Eurovision is now on Spotify!

On the occasion of the celebration of the 100 days from the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022 on May 14, our favorite competition made a very pleasant annoucement for the Eurofans.

More specifically, a wish of many Eurofans came true today. So, Eurovision has now created its own official profile on Spotify, accompanying us with many Playlists in our daily lives.

Already, in the profile of the Contest on the well-known platform you can find three playlists. One of them includes the five songs that will take part in May in Turin and have already been revealed.

The second one includes all the winners of the 66-year history of the Eurovision Song Contest. From Lys Assia‘s “Refrain” to Måneskin‘s “Zitti e Buoni“, you can find all those songs that made Eurovision the biggest TV show on the planet.

Finally, the third playlist includes over 100 Eurovision Classics that have remained in the consciousness of the people, regardless of their performance in the Contest. In this playlist you can find older hits like “Dschingis Khan“, “Insieme: 1992“, “Save Your Kisses For Me“, but also more modern ones like “Molitva“, “Grande Amore” and “My Number One“.

According to the post of the official Eurovision account on Facebook, the profile on Spotify will soon be enriched with other playlists that will cover all the tastes of Eurofans.
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