San Marino: The results of the second semi-final of Una Voce per San Marino 2024!

San Marino commenced  its search for the representative of the country in Eurovision 2024. Una Voce per San Marino 2024, the national final of the country, consists of five semi-finals, a second chance round and the Grand Final.

Ilenia De Sena and Camillia Spinelli are the hosts of the semi-finals.

A few minutes ago, the second semi-final was completed with 31 artists taking part.

The 31 artists that took part in the second semi-final were:

  1. AaLE“All Black”
  2. Acousticouple 
  3. Alessio De Cicco“Fragili” 
  4. Alessio’s Mind – We’re Burning”
  5. Anthony – State of mind”
  6. Babols“Balla balla”
  7. Basti“Rhythm Ιn The Rain”
  8. BOOOM!“Dance Like This”
  9. Camellini“Patchwork”
  10. Dan e i suoi Fratelli“Il Mottarello”
  11. Deschema“Demoni”
  12. DIA“The Greatest Love”
  13. Edoardo Brogi“Magari Subito”
  14. Falling Giant“snow of the false”
  15. FEEL“How could I know”
  16. Francesco Balasso“Eiffel”
  17. GUGLIELMO“Sesso e lacrime”
  18. Haru“Kalimba”
  19. Jucaso“Hey Ciao”
  20. La bebae“Scanner”
  21. Lanona“Se Questa notte”
  22. Lasties“Romantic killer”
  23. Manuel Meroni“Il respiro delle rondini”
  24. MEGARA“11:11”
  25. Nemo“Chimera”
  26. Senzavolto“Ancora ‘E Notte “
  27. Sika & Lurose“Veneno”
  28. Sofia Villa – “Just A Page”
  29. tomash“not alone”
  30. Valerio Sgardi“Polvere”
  31. Will of Earth“Deep Inside The Heart Of Men”

In the end, the jury selected one artist that qualified directly to the final, and four artists that qualify for the second chance round.

The artist that qualifies for the final is BOOOM! with the song Dance Like This”. 

The four artists that qualify for the second chance round are:

  • MEGARA“11:11”
  • Basti“Rhythm Ιn The Rain”
  • Edoardo Brogi“Magari Subito”
  • Camellini“Patchwork”

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Sammarinese participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

Source: RTV San Marino

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