San Marino: The “Academy and Casting” phase is over | The semi-finalists soon to be announced!

The “Academy and Casting” phase of Una Voce per San Marino 2024, the Sanmarinese selection format for Eurovision 2024, has just come to an end.

During its two-months run, over seven-hundred artists from all over the world auditioned in order to receive a golden ticket for the microstate’s national final. Diversity was more than present, while the competing artists’ music genres varied from pop to rock and from fifty’s influenced music to rap.

We remind you that the third and final round of “Academy and Casting” commenced on January 12 and was concluded just a few hours ago at the San Marino Outlet Exprerience.

Semi-Finalists to be announced soon

An expert committee has reviewed and evaluated all the performers during the three rounds of auditions. The jury will soon come to a decision and will therefore reveal the eighty -expected- finalists who will advance to UVPSM 2024 semi-finals.

What’s next for UVPSM 2024

Following the conclusion of the “Academy and Casting” phase the semi-finals will take place. The exact number of semi-finals has not been revealed. However, the regulations of UVPSM attached to the competition’s website, without prejudice as they may change, state the following:

  • Four semi-finals will take place in order for the committee to select the artists who will directly advance to the Grand Final as well as those who will advance to the second-chance semi-final(fifth semi-final). The artists participating in the second-chance semi-final will also fight for a spot at the selection’s Grand Final. During these five semi-finals, approximately seven finalists will be decided.
  • Moreover, a sixth semi-final will be held between Sanmarinese contestants. Out of this semi-final, only one contestant will be directly advanced to the Grand Final.
Grand Final

Among 16 participants, the winner of UVPSM 2024 will be decided by a five-member jury. Eight will be the participants who will derive from the “emerging artists” category, while the remaining eight will be selected and invited by RTV as established artists.

The Grand Final of UVPSM 2024 will take place on February 24 at Teatro Nuovo di Dogana and the winner of the selection will therefore have the right to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö in terms of meeting the criteria of eligibility of RTV.

Despite this marathon session of a national selection, Piqued Jacks, UVPSM 2023 winners, did not manage to qualify to the Grand Final, finishing dead least with nul points.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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