Italy: Amadeus won’t host Sanremo 2025| These are the candidates for hosting the Festival!

We know for quite a while now, that Sanremo 2024, was going to be the last festival that the successful Amadeus would host. Now, after Angelina Mango’s win, the lights in Teatro Ariston went down, and RAI is searching for the new presenter of the Italian music show.

In their first joint interview in a popular Italian magazine, the italian presenter and his wife Giovanna Civitillo, talked about the withdrawal of Amadeus from the festival:

“After five years between Milan and Rome I want to devote myself to my wife and children, they fill up my life and they complete me. Off stage I’m like the sad clown, they’re my glass half full.”

H Giovanna Civitillo added that he is a capable, generous and honest man.

As of Festival di Sanremo 2025, there are already a few names that RAI is targeting. After both Carlo Conti (host and artistic director of the festival from 2015 until 2017) and Paolo Bonolis, (host of the 2005 festival) declined that offer, the public broadcaster has some other names in mind. These are Alessandro Cattelan, host of Eurovision 2022, Antonella Clerici (participant in Sanremo 2005, 2010) but also Alessia Marcuzzi.

The Festival di Sanremo 2024 was completed a few days ago, with Angelina Mango, being the first woman winning the festival after ten years. In Eurovision, Italy will take part directly in the Grand Final, as part of the BIG 5 group, in May 11:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Italian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

SourceChi Magazine

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