Dream Team: “No one needs this kind of cheap tricks” | EXCLUSIVE

A non-existent rumour has been circulating lately in Greece and Cyprus, involving a member of the Dream Team and unfortunately could create misunderstandings. With a statement, which is exclusively hosted by Eurovision Fun, the Dream Team clarifies the situation and sends a clear message in all directions, that such logics do not concern them and of course they will not tolerate the spread of such lies.

Specifically, what reached the ears of Dream Team, hence its reaction, is that an artist who is rumored to represent Cyprus in the upcoming competition, in a recent communication with a member of Dream Team was discouraged by a possible participation in Eurovision 2021.

We have been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest for 15 years and everyone knows that not only are we not competitive but on the contrary we have helped, completely non-profit, both the Greek and the Cypriot delegation in many cases. To claim that we contacted artists and asked them not to participate in the contest, apart from being childish, is also cunning, as it tries to create the impression of some kind of fear on our part, in order to strengthen a candidacy. No one needs this kind of cheap tricks and it would be good not to use them, because as our people say: lying has short legs.

Dream Team

We also contacted the side of the said artist, where we received a similar response, since as characteristically told us, there has been no been a communication with a member of the Dream Team lately. On the contrary, in the last communication that took place with Dimitris Kontopoulos, for reasons unrelated to Eurovision, the latter was encouraging the possibility of Eurovision.

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