Germany: New Head of Delegation

A series of changes to the country chiefs of Delegations in the Eurovision Song Contest, with Germany taking the lead. The country’s public broadcaster journalist Alexandra Wolfslast has been in charge of the German delegation since December 1st.

Alexandra Wolfslast will succeed Christoph Pellander, who has quit his job on German public television. Pellander was Germany’s head of delegation in the last two contests, leading his country to a fourth and one penultimate position.

For 2020,Germany trusted the production company Digame to find the right song, but also the performer who will feel the competition and be higher on the scoreboard than  S! Sters in Tel Aviv.

So far there has been no public announcement on the evolution of the option, although a concept similar to the one used by Switzerland this year is expected to be used. A closed choice, that is, with the only announcement of the winner.

Source: esc-kompakt

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