American Song Contest: The allocation of the artists in the two semi-finals!

The artists who will compete in the two semifinals of the American Song Contest have been released. Last Monday, NBC hosted the last qualifier round from which 16-year-old Ada LeAnn with her song “Natalie” representing Michigan was named as the new American Song Contest semifinalist after winning the judges’ vote.

The artists who will compete in the first semi-final are:

  1. Alabama: Ni/Co – ‘The Difference
  2. Colorado: Riker Lynch – ‘Feel The Love
  3. Kentucky: Jordan Smith – ‘Sparrow
  4. Massachusetts: Jared Lee – ‘Shameless
  5. Michigan: Ada LeAnn – ‘Natalie
  6. Montana: Jonah Prill – ‘Fire It Up
  7. New Hampshire: Mari – ‘Fly
  8. Oklahoma: AleXa – ‘Wonderland
  9. Rhode Island: Hueston – ‘Held On Too Long
  10. Washington: Allen Stone – ‘A Bit of Both
  11. Wyoming: Ryan Charles – ‘New Boot Goofin

The artists who will compete in the second semi-final are:

  1. Connecticut: Michael Bolton “Beautiful World
  2. Georgia: Stela Cole “DIY
  3. Kansas: Broderick Jones “Tell Me
  4. North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks “Can’t Make You Love Me
  5. Puerto Rico: Christian Pagán “Loko
  6. Tennessee: Tyler Braden “Seventeen
  7. Texas: Grant Knoche “Mr. Independent

The second semi-final will be completed with the remaining qualifiers from the 5th qualifying round as well as the second Wildcard!

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