Eurovision 2023: Scotland’s First Minister is excited about the prospect of Glasgow hosting ESC despite internal reactions!

By far, the biggest supporter of Glasgow‘s bid to host Eurovision 2023 is certainly Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

As is well known, seven cities will be vying to host Eurovision 2023 in the coming months. These cities are Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Hours after it was announced that Scotland’s most populous city is one of seven cities in the running to host the next Eurovision, Scotland’s First Minister has publicly voiced her support for Glasgow’s bid.

In a characteristic Tweet, Nicola Sturgeon said the contest should be held in Glasgow, wearing a festive hat to emphasize her excitement about the prospect.

However, not everyone in Scotland shares Sturgeon’s enthusiasm, with several social media users taking sarcastic comments towards the Scottish first minister.

Does the leader of a nationalist government that wants to hold a referendum on Scottish independence want a celebration of British culture?

On the other hand: it will turn Eurovision into a showcase for the SNP, while the contest should be for the UK and Ukraine.


How many selfies could you take there? What an opportunity for you!


Other users focused on the funds the Scottish government would have to spend on the Eurovision Song Contest should Glasgow be chosen to host the next contest, while the focus should be on the country’s domestic problems.

I’m sorry but I don’t want Glasgow tax payers money wasted on Eurovision if local people can’t heat their homes and/or feed their families.


Glasgow is said to be the big favorite to host Eurovision 2023. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, with the River Clyde crossing it from east to west, passing through its centre.

Should Glasgow be the EBU and BBC’s choice for the next competition, it will be hosted at the OVO Hydro. The OVO Hydro is Scotland’s largest indoor stadium, hosting numerous sporting and cultural events every year and having the capacity to accommodate up to 14,000 spectators. Among others, huge names of the world music scene have passed through the OVO Hydro stage, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Muse, Adele, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, etc.

We await with great interest the developments of the coming weeks and months as the EBU and BBC will reveal the host city for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Daily Express

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