Ireland: Deadline for submissions extended until 20 October!

RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, has extended the deadline for submissions for Eurovision 2024 to 20 October.

Originally the deadline for submissions was to close this Friday 29 September. However, the submission window for those interested in representing Ireland at Eurovision 2024 has been extended to 20 October.

All other rules that apply to the selection remain the same:

  • Entries must not exceed three minutes.
  • Entries must not have been performed live or released before 1 September 2023.
  • Songwriters may only submit one song each.
  • Artists may not participate in the selection of another country.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of music professionals and Eurovision fans selected by RTÉ. At a later date, performers may be invited to participate in a live audition at RTÉ’s studios in Dublin.

A shortlist of performers will be selected to appear in a televised national selection in early 2024. The exact format of the selection is yet to be confirmed. Submissions are only accepted via the RTÉ website here

Wild Youth represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool with the song “We Are One”. However, they failed to qualify for the grand final, finishing 12th out of 15 semi-finalists with a total of 10 points.


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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis will represent the country at Eurovision 2024 with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos!

What has been the common secret for days has now become official. RIK some minutes ago during the presentation of its new programme, announced that Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos! This will be the eighth different country that the distinguished Greek artist will represent in the contest and the first time we will see him in Cypriot colours!

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Germany: Two new potential candidates for Das Deutsche Finale 2024!

A few days ago we posted an article (here) regarding the artists who have already expressed their intention to take part in Das Deutsche Finale 2024, the show through which Germany is going to pick their next representative at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

Two new names are joining the list of the potential candidates who are interested in representing Germany. The first new name is Aileen Sager, who is a personal choice of the prominent composer and songwriter Ralph Siegel. Ralph Siegel has already expressed his desire to submit an entry in the German selection process. Apart from that, it has been 50 years since his first participation in Eurovision and 42 years since his victory with Nicole who performed “Ein bißchen Frieden” and he wants to participate once again in this international contest.

Aileen Sager was a semi-finalist in the German franchise of Idol, Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and she revealed via her personal Instagram account that her music collaboration with Ralph Siegel is focused on the pop genre. However their Eurovision proposal is not finished yet and for this reason Ralph Siegel spends a lot of time at the recording studio.

The second name that may compete to represent Germany is the musical duo Tilly Electronics who want to go to Eurovision 2024 in Malmö with the song “Tanzen”. This music duo makes electronic music, comes from Leipzig and keeps its identity hidden under its black and white suits. Tilly Electronics’ application has been the subject of much debate in recent days on social media – with much encouragement, but also some potential for polarisation.

What do you think of these two potentials for Das Deutsche Finale 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: ESC-Kompakt

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Eurovision 2024: Tickets very likely to be sold before Christmas!

With the first month of the Eurovision 2024 season coming to an end,fans are getting hyped as tickets are likely to be sold before christmas time for the first time in years.

According to a  Skånska Dagbladet report,the contest organizers’ aim to release the tickets for the upcoming contest within 3 months from now,as the city of Malmö has already set in train the preparations for next year’s Eurovision edition,marking the third time that the Swedish city hosts the European contest.

Karin Karlsson,one of the 2024 contest’s organizers,suggests the following:

“Of course we want as many people as possible to be able to see everything in place. Last time, 83,000 tickets were sold and we hope for even more in 2024.”

Sweden earned the right to host the 2024 contest after having won this year’s contest with Loreen and her song “Tattoo”,marking the 7th time that the Scandinavian country won the contest,tying its record with Ireland.

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Australia: SBS in discussions with EBU regarding Eurovision participation!

The Australian public broadcaster, SBS, revealed today that they are in discussions with the EBU as far as the future participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in concerned.

Initially Australia were invited to participate for a one-off for the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. After finished in 5th place of the Grand Final – where they automatically qualified – the country were invited for the years followed until 2019 when a 5-year contract was signed between SBS and EBU allowing Australia to take part without an invitation.

However 2023 was the last year that Australia were able to do so, something that has already triggered questions in Eurofans circles regarding the participation of the biggest country of Oceania at the upcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

SBS commented the following on the matter:

“Eurovision is a cherished part of the SBS family. Australia’s future participation in the song contest is currently in discussion. We understand Eurovision fans are eager for an update and appreciate their patience as we work through these next steps. We’ll confirm details as soon as we are able.”

The deadline for the nations to withdraw without any penalty is on 11th of October which means that there is still time for SBS and EBU to reach an agreement.

In 2023 Australia was represented by Voyager and the song Promise and after managing to win the Second Semi-Final, they finished in the top ten of the Grand Final and specifically in 9th place with 151 points.

What do you think the outcome of the negotiations between SBS and EBU? Will we see Australia in Malmö next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Slovenia: Is Raiven going to Eurovision 2024?

In the last few days, Raiven’s name, is been written a lot on social media, as sge seems to be the one that will represent Slovenia in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

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United Kingdom: Eurovision-winning songwriter Linnea Deb shows interest in writing a UK Eurovision entry!

One could say that Linnea is a hit-making-machine and that’s not wrong! Deb won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2015, when she was one of the songwriters for Måns Zelmerlöw‘s Swedish entry “Heroes“, but that was not just it!

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Poland: Participation confirmed for Eurovision 2024!

Poland is the next country declaring their presence in Eurovision 2024.

TVP, the national public broadcaster, confirmed today that Poland will take part in the upcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. For the time being, there is no information available yet regarding the selection method of the next Polish representative.

This year Poland was represented by Blanka and the song “Solo” which after having qualified 3rd from the Second Semi-Final, they ended up in 19th place with 93 points.

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Slovenia: RTVSLO officially confirms their participation in Eurovision 2024!

Judging from the happenings of the previous days, Slovenia is set to participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2024, and in fact, they will announce their plans in the next month!

As we have previously informed you, Slovenian participation in Eurovision 2024 was confirmed by the sayings of the website; however, RTVSLO, the country’s public broadcaster, announced their participation just earlier today!

The public broadcaster will announce their plans on the selection method in October.

After Slovenia’s official announement, the number of countries taking part in Eurovision 2024, rises to 34:

  1. Albania
  2. Austria
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Belgium
  5. Croatia
  6. Cyprus
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Georgia
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland
  16. Israel
  17. Italy
  18. Latvia
  19. Lithuania
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Malta
  22. Moldova
  23. Netherlands
  24. Norway
  25. Poland
  26. Portugal
  27. San Marino
  28. Serbia
  29. Slovenia
  30. Spain
  31. Sweden
  32. Switzerland
  33. Ukraine
  34. United Kingdom

Lately, the name of the singer Raiven has been heavily rumored to be involved with the Eurovision Song Contest, however, public television’s respond on the matter was:

“The method of selecting the representative of Slovenia for the Eurovision Song Contest will be announced in October.”

Even though Slovenia tends to organize a national final almost every year, in the last three years, they have conducted two internal selections (2021, 2023). Only time will now tell whether Slovenia is going yet again for an internal selection, or if we will watch another national final.

Joker Out were the representatives of Slovenia in Eurovision 2023 with their song “Carpe Diem”, ending up in 21st place in the Grand Final:

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Sweden: Malmö’s Eurovision 2024 budget is set at 30 million SEK!

With less than 8 months to go until Eurovision 2024, the planning has gradually began in Malmö, the host city.

According to Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, the Head of the Malmö Municipality Board, the city of Malmö intends to invest 30 million SEK (or roughly 2,5 million euros) to host the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Malmö Municipality’s investment for Eurovision 2024 has increased by 5 million SEK compared to 2013, when the budget for the contest was 25 million SEK (about 2,1 million euros). However, the tourism industry brought in an amazing 185 million SEK (about 15,5 million euros) in 2013.

However, it will be a less expensive organization than the one in 2016, which was held in Stockholm. In Stockholm, 100 million SEK were invested in the event’s organization, with half of that heading toward renovations and arena-related costs.

Obviously, 30 million SEK will not be the only source of funding for Eurovision 2024. The contribution of the SVT has yet to be declared.

Malmö may be a less expensive option for Sweden when compared to Stockholm. Sweden’s 2024 goal may be the same as in 2013, “less is more.” This rationale will help cut delegation costs by creating good presentations on a lower budget, which is a great motivation for smaller countries, especially during a worldwide energy crisis.

Loreen brought Eurovision 2024 back to Sweden and once again back to Malmö after her second win in Liverpool, the past May with her song “Tattoo”.

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Source: epochtimes