Italy: 18+2 finalists for San Remo 2022!

This year, the 72nd edition of San Remo will take place in Teatro Ariston, in the small town of Liguria, with some small changes due to bate the duration of the festival. As it has been announced from All Music Italia a reliable source,  Amadeus is planning limit the number of artists who are about to compete in the Big Category to 20 and also abolish the category of New Artists.

Last year’s version of San Remo has been completed with a huge success, choosing the winners of this year’s Eurovision edition, Maneskin. However, viewers from all over Europe have been complaining due to the excessive duration of the festival. As a result of that, Amadeus decided to have less than 26 Campioni, last year’s number, in the main category of 20 artists and remove the category for New Artists called “Nuove Proposte”, just like 2019.

Amadeu’s main plan is to have two winners of Sanremo Giovani, happening in the 16th of December, participating in the festival’s big category, which means that among the 20 participants, who are about to compete for Golden Lion Trophy, the two of them will be the winners of Sanremo Giovani.

Meanwhile, eurofans are still waiting for the announcement of the host country and RAI published a video which includes all the great things the country has achieved the last few months with “Zitti e Buoni” playing in the background.

You can watch it here:

Italy: The five most suitable songs of Sanremo 2021 for Eurovision, according to local reports!

The reports of the journalists who had the opportunity to listen to Sanremo 2021 songs and evaluate them continue with new reportes. The largest Italian music website, All Music Italia, lists the five most suitable songs to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the journalists of All Music Italia, the five most suitable songs in order to be the Italian entry in the upcoming Eurovision song contest are:

1. Irama
2. Malika Ayane
3. Lo stato sociale
4. Måneskin
5. Ghemon

Under certain conditions could be the songs of: Willie Peyote, Ermal Meta, FedeFranci, Arisa, Noemi, Annalisa. The same article states that all other songs of the Festival are unsuitable for a contest such as Eurovision.

We remind you that according to the rules of the 71st Sanremo Festival, the winner, once has signed the relevant statement that he/she accepts to represent Italy in Eurovision, is automatically the representative of the country in Rotterdam. If the winner has not submitted the relevant declaration until the final festival on March 6, then RAI has the right to choose the country’s representative at Eurovision 2021, whichever of the artists have signed the relevant declaration, with their own criteria and without necessarily taking into account the general classification.

Who would you like to represent Italy in Eurovision 2021?

Source: All Music Italia

Italy: Sanremo will be held live but with no audience and with many protection measures from the Teatro Ariston!

The RAI security protocol, based on which Sanremo 2021 will be held from March 2 to 6 at the Teatro Ariston, in the small town of Liguria, was recently announced.

As the domestic media reported in the last few days, there will be no audience in the stands of Ariston. Each artist will come to the Festival alone, accompanied only by a sound engineer and an accompanist from his record company. The spaces will be redesigned and separate dressing rooms will be created for everyone.

There will be use of FFP2 mask, antiseptic gels, continuous rapid-coron detection test, thermometers, etc. There will be no hugs, kisses and everyone will be constantly at a distance of 1.5 meters, especially those who will not wear a mask.

The smallest possible number will be used in the live orchestra (approximately 60 people), while the bouquets and the prize will be transported in a cart!

The artists are invited to come to the Festival dressed in the clothes of their show, while as soon as they finish their show they will go to a specially designed space of about 150 square meters, below the stage, where they will wear their mask again.

The protocol presented today by RAI is 75 pages long, but according to Mazzini who designed it, it guarantees the safest possible holding of the 71st Sanremo Festival.

We remind you the 26 artists that compete in the upcoming Sanremo music festival:

  • Francesco Renga – Quando trovo te
  • Coma_Cose – Fiamme negli occhi
  • Gaia Gozzi – Cuore amaro
  • Irama – La genesi del tuo colore
  • Madame – Voce
  • Fulminacci – Santa Marinella
  • Willie Peyote – Mai dire mai (La locura)
  • Orietta Berti – Quando ti sei innamorato
  • Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti
  • Fasma – Parlami
  • Arisa – Potevi fare di più
  • Gio Evan – Arnica
  • Måneskin – Zitti e buoni
  • Aiello – Ora
  • Ghemon – Momento perfetto
  • La Rappresentante di Lista – Amare
  • Malika Ayane – Ti piaci così
  • Max Gazzè e Trifluoperazina Monstery Band –Il farmacista
  • Annalisa – Dieci
  • Bugo – E invece sì
  • Colapesce e Dimartino – Musica leggerissima
  • Noemi – Glicine
  • Random – Torno a te
  • Francesca Michielin e Fedez – Chiamami per nome
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – Bianca luce nera
  • Lo Stato Sociale – Combat Pop

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Italy: No audience in Sanremo 2021 or transfer for later!

The future of Sanremo 2021 remains uncertain, as the current Italian press reports that RAI has rejected plans to hold the festival on the dates already announced, with an audience on the stands of the Teatro Ariston. The two options that Amadeus now has are the Sanremo on March 2 to 6 but without an audience or its postponement for April at least.

The plans to create a protective shield around the people involved in Sanremo and to stay on a cruise ship throughout the festival so that they have no other contact with the rest of the world seem to be permanently rejected by the RAI.

According to the trustworthy Il Messaggero, the two scenarios that are now being considered are the following:

  • The Sanremo 2021 will take place on the announced dates (March 2 to 6), but without the presence of the audience.
  • The postponement of the festival for April onwards, where they hope that the presence of the audience will be possible, since there will be more time for the vaccination.

In the event of course that the second scenario prevails, then Italy will have to choose its representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in a different way, since the meeting of the Heads of Delegations will take place on March 15 and until then the 41 countries participating in this year’s contest should have completed the procedures for the song selections.

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Source: Il Messaggero

Italy: Amadeus wants ABBA in Sanremo 2021!

This is a bomb really. Amadeus in a radio interview on Saturday on Radio 2 revealed that he wants ABBA as guests in Sanremo 2021!

Following the reunion at last year’s Sanremo festival of the legendary Italian band Ricchi e Poveri, Amadeus sets the bar even higher for this year’s edition of Sanremo. According to what he revealed on Radio 2, the artistic director and presenter of the festival, Amadeus, revealed that he eagerly wants to bring ABBA to Teatro Ariston in March!

ABBA has sold millions of records worldwide, and in 1974 they were the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo.

We remind you that Sanremo 2021 is going to take place from the 2nd to the 6th of March.

See below the appearance of Ricchi e Poveri at Sanremo 2020:

Source: illmessaggero

Italy: Diodato sent a song for Sanremo 2021!

Today is the last day of the deadline, for the artists who want to claim a place among the candidates of the big category of Sanremo 2021. According to the Italian media, Diodato, who was the winner of this year’s festival and the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2020, which was canceled due to the pandemic, has sent a song for Sanremo 2021, wanting to defend his title, but also to have another chance to be on the stage of Eurovision.

RAI has announced that Italy will be represented by the winner of Sanremo 2021 if it so wishes, otherwise it reserves the right to select another artist from the big category, based on its own criteria.

Other names mentioned in today’s posts as having sent a song to RAI for Sanremo 2021 are Ermal Meta, Lo Stato Sociale, Achille Lauro, Ghemon, Max Gazzè, Giusy Ferreri, Francesco Renga, Gaia, Leo Gassmann, Fulminacci, Noemi, Mr. Rain, Rocco Hunt, Elodie, Bugo, Malika Ayane, Annalisa, The Kolors, Michele Bravi, Luca Carboni, Federico Rossi, Maneskins, Arisa, Donatella Rettore and others. Of course we will have to wait a few more days to see if the above posts are valid. So far, however, more than 300 songs have been submitted, without any of the candidate songs to have COVID-19 as a theme, as it was revealed by Amadeus.

On December 17, RAI will announce the 20 finalists of the big category. We remind you that Diodato was the winner of Sanremo 2020 and representative of Italy at Eurovision 2020, which was finally canceled, with the song Fai Rumore:

Would you like to see Diodato again in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Source: TvBlog

Italy: More than 300 songs for Sanremo 2021 | None about COVID-19!

As revealed by the artistic director and presenter of Sanremo 2021 Amadeus, more than 300 songs have already been submitted to RAI for Sanremo 2021. In addition, Amadeus clarified that there are no songs about the coronavirus.

The deadline for submitting songs for Sanremo 2021 expires on December 1, and more than 300 songs have already been submitted by record companies and independent creators!

Amadeus thanked the artists who did not send songs about COVID-19, since as RAI explained earlier, Sanremo 2021 will essentially mean a return to normalcy and does not want to have sad content.

Sanremo 2021 will be a big party to celebrate the rebirth of the world and music!


Amadeus once again confirmed that the dates of the festival are those that have already been announced from March 2 to March 6, while he noted that he hopes the pandemic will be under control until then, so that the public has a normal place, in the stands of the Teatro Ariston.

On December 17, RAI will announce the 20 finalists of the big category. We remind you that Diodato was the winner of Sanremo 2020 and representative of Italy at Eurovision 2020, which was finally canceled, with the song Fai Rumore:

Source: ilmessaggero

Italy: COVID-19 threatens Sanremo 2021 | RAI final decisions in January!

At the presentation of AmaSanremo, the competition through which 6 finalists for the Giovani category of Sanremo 2021 will emerge, the artistic director and presenter of the Festival, Amadeus, revealed that the final decisions of RAI will be announced in January, since no one can already knows what will happen with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amadeus said that both he and the RAI people are working to have a safe Sanremo from March 2 to 6, with the audience in the stands of the Teatro Ariston. Unfortunately, the evolution with the pandemic is such that nothing can be ruled out. Any decisions, however, will be made in January.

However, regardless of what will eventually happen and what RAI will decide, all the procedures related to Sanremo 2021 continue normally. Amadeus has already revealed that the interest in the Big category is twice as high as last year, from all record companies and independent musicians. He characteristically stated that among the candidates we will see well-known names, but also contemporary artists who are now making a success.

The director of RAI1, Stefano Coletta confirmed what Amadeus said, adding that nothing is a given at the moment and especially for the presence or not of the public, they will decide at the last minute, taking into account the epidemiological situation that will prevail.

We remind you that according to the recently announced Sanremo 2021 regulations, the winner of the big category will have the opportunity if he/she wishes to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. In case of refusal then RAI will select another contestant of the big category, most likely following the final ranking of the festival. The artists of the big category of Sanremo 2021 will be announced on the night of the selection of the 8 finalists of the Giovani category, in the Casino of the City of Sanremo, on the 17th of December.

The winner of Sanremo 2020 and the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2020 that was finally canceled, was Diodato with Fai Rumore:

Source: radioitalia

Italy: The artists rumored to be participating in Sanremo 2021!

RAI assures that Sanremo 2021 will be held normally with the public on March 2-6, of course observing the necessary protection measures. The big Italian music magazine, All Music Italia, mentions the first rumored names of artists, who we will probably see competing in the Big Category of the Festival.

Among those rumored to be claiming the Sanremo Golden Lion are former winners as well as former participants, some of the biggest names in the country’s music scene. But let’s look at them in detail.

The female presences

The winner of the latest version of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Gaia, is considered almost certain, despite her excellent response on the radio, her debut album did not even turn gold. Other female presences are the experienced ones, Annalisa, Elodie and Nuda. Another chance to claim three singers who became famous through the X Factor, Giusy Ferreri, Noemi and Chiara Galiazzo. Finally, there are some rumors about the return of Francesca Michielin, who in 2016 won second place at the Festival, but represented Italy at Eurovision, as the Stadio winners did not accept the right to represent their country in the competition.

The artists of the new generation

A dynamic presence may be given by artists who are loved by the young audience. Among them is Irama, for the third consecutive year. A surprise that would excite the very young audience could be Fede’s official solo debut or as he is called Federico Rossi. Another debut, this time coming from the world of rap, would be that of Random which, obviously, would have the track ready. Four years after his first appearance, Amadeus seems to want to bring Michele Bravi to Ariston.

The most experienced

There are rumors about the return of the winners of 2018, Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, but as a solo this time. But a return to the Festival seems to be possible for Samuel, Bogo, Leo Gassmann, but also for Gigi D’Alessio.

The bands

The presence of the bands in Sanremo is constant, so this year it is rumored that we will see some of the most successful bands in Italy. Nomadi, The Kolors and Matia Bazar are also likely to be on the Ariston stage in March.

The least likely

Next to the above names that are considered more probable are others, who are just preparing their album and probably their record company will want to send them to the Festival, in order to promote their record work. Among men, for example, Amedeo Minghi, Antonio Maggio, Virginio, Tricarico, Lorenzo Fragola, Alex Britti, Alessio Bernabei and among women Mietta, Paola Turci, Deborah Iurato, Markella, the trio Mariella Nava / Grazia De Michele / Rossana Casale, Nina Zilli, Dolcenera, Rettore, Simona Molinari etc.

Amadeus goals

But Amadeus seems to have three artists high on his list who he is trying to persuade to be in Sanremo. We are talking about three singers who are at the peak of their careers and if it brings either all three or some of them then the interest will increase unbelievably. They are Biagio Antonacci, Luca Carboni and Giorgia.

Of course, as we have already mentioned to you, the announcement of the names will take place in mid-December and until then many things will change and will be overturned. What is certain is that Amadeus has a very difficult task to overcome, since the 54% viewership recorded by Sanremo 2020 is the largest viewership since 1997 and if it wants to surpass it it must have, if nothing else, a list of competitors for everything. musical tastes and this is something he knows well.

Source: All Music Italia

Italy: RAI’s decisions for Sanremo 2021!

Following the ambiguous statements of the artistic director and presenter of the festival, Amadeus and the general director of RAI1, Stefano Coletta, the Italian public television clarifies that Sanremo 2021 will take place with an audience, while describing how this will happen.

In early September, Amadeus said in an interview that RAI did not have a Plan B for Sanremo 2021 and that if the pandemic did not allow the physical presence of the public on the stands of the Teatro Ariston and the members of the live orchestra, then the festival would not take place at all. Then Stefano Coletta, director of RAI1, denied Amadeus, saying that it is not possible to have a year without Sanremo, since there are big contracts with commercials and that what will happen if the festival is not possible in March, is to be postponed for later.

RAI is now clarifying that Sanremo 2021 will take place normally with an audience and even unexpectedly on the dates that have already been announced (March 2-6). The number of the audience that will be in Ariston will be decided later and those who finally manage and secure a ticket, to enter the event must have a negative test for COVID-19, while there will be thermal cameras throughout, for continuous monitoring of suspected cases.

There are many details that still need to be resolved, such as the number of accredited journalists, the arrangement of the members of the live orchestra, etc. The change of dates of Sanremo 2021 will take place only in the last case when it will not be possible for the festival to take place in March.

We remind you that on December 17, in the final night of selection of the six artists (two more will be selected by the AreaSanremo academy) of the “Giovani” category, through the frequency of RAI1 we will find out the names of the candidates in the big category. We are also waiting for the regulations of Sanremo 2021, to see if in 2021 Italy will finally choose its representative in Eurovision through the Festival or if Diodato or another artist will be re-selected, with internal selection.