Norway: The ticket to the final of MGP 2021 is a battle for two! (Odds)

Stina Talling and Jorn battle for qualification for the MGP 2021 final is what the odds show us at the moment. So according to all the betting companies, Stina Talling is the favorite to win, but Jorn is reducing the distance between them. In fact, Jorn’s rock song on YouTube, precedes by a big difference in the views and maybe that is the reason why the betting gap between them closes in the last hours.

The bets

How will the winner of MGP 2021 will be decided

The finalists this year in MGP 2021 will be 12. Half of them will have a direct ticket to the final, while the five will emerge from the semifinals. With six directly in the final and five emerging from the nights before, the puzzle of the final remains to be completed by the 12th finalist. The last finalist will emerge after the end of the last semifinal, through a special night, and will be one of the 15 already excluded from the process.

Today, Saturday, January 15, we will have the first semifinal of MGP 2021, where the winner will qualify for the final. In addition, we will see KEiiNO and TIX to interpret their participations live.

Below you can listen to the songs of the first semifinal of MGP 2021:

Who will qualify to the final?

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