Estonia: Eurovision judge rejected from Eesti Laul 2024 due to Israeli citizenship!

A scandal has apparently been created in the Estonian media after an experienced judge been rejected by the jury of Eesti Laul 2024!

More specifically, Alon Amir had received an accepted an invitation to be a member of the Eesti Laul 2024 judging panel, but he was informed ten days before the competition that he had been excluded due to his Israeli citizenship. More specifically, he was informed by phone about the channel’s decision while the Estonian media is making a reason for exercising a veto on anything related to the state of Israel in this sensitive period, since the channel did not want any negative criticism.

Amir, who has been the spokesperson of Israel in 2009, 2012, 2013 και 2016 and also a judge at many national finals, stated:

“It was done not in a malicious way… I understand them. If they bring an Israeli judge, it will cause a mess.

When I received the invitation, I thought to myself that they were very brave to invite an Israeli at a time like this… The lovely production team wanted me, but the Estonian TV management vetoed it because it would bring unwanted attention in their direction. I understand them. I’m upset on a personal level, but I understand the desire to avoid it.”

Surely, Eurovision 2024 is already a controversial year with Israel being among the countries who are participating in the contest.

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Source: jpost

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