Italy: Alessandra Amoroso will compete in Sanremo 2024 with a ballad!

Undoubtedly, the biggest surprise that Sanremo organizers had been keeping for the audience was the participation of Alessandra Amoroso. Amoroso has been an insatiable desire for all Sanremo fans and her presence in the upcoming edition is far but unnoticed by both the Italian and international audience.

Hence, a question is raised regarding the music style of her first Sanremo participation. Well and as she personally disclosed during an exclusive interview in RaiPlay, she will participate in Sanremo with a ballad. “Fino a Qui” as her entry is titled will be circling around awareness, without giving as any more information.

Moreover, she mentions that she is feeling really emotional as well as confused on her first participation at the legendary Sanremo festival. We remind you that Amoroso is currently the big favorite of winning Sanremo 2024, something she achieved in just a few days following the announcement of her participation,

Sanremo 2024

The 74th Fetsival di Sanremo will take place in Teatro Ariston, in the small city of Liguria, with 30 participants, rather than 23, as previously announced. From the 6th to the 10th of February, not only Italy, but all Europe, is focused on Sanremo, the small town that hosts this legendary festival. Amadeus, the presenter and artistic director of Sanremo, promised us the strongest line-up in history and no one can deny that he kept his promise.

The participants of Sanremo 2024 are the following:

  • Ghali – “Casa Mia” (My Home)
  • Alessandra Amoroso – “Fino a qui” (Until Here)
  • Gazzelle – “Tutto qui” (That’s All)
  • Ricchi e poveri – “Ma non tutta la vita” (But not the whole life)
  • Dargen D’amico – “Onda alta” (Big Waves)
  • Angelina Mango – “La Noia” (The Boredom)
  • Fred de Palma – “Il cielo non ci vuole” (Heaven doesn’t want Us)
  • Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa” (Butterfly)
  • Loredana Bertè – “Pazza” (Crazy)
  • Mr. Rain  “Due Altalene” (Two Swings)
  • Geolier  “I p’me, tu p’te” (Me for you, You for me)
  • Negramaro – “Ricominciamo Tutto” (Let’s Restart it All Again)
  • Rose Villian – “Click Boom!”
  • Mahmood – “Tuta gold” (Gold Costume)
  • Diodato – “Ti Muovi” (You Move)
  • Annalisa – “Sinceramente” (Sincerely)
  • Il Volo – “Capolavoro” (Masterpiece)
  • Emma – “Apnea” (Apnoea)
  • Renga & Nek – “Pazzo Di Te” (Crazy For You)
  • La Sad – “Autodistruttivo” (Self-Destructive)
  • Irama – “Tu No” (Not You)
  • Big Mama – “La Rabbia Non Ti Basta” (Rage is not enough for you)
  • The Kolors – “Un ragazzo, una ragazza” (A boy, a girl)
  • Sangiovanni – “Finiscimi” (End me)
  • Il Tre – “Fragili” (Fragile)
  • Alfa – “Vai!” (Go!)
  • Maninni – “Spettacolare” (Spectacular

Following the conclusion of the Giovani edition of Sanremo, three more artists are added to the list and these are the following:

  • Clara
  • Grenbaud
  • Santi Francesi

The winner of Sanremo 2023 and therefore the Italian representative in Malmö was Marco Mengoni with his song “Due Vite“. Marco finished fourth, marking the sixth consecutive year that Italy makes it into the top ten of the competition.

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