new to me, from the outside it seems to respect a well-written song above all. People seem to be free to express their art any way they want. I’m an ABBA fan, they wrote unfiltered, virtual hymns. My sister and I were singing their songs together in the bathroom. The personal experience inspires most of my writing – all I hope to do is help people express some of them. I’m also happy to the moon for competing with my girlfriend Montaigne who I respect very much”

Four more candidates for Eurovision: Australia Decides!

The other six candidates will be announced in the near future with Paul Clarke ,executive producer “Eurovision: Australia Decides” promising more surprises. The six candidates announced so far are:

-Vanessa Amorosi
-Casey Donovan
-Mitch Tambo

This year’s Australian National Final will also be hosted by radio producer and presenter Myf Warhurst and comedian Joel Creasey, who will also be airing the contest in May 2020 on behalf of SBS.

This year, Eurovision: Australia Decides winner Kate Miller-Heidke represented Australia in Tel Aviv, finishing ninth with 285 points.

Source: SBS

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