Eurovision 2024: Italy’s First Rehearsal!

Next up on the stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is Italy. Angelina Mango with her song “La Noia” is ready for her first rehearsal on the stage of Malmö Arena!

Who is Angelina Mango?

With 4 platinum records, two gold records, and a completely sold-out tour, Angelina Mango was one of the break-out stars of 2023 in Italy.

Only 23 years of age, Angelina was born in a musical family environment. Both her parents, Laura Valente and Mango were professional musicians and singers. Angelina’s music is a mix that brings together different influences, including Italian and American rap, R&B and instrumental music.

In her songs, the singer-songwriter addresses issues and themes that are relevant to her, such as the anxieties of GenZ, love, the need for freedom and the value of family.

Angelina Mango won the prestigious Festival di Sanremo and therefore gained the right to represent Italy in Eurovision 2024, which she accepted. In fact, Angelina Mango is the first female Italian representative since 2016, the first female act to win Festival di Sanremo since 2014 and the first solo female act to win Festival di Sanremo and represent the country in Eurovision.

The Rehearsal

We’ve made it to the final first rehearsal of 2024, and it’s Italy’s Angelina Mango singing her song La Noia. She was a big breakout star in Italy in 2023, with a sell-out tour and a huge TikTok following. Next stop Sanremo, then Eurovision. She describes her music as influenced by Italian and American rap, R’n’B and instrumental music, and La Noia has elements of all of these.

This feels like a huge departure from Angelina’s performance at Sanremo, and even the official video – Angelina has five female backing dancers, and the staging feels like it’s set in a forest of naked trees. It also starts out with four of the five cubes lowered to the floor, projected with branches to enclose the dancers. So…four ACTUAL BOXES.

They raise to reveal Angelina in the middle backed by a huge throne also made of interwoven twigs and branches. Her costume is a red sparkly corset with plant-like patterns on her legs and arms, and her dancers have a similar style but without the red, so it’s more of a nude effect. The whole effect of trees and plants and flowers on the LED wall has a really fantastical appeal – like a psychedelic, magical woodland, but make it fashion.

Incidentally, La Noia translates as ‘the boredom’, and Angelina dances her way through it – literally the ‘cumbia of boredom’. Absolutely nothing boring about this staging – it’s full of colour and texture and richness. Photos coming soon!

Italy First Rehearsal Eurovision 2024 Credits: Corinne Cumming

Italy’s second rehearsal is scheduled for Saturday, 3/5. A TV snippet of Angelina Mango’s performance will provide a clearer picture of what to expect on the Eurovision stage.

You can watch a small clip from Italy’s first rehearsal from TikTok:

@eurovision Will the queen please take the throne… @angelinamango__ makes her entrance onto the rehearsal stage #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound – Eurovision


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