San Marino: Second Semi-Final of Una Voce per San Marino 2024 Today!

The Una Voce per San Marino competition is entering its final stretch, through which the microstate of the Italian Peninsula will select the artist and song to represent it in Malmo. Today marks the second semi-final of San Marino’s national selection.

UVPSM 2024

129 emerging artists will compete in the semi-finals of San Marino’s national selection for Malmo, out of which nine will advance to the Grand Final. These nine artists will meet in the final eight artists who will be chosen and invited by RTV as established artists. The semi-finals for the emerging artists will take place on February 15 and 16 and will be broadcasted from February 19 to 23.

The Grand Final of UVPSM 2024 will be held on February 24 at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana, and the winner will have the right to represent the nation at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo.


Nine artists have directly advanced to the Grand Final of San Marino’s national selection. These artists are:

  1. Aimie Atkinson
  2. Aaron Sibley
  3. Jalisse
  4. La Rua
  5. Loredana Bertè – “Pazza”
  6. Marcella Bella – “Chi siamo davvero”
  7. Pago
  8. Wlady, DJ Jad, Corona & Ice MC
  9. Dana Gillespie – The Last Polar Bear

One artist has secured their qualification from the first semi-final so far. It is:

Four artists will vie for their place in the final through the second chance round:

  • Simon Evans – Anywhere to Go”
  • Mace – “Vivimi”
  • ITAMA – Chorizo”
  • Masala e Foresta – “Paranoia”

Second Semi-Final

Thirty-one artists will compete tonight in the second semi-final of Una Voce per San Marino, aiming to secure a ticket to the grand final on Saturday. These artists are:

  1. AaLE
  2. Acousticouple
  3. Alessio De Cicco
  4. Alessio’s Mind
  5. Anthony
  6. Babols
  7. Basti
  8. BOOOM!
  9. Camellini
  10. Dan e i suoi Fratelli
  11. Deschema
  12. DIA
  13. Edoardo Brogi
  14. Falling Giant
  15. FEEL
  16. Francesco Balasso
  18. Haru
  19. Jucaso
  20. La bebae
  21. Lanona
  22. Lasties
  23. Manuel Meroni
  24. MEGARA
  25. Nemo
  26. Senzavolto
  27. Sika & Lurose
  28. Sofia Villa
  29. tomash
  30. Valerio Sgardi
  31. Will of Earth

The schedule for Una voce per San Marino 2024:

  • February 19 – First Semi-Final
  • February 20 – Second Semi-Final
  • February 21 – Third Semi-Final
  • February 22 – Fourth Semi-Final
  • February 23 – San Marino Semi-Final
  • February 23 – Second Chance
  • February 24 – Grand Final

The presenters of the semi-finals are Ilenia De Sena and Camillia Spinelli.

The Piqued Jacks, winners of Una voce per San Marino 2023, failed to qualify for the Grand Final, finishing last in their semi-final with zero points.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates on San Marino’s participation in Eurovision 2024 in Malmo!

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