Norway: Stig Karlsen reveals changes in MGP 2024 combined voting ratio!

Yesterday NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, revealed details on how MGP 2024 will be structured.

Stig Karlsen, Norway‘s Head of Delegation, took part in a bubble rally in the Facebook group “Grand Prix Bobla” which was streamed on YouTube, Facebook and escNorge and he revealed even more details about next year’s national selection process.

Combined voting ratio changes! | People have the power!

Karlsen revealed that after the return of the jury in MGP 2023, the jury will remain in next year’s selection proces. However, Stig has previously advocated that the jury should count somewhat less than 50% in Eurovision. In yesterday’s interview he explained that he sees MGP and Eurovision as the people’s programs, and that it is therefore important that it is the people who have the final and decisive word, and that people should therefore count more than the jury votes. He more than hinted that this will be the case in MGP 2024. Then the jury will count 40%, while the popular vote counts 60%.

He also explained that work is being done on new and better technology to handle the popular vote. The system of only being able to vote from the NRK app, or as a logged-in user, has as a weakness that no one under the age of 13 can actually vote. This is because you must be over 13 years old to be able to create a profile with NRK. Another weakness is that it is easy to create more profiles, and thus acquire more votes than you have the right to use.

Broadcast from two studios

Stig Karlsen said that there will be two studios involved in the broadcast. One studio will be used as the main stage and the other studio will act as a green room. Both studios will have audience present and people can choose whether to buy a ticket on one studio or the other.

Are any released songs competing at MGP 2024?

New this year is that all songs released after September 1st are allowed to compete. When asked if there are any songs out on the charts, on the radio or elsewhere now, and that are ready for MGP, the MGP boss answered yes.

This year, Norway was represented by Alessandra and the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the televote. Will Norway be able to maintain its success and secure a third consecutive top 10 finish?

Photo: Mandy Pettersen/ESC Norge

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