Βesa: “Τhe revamp of my song will be in English!” | Exclusive Interview

This year’s Albanian representative Besa Kokëdhima spoke exclusively to Eurovisionfun about her preparations for this year’s contest, the new version of the song and her upcoming visit to Greece.

In her exclusive interview with Paschalis and Apostolis, Besa revealed that very soon she will be attending the first official Eurovision pre-party in Athens and is looking forward to meeting the Greek fans as she often visits both Athens and Thessaloniki as well as Halkidiki .

The revamp of her entry

“I wanted to work with people from different cultures for the new version of my song. So to better convey the message of the song we decided to have it all in English. The song has evolved and I want everyone to understand the message! I know it’s a risk to change the language but what could go wrong?”

Then she revealed to us that she has not officially started the preparations for her staging, but this time she is focusing on the creation of the video clip of the participation which will be officially released in the next period.

“Our time is very limited but we work day and night for the best result”

From this year’s entries, she singled out those of Denmark, France and Italy, while as her favorite entries from the Eurovision contest she mentioned those of Loreen and Elena Paparizou from 2005.

Finally, together with Besa we played our brand new game and of course she shared her wishes for the Eurovisionfun audience. Watch the full interview below:

We have nothing but to warmly thank this year’s representative of Albania and wish her success on the Malmo stage!

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